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Simply convert centiliters (cl) into milliliters (ml), deciliters (dl) or liters (l) and measure. Online calculator and practical table with often required conversions between cl and ml.

The abbreviation cl stands for “centiliter” (sometimes also “centiliter” or “centi liter”) and the unit of measurement ml stands for "milliliter".

The resolution Centi means a hundredth and that of Millia thousandth (here) of a whole liter. So are 1 centiliter of a liquid (for example, water, milk, oil, liquor and so on) exactly 10 milliliters or expressed in liters 0.01 l.

1 centiliter = 10 milliliters = 0.01 liter = 10 grams

The unit of measurement in centiliters will not be used too often in the kitchen and household; here, values ​​in milliliters or liters are more common.

The area for bar or mixed drinks and cocktails is an exception. Recipes with information such as: "4 cl rum, 6 cl white wine or 2 cl Blue Curacao" can often be found in lists of ingredients. Even a quantity in deciliters is not uncommon in the bar area.

How can 1 cl be measured?

You can measure 1 cl with a small measuring cup, among other things. This is also very easy to do with a shot glass. Shot glasses usually measure 2 cl and 4 cl (a double shot). If you fill such a glass only up to half of the 2 centiliter mark, you have measured the desired amount of one centiliter quite accurately.

With a kitchen scale, minus the weight for the vessel, you can also quickly weigh the 10 ml. In the case of liquids, this is exactly 10 grams for household quantities.

Two normal-sized teaspoons also have a capacity of around 1 cl. Here we have summarized a lot more about converting cl to ml.

Table with often required conversions between cl, ml and l

CentilitersMillilitersliterLiter as a fractiondeciliter
1 cl10 ml0.01 l1/100 l0.1 dl
2 cl20 ml0.02 l1/50 l0.2 dl
3 cl30 ml0.03 l3/100 l0.3 dl
4 cl40 ml0.04 l1/25 l0.4 dl
5 cl50 ml0.05 l1/20 l0.5 dl
6 cl60 ml0.06 l3/50 l0.6 dl
8 cl80 ml0.08 l2/25 l0.8 dl
10 cl100 ml0.1 l1/10 l1 dl
20 cl200 ml0.2 l1/5 l2 dl
30 cl300 ml0.3 l3/10 l3 dl
35 cl350 ml0.35 l7/20 l3.5 dl
50 cl500 ml0.5 l1/2 l5 dl
100 cl1000 ml1 l1 l10 dl

This table can be downloaded and printed out here as a PDF:

Online calculator: centiliters in milliliters and liters

Simply enter the amount in centiliters required for the calculation into the calculator and immediately receive the result in milliliters, deciliters and liters: