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Corona vaccination What happens if I cancel my vaccination appointment?

From Lukas Böhl
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We explain how to cancel your corona vaccination and what happens to the deadlines that have become available.

Cancel vaccination appointment

If you voluntarily cancel your appointment for the corona vaccination, it will immediately be available for booking other persons eligible for vaccination on the waiting list. In this case you have to arrange a new vaccination appointment. This also applies to the follow-up appointment for the second vaccination.

The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) points out that your referral code is only valid for one further booking. This appointment can only be booked at the vaccination center named in the confirmation of cancellation. When booking a new appointment, you can answer the question about the eligibility check with "Yes" and enter the old code in the field provided.

If you then cancel the vaccination appointment again, the transfer code loses its validity. In this case you should book an alternative appointment as soon as possible by telephone on 116 117.

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Until when can I cancel the vaccination appointment?

The vaccination appointments can be canceled until the time they are carried out. The vaccination appointments that have become free due to your rejection can then be booked on the waiting list by other persons entitled to vaccination. However, if you cancel the appointment immediately before the vaccination or simply do not show up, this appointment cannot of course be rescheduled immediately. So you're taking someone else's chance to get vaccinated. You should therefore cancel in good time so that an alternative date can be booked and the time slot is not wasted.

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How do I cancel the vaccination appointment?

You can view and manage your vaccination appointments at any time at www.impfterminservice.de. And this is how you cancel an appointment:

  • First select your state and the corresponding vaccination center.
  • Then click on “To the vaccination center”.
  • Click on "Manage booking" in the upper right corner.
  • Now you have to enter your referral code and click on "Manage booking" again.
  • If you receive the message "Code is invalid", ignore it and click on "Manage booking" again.
  • You can cancel your appointments in the following overview.

You can find these and other instructions for booking and managing the corona vaccination on the ITS service page for the vaccination centers and call centers.

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