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"MacGyver" star Richard Dean Anderson turns 70 - this is how he looks today

In the role of the all-rounder MacGyver, actor Richard Dean Anderson became a cult star of the eighties. Today the Briton is celebrating his 70th birthday.

Richard Dean Anderson flickered across the world's screens as MacGyver from 1985 to 1992. Today the series about the title hero MacGyver is cult. Also because he could apparently build a useful tool from any object to avoid dangerous situations. Richard Dean Anderson celebrates his 70th birthday today.

MacGyver all-rounder

In a total of seven seasons of the cult series "MacGyver", Anderson has impressively proven time and time again that he shines in every situation. A man has a heart attack? MacGyver makes a defibrillator out of a microcable and two candlesticks. Is an atomic bomb about to explode? Fortunately, a tennis racket happens to be ready. And if all else fails, the multifunctional paper clip tool is still at hand.

Richard Dean Anderson at the Comic Con in Stuttgart 2019. (Source: foto2press / imago images)

The wonderfully silly strokes of genius, with which Angus MacGyver was always able to free himself from any tricky situation, have made today's birthday boy world famous.

What many do not know, however, is that the now 70-year-old actor was delighted when the savvy agent of the Phoenix Foundation finally conjured his last trick out of the do-it-yourself hat. These are the most interesting anecdotes from the life of the series star with Scottish-Scandinavian roots.

Career wish: Anything, just not actors

His actual career aspiration to become a professional ice hockey player came to an end when he broke both arms on the ice just three weeks apart. After that, jazz musician was his declared professional goal. He also financed his life as a street mime, whale keeper in an amusement park or musician in a medieval show.

It was not until he was 26 that he finally had an appreciation and let his acting talent run wild - in the famous US soap opera "General Hospital". And from there it went really smoothly for the series star. At the age of 63, in 2013, Anderson retired into the well-deserved show business retirement. At least that was the last time he was seen in a small TV role in the series "Apartment 23".