Doctor who 6x11 ita

★ Californication, TV series - television show ..


1.4. Action. Fourth season. (Fourth Season)

A film production company in Hollywood wants to film the novel "Fuck and Blow". After Hank is known to the public as the true writer of the novel, he gets the offer to write the script for the film. After a brief detention, Hank is released from prison. Karen and Becca deny him access to the apartment because of his actions, so that it is now virtually homeless. Hank meets the actress Sasha Bingham, who will embody the character of Mia in the movie "Fucking and Sucking". He sleeps with her and goes to the same hotel for a short time. After that he temporarily lived with Marcy and Charlie.

Due to his one-night stand with Mia, who was too old to know, this time without Hank's opinion, Hank is charged with seducing minors-year-olds. The attractive lawyer Abby Rhodes takes on his defense, but is overwhelmed with Hank's behavior.

Hank, taking a success, trying to reconcile with Becca. On the same evening he visited Sasha Bingham in her hotel suite, where he found her sleeping pills in the toilet and this one was increasing. Hank consumes some of these tablets along with alcohol and then writes a letter to Becca in which he brings up his feelings. The letter ends with "It's dark to see, Too dark, something." And then Hank breaks down due to an overdose.

Hank wakes up in a hospital where he is visited by Karen. Karen believes Hank had a suicide attempt. She makes up with Hank and lets him go, you. Hank confesses to Becca that he wanted to commit suicide but that it was an accident. After Karen finds out, throws him back on. This situation eventually brings Hank to write the script "Fucking and Slapping" on.

A billionaire named Zig Semetauer Fisher Stevens plans to fund the film. Hank visited him with the agent in his mansion to clarify on the conclusion of the contract for further details. There, Hank plays a scene from the script with two hostesses. The scene is gratifying that the billionaire so much that he gets his first erection in ten years, he doesn't want to waste himself and goes to the bathroom. There he is found dead a little later, he suffered an auto-erotic accident as he strangled her with a belt while masturbating. So, funding the film seems impossible.

Karen learns of a sample of Becca's band, Ben, who know the father of one of the other band members Pearl. Out of jealousy, Hank hostile to his new rival, Ben.

Hank is photographed at a party in an unfavorable situation with Sasha Bingham and Mia: While he is tired in bed, the two women grab him in his pants for fun. As the photo opens to the public on the internet, attorney Abby is about to collaborate with Hank. Only Karen can convince herself to give her Hank a second chance. After the lawyer takes over the mandate, again, an affair develops between her and Hank.

Stu Beggs, the new producer of the film "Ficken und Beats", now comes to terms with Marcy. Marcy thinks she's pregnant. However, it is initially unclear who the father might be because Charlie first retired due to his vasectomy. After Charlie is injured, accidentally while shaving himself, he goes to the hospital with Marcy. In the case of outpatient treatment, Marcy learns that the doctor who performed Charlie's vasectomy has botched it with a high probability, so that Charlie is eligible as the child's father. Charlie knows this because he passed out during the investigation. Marcy is with Stu, who still believes that the child is his. After the failed sale of Charlie and Marcy's house, Charlie begins an affair with the realtor, Peggy.

Hank gets in trouble with Sasha Bingham after sleeping with her mother. After Hank can't pay the bills for his hotel room, he moves back in with Karen and Becca. While Karen is walking with Ben, be careful about Hank, Becca and Pearl. While Hank is sleeping in the evening, the two children steal from his Porsche and are involved in an accident with a total write-off. Hank buys the fee for the script for a new Porsche, which he will be the first to give a headlight strikes him the appearance of his old car.