Pre-tax salary means something

The gross salary as the basis for the net salary

In the world of work, the gross salary refers to the remuneration agreed between employer and employee as consideration for an activity performed.

If you start from the original Italian word, which can be translated as "total", the gross salary is the total salary of an employee. However, this does not reflect the amount that you ultimately find on your account.

Various taxes and social security contributions are deducted from the gross salary. What remains is the net salary. The legal basis for the total salary is the employment contract between employer and employee.

Calculate gross salary

The gross salary can be calculated by finding out the hourly wage from the employer during the contract negotiations. This hourly wage (which is usually called the gross hourly wage) then only has to be multiplied by the number of weekly working hours and the result is the weekly gross wage or the gross salary earned in a week.

  • Use the hourly wage calculator to calculate the gross salary before any deductions

For example, an employee receives an hourly wage of € 18.90 from his employer. He works 40 hours a week. This means that he receives a gross weekly salary of € 756. In order to determine the monthly gross salary, you only have to multiply the result by 4, since the month has four weeks. In this case, the employee receives a gross monthly salary of € 3,024.

Gross salary in net

In order to calculate the net salary from the gross salary, you need various details that influence the amount of the deductions. This information mainly includes:

The taxes and social security contributions to be paid are derived from this information, i.e. wage tax and possibly church tax. There is also the solidarity surcharge and contributions to unemployment, health, long-term care and pension insurance. If you have a private pension, these contributions must also be deducted.

  • Use the gross-net calculator to calculate the net salary in tax class 2 after all deductions


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