What do vultures eat in the desert?

Translation of "vulture" in English

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vulture hell heck vulture fuck


I think Cliburn did the same thing, only with a live one vulture.
You know, I believe Cliburn did the same thing, only he used a live vulture.
The Smash Club presents the world premiere of vulture.
The Smash Club presents the world premiere of Vulture.
After that, of course, the vulture released.
And then, of course, releasing the vultures.
The vulture all came to handover.
All the vultures showed up for the exchange.
This annihilation is carried out by the holy ones vulture.
This decomposition is carried out by the holy vultures.
Too much for the crocodiles and vulture.
Too much food for the crocodiles and vultures.
vulture are like a kind of environmental police, because ...
Vultures are like a kind of environmental police, because ...
The vulture do not accumulate at the sources by chance.
You know, those vultures don't find those thermals just by accident.
These vulture and ants have found a way to influence our environment.
So the vultures and ants found a way to alter our environment.
Maybe you would like for the vulture to be staked.
Perhaps you would like being staked out for vultures.
The vulture fly over the cloud cover while they feed.
The vultures feed, they fly above the cloud cover.
They poke at sunset vulture in your bones.
The vultures be picking your bones by sunset.
Dogs feed on the others, vulture and flies.
The rest are dinner for the mongrels, vultures and flies.
The vulture just waiting to peel the meat off us.
Vultures are waiting to strip the flesh from our bones.
Your organ donor folks have been like that vulture.
The last few days he could vulture be observed in a field between Obersülzen and Obrigheim.
The last days, the vultures could be observed in a field between the suburbs Obersuelzen and Obrigheim.
Watch out for the ruthless vulture in this addicting game.
Watch out for the pitiless vultures in this addictive game.
Maybe they lose vulture so interested in the prey.
Might just throw some of the vultures off the scent.
And I am vulture from bridges.
You have a vulture and not seen a plane.
You saw a vulture, not an airplane.
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