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Theological Hand Commentary on the New Testament (THC) Upgrade (10 volumes)

Harald Hegermann sees the preaching of an independent apostle student laid down in the Letter to the Hebrews. Following on from the early Christian tradition and in defense of other messages of salvation of his time, the unknown author designs how God's speaking can be experienced anew in the hour of the end of history. His draft develops into a theology that aims to be a pastoral address to the congregation. Its goal is to gain a new certainty of faith, not through one's own strength, but through the priestly service of Jesus Christ, from which faith will be fed again and again. The statement of the letter is explained in the commentary in a calm, theologically committed individual interpretation determined and summarized thematically to be presented excursions. The introduction already formulates theological principles, but also develops questions relating to the history of religion, such as the relationship between the letter and gnosis, and is based on the literary genre of writing, its character as a letter, its internal structure, and its use of pre-defined material. We have succeeded in presenting this profound New Testament scripture in a way that makes it easier to interpret it in the sermon and Bible study of today's church.