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How does a bluetooth headset work?

In the context of the increasing networking of different technical devices, Bluetooth is playing an increasingly important role. Bluetooth is an industry standard that enables wireless data transmission between different devices with different functions over short distances. According to today's standard, 8 devices can actively communicate with each other at the same time and a further 248 devices can be registered for communication with passive participation. It does not matter which provider the individual devices come from.

What is bluetooth

Bluetooth is a communication network of wireless devices with different functionality that are connected wirelessly over relatively short distances. It serves as an interface between cell phones, computers, portable computers (PDAs) and peripheral devices. For example, a cell phone can be connected to a headset under this standard. Calls can be taken straight away via the headset without even having to touch the cell phone. The car radio and cell phone can also be linked to the hands-free system in the car via radio link. This makes it possible for drivers to make calls while driving without direct cell phone contact and then to listen to music again straight away.

The name Bluetooth was borrowed from the name of the Danish King Harald Blauzahn (Harald Bluetooth), who was famous for his strong communication skills. Harald Blauzahn united warring parts of Denmark and Norway. Just as this king united seemingly incompatible parts of states through his talent for communication, the technical Bluetooth standard combined seemingly incompatible and different functional devices to form a network.

How does a bluetooth headset work?

The Bluetooth headset is a headset that is wirelessly connected to certain devices over short distances (maximum distance 100 meters). These can be cell phones, computers, radios, video devices or navigation devices.

What is a headset anyway?

A headset is a combination of headphones and a microphone. The headphones can be used to answer calls or listen to music, for example. The microphone is necessary for making phone calls, among other things. In addition, calls can be made on the computer via Skype. It goes without saying that the headset can also be used to actively complete courses.

How Bluetooth headsets work

The headsets can be connected to cell phones or smartphones from different manufacturers. It does not matter whether it is a smartphone from Apple (iPhone) with the IOS operating system or from Google with the Android operating system. According to the latest Bluetooth 4.0 standard, it only takes a maximum of 5 milliseconds for radio transmission to take place. The connection is also possible with earlier versions of Bluetooth such as 3.0, as the standard is downward compatible. Wireless transmission has the advantage that it consumes very little electricity. It is also well encrypted using the 128-bit AES standard. However, the headsets have their own battery and must be charged regularly. The advantage of using Bluetooth is that you can make hands-free calls. There are even systems in which the smartphone can be controlled using voice commands that are sent out via the headset. The headsets are also suitable as headphones for receiving navigation announcements or listening to music. A Bluetooth headset usually only has one earbud and is therefore an in-ear device.


Today, all cell phone and headset providers also offer Bluetooth devices. This applies to Apple or Microsoft with the IOS or Windows operating systems as well as to Google with the Android operating system. However, all devices can be combined with one another. Although Bluetooth appears to be the optimal solution for connecting different devices in a network, it is often difficult to establish a stable connection between the devices. To do this, the profiles of the devices must be implemented without errors. Because of the completely natural incompatibilities between the individual devices from different manufacturers, this often requires a lot of patience.