When to stop feeding the puppy milk

Puppy milk - raising puppies by hand

Composition of puppy milk

Puppy milk differs from cow and cat milk primarily in its special composition.

In order to ensure that the puppies are supplied with all the necessary nutrients, the following ingredients are included.

  • Milk protein
  • Milk powder
  • Milk fat
  • Oils
  • Trace elements
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Colostrum

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is a particularly important component of puppy milk. This is milk, also known as "Biestmilch" or "Erstmilch", which is produced by the mother around the due date and is only available in the first few days. Colostrum has a high energy content and is full of important antibodies.

When do I have to feed puppy milk?

If the bitch does not have enough milk for the puppies, refuses to take care of them or dies in childbirth, you must feed puppy milk. This also applies in the event that one of the puppies falls short in terms of care or lags behind in development.

How do you feed a puppy?

We recommend using a dropper shortly after the birth. In this way you can provide the newly born puppies with milk without them accidentally ingesting too much liquid.

You can use a feeding bottle for feeding puppies that are a little older. Since puppies are not able to digest milk on their own, you have to support the digestive process with a gentle stomach massage.

Experienced breeders use a soft, lukewarm cloth to imitate the mother's tongue.

During feeding, the puppies should be in a prone position.

Important: The puppy milk should be brought to a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius before feeding.

How often should puppies be fed?

How often the puppies need to be fed depends on both the breed and the age of the puppies. In the first few days after birth, the puppies need some puppy milk every 2 hours.

At night you can stretch the intervals a little and take a break of 4 to 5 hours between feedings.

If the puppies develop to your satisfaction, you can also extend the intervals during the day and gradually switch to solid food.

Tip: In order not to make mistakes when feeding the puppies, you should contact a veterinarian or your breed warden with relevant questions.

How long do puppies need puppy milk?

As a rule, after about three weeks, the puppies are ready for a gradual changeover to solid food.

In this way, the digestive tract of the little furry friends can slowly adapt to the new diet without any undesirable side effects.

As part of the diet change, we advise you to mix the puppy milk with puppy food to a pulp and offer this mixture as one of the daily meals.

From the 6th week of life at the latest, you can use dog food for puppies instead of puppy milk.

Dosage of puppy milk

Since the daily dose of puppy milk depends on age, size and breed, it is impossible to make reliable statements about the amount.

So that your puppies can develop well, we advise you to follow the dosage recommendations of the respective manufacturer.

You should also weigh the puppies regularly, document their development and adjust the amount of puppy milk accordingly.

Is cow's milk an alternative to puppy milk?

Even if it makes sense to simply use cow's milk instead of puppy milk, you should refrain from feeding it to your darlings.

Cow's milk is generally incompatible with dogs. In puppies, cow's milk can lead to stomach pain and severe, even life-threatening diarrhea.

In order to avoid such consequences, we recommend that you only use special puppy milk. This is tailored to the needs of young dogs and can be digested without any problems.

What does puppy milk cost?

The cost depends on the manufacturer, the composition and the amount. During our research for this article, we found puppy milk for 10 euros per kilogram and 45 euros per kilogram.

Where can I buy puppy milk?

You will find a large selection of puppy milk in pet shops, in specialist dog supply shops and in many online shops. The following providers offer milk for puppies.

Make puppy milk yourself

In an acute emergency, you can make puppy milk at home with few resources. To do this, you can use the following recipe as a guide.

Ingredients for 100ml puppy milk:

  • 18 ml cream
  • 70 ml of cow's milk
  • 2g corn oil
  • 2.9g casein
  • 5g egg yolk (raw)
  • 0.4g citric acid
  • 0.3g mineral feed
  • 0.1g vitamin mixture

Preparation: Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them together until the puppy milk has the desired consistency.

Important: Make sure that you only use high-quality organic products and adhere to the common hygiene measures when preparing them.