How to pair sony smartwatch mn2

Connect smartwatch to mobile phone: This is how it works on Android and iOS

11/30/19 from

Francis Lido

Have you bought a new smartwatch and want to connect it to your smartphone? We'll tell you how to pair your watch with iOS and Android devices.

  • Smartwatches can be connected to the mobile phone via a smartphone app
  • Which one you need depends on the operating system of your watch
  • The most common are Wear OS, Tizen and watchOS (Apple Watch)

First of all: the Apple Watch can unfortunatelynot with Android phones connect. So if you use such a mobile phone, you are on watches withWear OS, Tizen or oneother operating system limited. In the following you will learn how to connect the different types of smartwatches to your mobile phone.

Pair Wear OS smartwatch with mobile phone

Examples of Wear OS devices are theHuawei Watch GT2 or also theSmartwatches from Fossil. Do you have such a model, you need itthe smartphone app for Google's wearable operating system. So load the "Wear OS "app from Google Play or the App Store.

Next, open the app on your smartphone and then tap on"Set up" (Android) respectively"Set up now" (iPhone). Then you select a language, confirm the terms of use and then tap on the name of your watch. Then both your smartwatch and your smartphone showa code at.

Is thisidentical, you tap on"Couple" and then follow the instructions to complete the process. Atdifferent codes a new start and restart of your wearable is necessary. You can see whether you have successfully established the connection in the Wear OS app on your smartphone. It says either"Connected" or"Not connected".

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Tizen: Connect the Galaxy Watch and Co. to your mobile phone

Samsung's current smartwatches all use the manufacturer's own operating systemTizen. Here, too, you needan app for pairing with your smartphone. Android users download"Galaxy Wearable" from the Play Store. The iPhone equivalent is called"Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S)".

Open the application on your smartphone and then tap on"Start selection". Then you choose your smartwatch and confirm that you want to "turn on" Bluetooth. Now you just have to follow the instructions on the screen.

Pair Apple Watch with iPhone

As already mentioned at the beginning, Apple's smartwatch isReserved for iPhone users. To establish the connection between the devices, you switch them on and then hold them close to each other. Then your smartphone should offer you the coupling of the Apple Watch that you are using"Continue" agree. Alternatively, you can open the watch app on your iPhone and tap on "pair new watch".

The next step is to activate the camera on your iPhone. you need the Apple Watch now position in the displayed frame. The smartwatch then connects to the mobile phone. If the mentioned frame already before the connectionshould show a clock face, there is already onePairing with another Apple cell phone in front. In this case, you must first disconnect and reset the smartwatch.


  • The Apple Watch is the only smartwatch that requires an iPhone
  • Apart from that, almost all current smartwatches can be paired with iOS and Android phones
  • You need the corresponding smartphone app to pair the Wear OS and Samsung smartwatches
  • The watch app, which you need to connect the Apple Watch, is already preinstalled on iPhones