Non-photogenic actors who played


Translation: Important girl
Free translation: Es (s?) Froilein

How should it be different. Without the media there would probably be no IT girls. It Girls are characterized by sex appeal and media presence. One can argue about sex appeal. Dead fish certainly have a certain sex appeal for some. Unfortunately, the media terror cannot be discussed away.

Oh and young the It Girls must be. Sometimes quite young. It's GIRRRLLLLSSS. Are there also It Women? If you look at the degenerate fashion insurgency with its girls, some of whom are underage, who are mostly so emaciated that one might think that these poor things were locked up for several months and only gave three slices of bread as a daily ration, there is only one solution: Off to the hospital and force-feeding.

Fashion industry. Even with this term, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Fashion that no sensible person would wear on the street, not even to carnival. An industry and its parallel universe that is only related to reality in fashion magazines.

But back to the It Girls. How do you actually become an It Girl and who makes the selection in this regard? It becomes because someone who considers themselves important, someone else out of some drug / daydream, likes a young woman. I don't like to talk about sexual fantasies. And hey presto, someone will be an IT girl who will be marketed by marketing servants in the media. And when everyone has had enough of the It Girl, IT is disposed of and disappears again in the nameless crowd. If the It Girl is lucky, then something has accumulated in her account, if not then IT may find refuge in alcohol and drugs. The It Girl then becomes a NOT ANYMORE IT GIRL.

Sex appeal, i.e. the sexual charisma, naturally comes across in glossy magazines very differently than in reality. Some people are photogenic, others are not. Strangely enough, even non-photogenic people have an unbelievably erotic charisma. And strangely enough, the sex appeal of some starlets fades when you get to know them in real life. I don't even want to comment on the unvarnished condition of IT Girls.

So it is a world that has mentally created itself, almost exclusively revolves around itself, as is usual with egocentrics and lives from it quite well. That one the photography still can count among the fine arts - image editing programs send their regards - doesn't make things any easier. And if this IT girl has five minutes of her time for some charitable project. best with children, animals, poor people or people struck by fate, sacrifices, then almost nobody dares to say anything against the IT girl anymore.

Not an it girl. Her head wasn't just for combing hair. She probably didn't think about the latest handbag collection (MAST HÄÄÄF) by some unimportant designer. For this it was not marketed in the gossip press. As a punishment - because she was not an It Girl - she received a completely unimportant Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903. Marie Curie.

And many young girls and women look enviously at the television screen or the glossy magazine and quietly think that they would like to be like that too. Intoxicating parties in great “locations” - like in the great advertisements, because nothing meaningful doing all day long - like in the TV series - and just wondering what scraps to wear in the evening in combination with “MAST HÄÄFF” handbags. Similar to the exciting life of some soccer players whose world revolves around video games, models (changeable every week) and soccer. That's why the superficial It Girls seem to complement each other perfectly with the mentally underprivileged soccer stars. And if both have an attractive appearance, then you can read about both in the gossip press and the sports section of the serious daily press.

The first It Girl is said to have been Clara Bow. If you look at the photos of this Clara Bow, you can't understand the excitement surrounding this It Girl. Is probably due to the time. At the age of 28 she withdrew into private life. Well, who wouldn't want that. And at 44, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

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Translation: Must I have / own
Free translation: to have, to have, to have

In some women's magazines and, of course, on some internet sites for women you will find this term again and again: Must Have (mast hääf). Rectum? Hääää?

A term that has crept back into the general parlance of fashion magazines via the marketing servants. Some very important utensil or fashion accessories, in German fashion junk, that the woman absolutely needs in order to apparently be noticed at all.

Washing machines are not on the MAST HÄÄF lists of fashion magazines. Not because they are usually very large and do not fit in every MAST HÄÄF handbag, but because they are unfortunately not available in pink.

Mast Häff stuff is e.g. handbags, clothing, rats uh small-sized "dogs", mobile phone tags, shoes, scarves, hats, necklaces, etc. So all important things that the woman of yesterday uh today can't do without.

Must HÄFF: Egg grenade. Fits in every handbag. Shades of color can vary. You can also hang it on the cell phone or the cell phone on the grenade. Very useful fashion assistant for the opera.

The shouting about must-have products is in a way reminiscent of the clamor of pre-pubescent children at the checkout in the supermarket.

“Mom, I still want the pink Suba-duba chewing gum. Have, have, have! "

Fortunately, the young women don't start screaming when they buy a must-have thing. The screeching is reserved for actors, boy bands, and soccer players only.

Those who describe these MAST HÄÄF products in detail on the Internet or in women's magazines and cheer them up, as if they were getting the ultimate bliss, usually get these products in packs of ten from the producers. Please imagine the throwing of von MAST HÄFF hand grenades.

Must have products lead to IT GIRLS. No, not the women from the IT industry around the computer, but important representatives of the consumer and media industry.

IT GIRL, I'll deal with that next week.

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public viewing
Translation: Public television
Basically: common stupidity

An invention at the beginning of the 20th century against the bad habit of public viewing. Young people in particular should be protected from being stupefied by the media. Unfortunately, this invention has not been successful. Photo: LIFE copyright by Time Inc.

Somehow, mass events in the open air are usually very suspicious to me: folk festivals, rock festivals, city marathons, incitement to hatred (eh political rallies), demonstrations or world wars.

All of them have a certain basic tendency. The WE feeling should be increased. We're so great, we can drink the most, we're right, we play better football, we're just stronger together.
This may certainly have its justification with restrictions and may still come from a time when one could only survive in a community against the superior nature, but today this phenomenon seems to be more exposed to negative influences. Demagoguery and financial exploitation.
It is really something great to stare together at a screen in order to watch 22 supposedly grown men there, who crouch after a ball for about 90 minutes in order to kick it into a goal. The result is an indescribable jubilation on this public viewing area when your own 11 “heroes” have made it, and embarrassed silence when the supposedly “bad” opponents are successful. Strangers lie in each other's arms in order to finally better transmit their own viruses and bacteria to the other person. Each and every one fills a certain invincibility and superiority. No more problem with the next exam, the overdrawn checking account, global warming, the dying of forests, the downfall of the West. All problems are far away and void.

At least people can buy something by winning a gold medal in any sports competition. Not even with any winnings from soccer cups that are worthless in terms of material. At public viewing you can be part of it. Increase the feeling of we. But in truth you just don't belong to the circle of the illustrious who earn a golden nose at such events. You only belong in this respect, that you buy some kitsch or finance such events by participating in a stadium.

And besides, you can better control the masses in the open air. Easier than in buildings.

After the public viewing, the masses will dissolve again to flood back into their single households, only to finally find that the WE feeling in your own four walls evaporates pretty quickly.

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Gated Community - Anglicism and perhaps for that reason reprehensible.

Translation: Guarded residential complex. Secured residential complex.

The free translation: prison, high security wing, with all imaginable amenities.

The wealthy isolate themselves from the normal, average population. A trend that is not that new. Probably has a millennia-old tradition. Since there have been human dwellings or settlements, humans have tried to protect themselves from various things. Even the caves of human ancestors could perhaps be classified under it.

Prehistoric gated community. Left of course. The realtor is just showing an Obermotz, who had earned his wealth through looting, the advantages of a residential unit located in Galeinreuth, Bavaria. The purchase price per square meter at that time was 300 NukNuks. For comparison: a chicken cost 2 NukNuks at that time, a cattle approx. 80 NukNuks. As you can see on the drawing, the sanitary facilities are still being completed. on the right you can still see the guest apartment for Goths.

They sought protection from the forces of nature, animals, wind and weather, perhaps also from rival groups. In sparsely populated areas, and thus the entire world can be called a few thousand years ago, there were no other reasons.

In the course of the millennia and / or centuries the change took place - even if the old dangers still existed - to protect one's own material values. Settlements were fortified, castles were built and, finally, city walls were raised. Cities and castles offered protection. Your own residents and the houses in front of you. Exposed settlements or farmsteads were without protection and left to fend for themselves.

Nagoya Castle: Japanese gated community built four hundred years ago. Great photo from Base64 (wikipedia).

The above photo proves that there were gated communities not only in Europe or North America. Most of the buildings survived the owners, but not always, as the photo of a castle ruin below shows.

Ruins of the lower castle Manderscheid. Something like that happens when you leave your underage offspring alone at home for a weekend to spend a wellness weekend with robberies, drinking bouts and mass rapes. See also robber barons. The apple just doesn't fall far from the trunk. Most robber barons or other representatives of the blue-blooded nobility were not known for their charity. Photo: M. Budde

Other gated communities try to protect the outside world from the inmates. See also prison.

In the background you can see the well-known gated community called Alcatraz near San Fransisco. Natural obstacles deterred the inmates from fleeing. Today the whole thing is reversed. And call it Dubai. But about that in a moment.

But it is also interesting that the inmates of the various gated communities can quickly switch from one to the other. And back again. Not all rich have a clean vest, if they wear a vest at all, at least not a work vest.

Natural obstacles such as water or sand (a few hundred kilometers are enough) then protect the gated communities of the rich from the mob with whom one only wants to have limited contact, namely as a work slave or a cow for milking. Perhaps as an object of pleasure in order to give yourself a sexual vent.

Everyone knows the knight films with the moat in front of the castle. Similarly, the higher earners withdraw to islands and peninsulas to better protect their property and their lives. Electric fences, security guards, guard dogs, surveillance cameras.

Self-shot systems and minefields are not allowed for private individuals and are more likely to be in the hands of the state (see GDR). In the GDR the citizens didn't have to be protected from the evil West, which might rob them, but they should be prevented from running away, so one can logically conclude from this that the GDR was a prison and Bautzen was the prison within the prison .

But back to the natural obstacles. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, there is a highly guarded island where the multimillionaires can have fun on their private beaches. Access for average citizens only with a personal invitation or not at all. There are also in Florida etc.

This idea of ​​inaccessible gated communities with natural obstacles was finally implemented in a large-scale marketing strategy in the United Arab Emirates. The emirate of Dubai, which until a few decades ago was anything but important, at most as a small trading port, has managed to distinguish itself as a gated community through huge media expenditure. One record chases the next (high-rise buildings, mega-projects, horse races, shopping centers, etc.). Surrounded by the desert and the sea, this gated community is secured over a large area. The residents are carted up by their own airline so that they can turn their hard-earned money into luxury goods there. Yes, the 5 plus X star hotel is booked out months in advance. Dozens of shopping centers ask for money to be thrown away.

Somehow it reminds of the Tower of Babel or the dance around the golden calf.

But about that in a later article.

Dubai from the air. Perfect for a gated community. Sea and sand. What more do you want. Photo: NASA

And that one gated community in this case the Böckelheim Castle can quickly become another gated community (prison) shows the case of Emperor Heinrich IV. Heinrich IV. Was born on Christmas 1105 by his own son, the later Emperor Heinrich V Castle fixed. Merry Christmas and a successful Christmas party.

Emperor Heinrich V visits his father Heinrich IV in a rather small gated community. The father could not even conceive his son while standing. The prison cell was apparently quite small, as Henry IV could only look out of the barred window on his knees. Or was it a bad construction of the castle, which was actually built for dwarves. To make matters worse, Heinrich IV also saw the loss of hair on his head. History has given Henry IV nothing for free. Walk to Canossa and then also hair loss.

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Shitstorm - in German shit storm (or is it written shit storm or shit storm)

Briefly about the definition of Anglicism:
Anglicism is the term used to describe the influence of the English language on other languages.
In order not to make the whole thing even more complicated than it is, for me it simply means that you copy English words into German.

A detailed definition of Anglicism can be found here:

The point is that thousands of English / American terms are now incorporated into the German language without much thought. As if you don't even think about your own language here in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This dominance of the Anglo-American language is no longer a stop. The fact that there has always been an exchange between individual languages ​​for centuries has certainly had its positive side. I'm not a Germanist, unfortunately. Then my spelling and grammatical errors would probably be limited.
Nor do I want to encourage the complete disappearance of foreign words in the German language, but perhaps German terms would rather clarify the meaning of the anglicisms and what they are about.And then perhaps one or the other would be startled or puzzled to think about the word he just wrote.

So today the shit storm. Loosely translated as a shit storm. Shit storm sounds pretty shit uh vulgar. Here some would certainly refrain from using this term.

No, not a shit storm, but a sand storm in China. Maybe even a shitty Chinese sandstorm.

So the shit storm is a "chaotic, unpleasant situation" and can be found again in the "Flamewar" (again an Anglicism that could be translated as a war of flames and the term fits more into a fantasy novel), this war of flames is carried out on social networks . How social these networks are is another matter. Maybe as social as the SPD or CSU?

The storm on the Sea of ​​Galilee. 1633. By Rembrandt. Even Jesus had to deal with storms. Fortunately, he was spared dealing with today's social networks. Rembrandt could at least still paint and draw, in contrast to some of today's artists, whom one would like to deliver to the Flamewars and Shitstorms.

Ultimately, these shitstorms uh shit storms are just about insulting each other on the internet and finding shit about each other's opinion. Take a look at most of the Internet forums, which usually deviate from the topic quickly and then often end in mutual abuse.

Some internet users don't seem that social. This is why these social or mostly anti-social networks should be viewed critically.

In any case, most people would behave differently in real life. Hopefully.

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