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Don’t Let Your Boyfriend Take Naked Photos Of You - Rita Dominic Warns

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The rate at which sex tapes and naked pictures of young ladies have been floating online is alarming. It is against this back drop that some celebrities have taken time off to advice young ladies on how to conduct themselves in relationships.
Award-winning actress, Dominic who won the award for Best Actress in a leading role in the 2012 Africa Movie Academy Awards for her role in a Kenyan film 'Shattered ”, took to social networking site, Twitter to sound this warning note,“ @ ritadominic Dear young women of the world, no matter how in love you are. Please don't let your boyfriend take naked photos of you. "

In line with the current happenings betweenJohn Dumelo otherHarrina Alexander, the latter has decided to file in for a divorce with a man she says doesn’t love her.
This whole drama seems funnier each passing day but our job is to bring it first hand as it unveils no matter the caliber of characters involved or under which pressure the script was written. Watching from the sidelines before now, we brought thisBetween John Dumelo & Harrina, who is the ‘maradona’ ?; which looks like a merry-go-round "business" between the two.
But according to Harrina, they were joined together as husband and wife under the signature of oneCarla F. Ward on the 11th of March 2013, in Prince George County, Virginia, USA.
We have been keeping taps with the lawyer and soon will provide her own side of the story. But as it stands, Harrina is filing for a divorce. This may be as a result of their (John & Harrina) private meeting in Maryland, USA last week.
Afterwards, this is what Harrina sent to us ..."Hello everyone, I'm just really tired of all the stuff that's going on. I have tried to work with John. He is not ready for marriage. I have filed divorce papers. I am moving on with my life. I rather be happily married with someone who loves me the same way I love them. I want to apologize on my behalf for all this useless drama. So as far as everything goes me and John are no longer together. And I do not want to be contacted on this matter again. I have moved on with my life. I have better things to focus on. Thank you all for understanding Sincerely Harrina Alexander ”
It must be noted that Harrina claims that John Dumelo talked her into the whole marriage plan so as to get his paperwork right in the USA. Whilst John Dumelo also says that the lady is fame drunk and thus, wants to use him at all cost. But as it stands, we cannot verify any of their claims not until we are through talking with Lawyer Carla.
As all these unfold, we shall keep the public updated on the ‘business’ between John Dumelo and Harrina Alexander with our eyes open knowing that no one goes into business with the aim of going bankrupt? Scroll down to see the mail of Harrina in her own words

Yvonne Misses Out On Africa Movie Academy Awards ... As Kwaku Ananse Movie Picks Best Short Film Award

Even though actress Yvonne Okoro's recent self-produced movie 'The Contrast' has gotten worldwide attention after its release, the movie failed to pick a single award from as many as six nominations at the just ended 9th edition of the annual Africa Movie Academy Awards ( AMAA) in Nigeria, yesterday.

The award which was instituted to recognize and award deserving film making on the African continent has gained worldwide recognition.

The winners were announced at a live event at the Glory Hall Cultural Center in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State, Nigeria. The Ghanaian / Nigerian actress-Yvonne Okoro traveled to Nigeria hoping to pick an award in her first movie as a producer.

Yvonne entered the awards with 6 nominations from 671 films which were submitted for consideration, including 184 short films, 108 Diaspora features - documentaries and shorts films, 60 documentaries from Africa and 319 feature films from within and outside Africa, including films made by Africans living abroad.

The night started well for Ghana and climaxed with heartbreaks, especially for the Ghanaian actress turned producer.

Ghana picked the first award which was the country’s only award on the night with ‘Kwaku Ananse’ movie, a short film from Akosua Adoma Owusu, a writer and director.

Now Is The Time For The Heartbreaks ...

In the technical department, Yvonne Okoro’s movie failed to win in the following categories, ‘AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Screenplay’, ‘AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Editing’ and ‘AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Production Design’.

The bad night continued when it came to one category she would have loved to take back home, 'AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Actress In A Leading Role' however, she was knocked out by South African's actress, Florence Masebe from the movie 'Elelwani' .

From the 'Assassins Practice' movie, the late Nollywood actor Justus Esiri won the 'AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Actor In A Leading Role' beating off challenge from Yvonne Okoro's opposite character South African's actor Hlomla Dandala in 'Contract' as well as OC Ukeje - Alan Poza, Bimbo Manuel - Hereos And Zereos, Lindani Nkosi - Zama Zama, Femi Jacobs - The Meeting and Amurin Wumnembom - Ninah's Dowry.

Director of the movie, Shirley Frimpong-Manso also lost the ‘AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Director’ to ‘Hereos And Zeroes’ director, Niji Akanni.

What Kwaku Ananse-The Only Winning Ghanaian Movie Is About ...

Kwaku Ananse is a re-telling of the classic West African fable with a semi-autobiographical twist, featuring Ghana’s legendary palm wine musician, Koo Nimo as Kwaku Ananse. It was commissioned by Focus Features, as part of their prestigious Africa First Award Program, and supported by the Sarah Jacobson Grant, Art Matters grant, and a well-received Indie Gogo Campaign.

Combined with the unique co-production efforts of acclaimed Mexican producer, Julio Chavezmontes (Sundance New Frontier “Halley”) and Lisa Cortes (Executive Producer for Academy Award Winning “Precious”), Kwaku Ananse premiered in competition at the prestigious Berlinale Film Festival, as part of the Golden Bear competition, and was met with rave reviews.

Akosua Adoma Owusu displaying Ghana’s only award on the night How The Director Of Kwaku Ananse Accepted Her Award ...

During her acceptance speech, an emotional Akosua Adoma Owusu who was lost for words intermittently danced Azonto to the delight for the patrons. The audience loved her not-so-perfect Azonto movements as they clapped and cheered her on for being a first award winner on the night.

Check out the full list of the nominations

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Short Film: Kwaku Ananse - Ghana

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Documentary: Fuelling Poverty - Nigeria

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Diaspora Feature: Stones In The Sun- Haiti / USA

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Diaspora Documentary: Fan Do Brasil (Brazil / Guatamela)

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Animation: Adventure Of Zambezia– (South Africa)

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Film By An Africans Abroad: Last Flight To Abuja– UK / Nigeria

AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Production Design: Elelwani

AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Costume Design: Blood And Henna / Nigeria

AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Make-Up: The Meeting

AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Soundtrack: The Last Fishing Boat

AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Visual Effects: The Twin Sword

AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Sound: Nairobi Half Life

AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Cinematography: Uhlanga, The Mark

AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Editing: Hereos And Zereos

AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Lightning: Moi Zaphira

AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Screenplay: Hereos And Zereos

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Nigerian Film: Confusion Na Wa / Nigeria

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Film In An African Language: Moi Zaphira / Burkina Faso

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Promising Actor: Belinda Effah - Kokomma

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Actor In A Supporting Role: Gabriel Afolayan - Hoodrush

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Actress In A Supporting Role: Hermelinda Cimela - Virgin Magarida

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Actor In A Leading Role: Justus Esiri - Assasins Practice

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Actress In A Leading Role: Florence Masebe - Elelwani

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Director: Niji Akanni - Hereos And Zeroes / Nigeria

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Film: Confusion Na Wa / Nigeria

When Abena Owusua Adu made the decision to marry popular highlife musician, Kwabena Kwabena in 2011, many voices in showbiz circles were of the opinion that it was a bad decision.
Two years and a baby later, Abena says confidently “Marrying Kwabena Kwabena has been very good; I can confidently say that I have never regretted marrying him.
“We do fight sometimes like most married couples do but we settle our differences without letting any third party hear of it. He is a sweet person and the best thing that ever happened to me ”Abena happily said.
According to her, not every woman would have taken the decision she took to marry Kwabena Kwabena considering the many negative things that were said about him mainly over his alleged skirt chasing behavior but she chose Kwabena Kwabena not for anything but love.
In response to how she had dealt with her husband’s many lady admirers, a smiling Abena replied: “He is married to me and no other lady. I know with the kind of songs he does every lady would love to have him as a partner but he is mine.
Whenever he is performing and ladies scream out his name, all I say to myself is, how lucky I am to have Kwabena Kwabena as a husband. The ladies will scream alright but at the end of the day, I am the one who will take him home ”
Abena revealed that there have been times when Kwabena Kwabena has been down due to negative stories about him in the media but she encourages him not to let any of those bother him.
“If Kwabena Kwabena is down and I am also down who will encourage the other, I have to be there for him all the time and make sure everything is alright with him. But I can say that he is a really good man every lady would love to have as a husband. He is always home to take care of the kids when he is not performing, ”Abena said.
She said anyone who truly wants to know the real Kwabena Kwabena should get close to him and will know he is a really good man.
Kwabena Kwabena who wouldn’t want to talk much about his marriage said "my wife is simply the best woman in the world. I have said it every where I go that I have made the right decision choosing Abena as my wife, she is simply sweet ”

American R&B star Chris Brown, who recently performed at the rLG Hope City concert in Ghana, says the famous Ghanaian dance moves 'Azonto' is a Nigeria 'thing'.
Chris Brown, while promoting his new album on BET's 106 & Park, told the hosts about 'Azonto', but gave credits to Nigeria, adding that he learned it from Nigerian musician Wizkid.

Chris Brown was making a point on how big an influence Michael Jackson had on him and his career, but in answering it, 'Azonto' came up. He said "... there's a dance in Africa ... it's funny but it's kinda like the Michael Jackson. You wait, you'll see it in the video ... just wait!"

But after several shouts of "Do it .... do it" from the crowd, he decided to demonstrate it on state. After that, he said this ... "I learned that ... I learned it from a Nigerian artiste by the name of Wizkid ... so I don't wanna act like I created it ... it's in Nigeria."

He also gave props to Wizkid, saying "he's an incredible artist out there."

Many questions were raised when Chris Brown introduced Wizkid to stage at the Hope City concert to perform his track 'Azonto'.

Quite recently, Ghanaian Dancehall artist Samini released a single to slam Nigerian duo P-Square for copying 'Azonto' and just changing it to 'Alingo'. Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh is said to have replied to Samini's song, apparently citing her disapproval of the allegation.

The weed was fake, blame the Ghanaian media - Chris Brown

American music star Chris Brown has broken his silence on the alleged weed he smoked on stage during a performance in Ghana.

Chris Brown was alleged to have smoked “weed” on stage during his performance at the Hope City concert at the Accra Sports Stadium on March 5.

The act has received a lot of flak from civil society organizations and the general public. Notable voices that condemned the act included Minister of State and Member of Parliament for Wa Central, Rashid Pelpuo and Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, Most Reverend Charles Palmer-Buckle.

Organizers of the concert, Charter House, categorically denied media reports that the music star smoked “weed” during his performance at the event. According to the events outfit, Chris Brown smoked a cigar, not marijuana.

But answering a question on the incident on The Breakfast Club on New York based Power 105.1 FM, on Tuesday; Chris Brown blamed the Ghanaian media for giving a negative picture to the stage craft.

He explained that: “There is a thing I did on my whole tour called smoke by the brain. So it's a part of the show that goes to a collage of all the songs that talk about weed and everybody knows I have a medical cause for marijuana but for me I don’t smoke it on stage. "

Chris Brown stressed that, “It's a fake light like the way they have the pre-rolled tobacco so at every show I fake it, now that I gave the secret away, but in certain cities like Amsterdam and LA I definitely did but as far as in places where I can get into trouble I avoid it. "

“It was the press over there that made a big foot about the whole thing, everything else was cool. It was just the press, so it made it seem like it was a situation but it was not, ”he said.

Missing Okomfour Kwadee found

Ghanaian Hip life sensation Okomfour Kwadee who was reported missing earlier this year has finally been found, Newsone can confirm.

Earlier this year, Kwadee’s mother, Cecilia Sakia, stated on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review ’that she had not set eyes on her son for close to three years.

But James Kwasi Oberko, a broadcaster from KFM in Kumasi, told Flexy on Etv’s Talk Showbiz last week that: "Okomfour Kwadee has been located in Santasi, a suburb near Kumasi in the Ashanti Region."

“When we put it out there that Kwadee had gone missing, our listeners started phoning in and some even sent several text messages giving the exact location of the rapper,” Oberko noted.

According to Oberko, some of his callers told him that the ‘Ka Wo Nan To So’ hit maker was mostly located at joints with a couple of guys smoking a substance believed to be marijuana.

“The kind of locations they gave was not good at all. We are putting ourselves together as a station to storm those locations and if we locate him, we will take the next step,” he said.

Okumfour Kwadee, for some time now, has been battling with substance abuse and mental illness.

He has been in and out of various rehab centers across the country.

Claudia Ama Lebene Mensah Send Nekked pics of herself to boyfriend on whatsapp

So ghanain ladies has no respect for demselves anymor? Wot @ all ar yu girls lukin for? How can yu tak dis pics n whatsapp it to a fb frnd, sme1 yu've nva met! Infact sme gurls on fb ar soo stupid. Yu fink showing dis shit to a man wil mak him luv yu? ...

The Sad End Of Jenny Addai

This is not the first time Jenny Addai have been on Ghanleak. Jenny, daughter of Addai Cutlass one of the richest men in Kumasi has all the sudden gone insane and taking naked pictures sending to anyone who ask, must this be sikaduro? sakawa? blood money

The Most expensive Ashawo in Ghan

This girl is known as Mercedes, her famous clients include D'banj and she is currently charging $ 900 for her pu $$ y and $ 1,200 for her a $ s !!!. To all the ashawo out there Ghanaleaks will be exposing you all soon, go out and look for proper job and no sex for work either ...

Look well well and you may just be lucky to see what we are seeing.
Just look well, and when you find out what exactly is wrong with the photo, you would be really shocked.

One time Ghana’s representative in the Big Brother Amplified House, Confidence Haugen, is reported to have been attacked by three heavily armed robbers, according to information we are gathering.
The Aphrodisiac Night Club CEO was allegedly attacked in the wee hours of Wednesday March 13, at about 2:30 am at her Dzorwulu office in Accra. According to the source, the robbers, who appeared quite stout and well-built, wore face masks and came riding on motor bikes.
“At the time of their operation the whole area was very quiet because it was a Tuesday night going into early Wednesday morning. The club was not opened and no event was on-going, ”the source narrated.
The armed robbers, we are told, blocked the street leading to the club with their motorbikes with the engine still purring. While one of the robbers kept watch at the entrance, the two others entered the compound leading to the main building for the operation but were said to have met some fierce resistance from the security detail at the place.
A shootout then ensued but it is not too clear who fired the shots or whether anyone was hit, dead or hurt.
“The robbers proceeded to enter the yet to be opened Konfidence shop also located within the Aphrodisiac building where the labeled Konfidence shoes, bags and accessories would be exclusively sold and made away with some items,” the source told intimated.
General Manager of Aphrodisiac Night Club and Confidence’s right hand man, Mr. Johnny, confirmed the incident. According to Johnny who was present during the whole incident, the robbers also made away with a large size flat screen television set which they surprisingly carried on their motor bike, some Ipads and mobile phones among other items.
He also disclosed that though Confidence was in the building when the robbery incident occurred, she is now safe and sound.
“She is fine, nothing tragic happened to her,” he added.
Johnny, who also confirmed hearing the firing of gunshots during the incident, however, refused to provide any additional detail saying the case has been reported to the Airport Police Station who have already started investigations into the matter.

Easter celebration has become a tradition and an integral part for the Kwahu people of Ghana as well as those in diaspora. As part of the 3-day festivities organized by Kwahuman Association of New York, two of Ghana’s best movie actors, Majid Michel and John Dumelo, will hit the Big Apple this weekend to participate in Kwahu Easter 2013.
It is important to be innovative when it comes to this festive occasion which is intended to raise funds for community projects and also as part of an annual friends and family reunion. This year, Easter celebration in New York City have taken a different dimension; with the aim of attracting youth participation and to mimic the long weekend activities usually observed by our brothers and sisters in Ghana; the president of the Association, Frederick Ansong Obrempong Dwamena stressed.
In addition to the main fundraising event on Saturday, March 30th, the Limousine ride party with Majid and John on Good Friday night in the City and the Sunday red carpet cocktail at Sam's Café are all part of the weekend's activities to bring excitement to our members and the community in general, he added. The Vice President of the Association, Mr. Steve Darkwah, reemphasized the President’s commitments to fly Kwahu citizens in New York and their friends to Ghana next year to join their brothers and sisters for the 2014 Easter Homecoming Festival organized by Global Touch Production.
Majid and John flew all the way from Ghana to be part of this year’s Easter and to support the clean water project fundraising event for Kwahu Traditional area. Some members of the Association who were interviewed expressed their readiness to take part in all the 3-day events. For the first time in 30 years we are truly experiencing “real” Easter celebration similar to what we witnessed back home in Ghana; this is historic. It is a warm up for our Homecoming Easter in Ghana next year, she stressed.
The president of the Association, on his Facebook wall, appealed to Easter celebrants to use the death and resurrection of Christ meaningfully and not to engage in excessive drinking, indecent dressing and other immoral activities. This year’s event was sponsored by Prestige Travel and Tour.

Judging from the way trends are going with regards to the new movie released from the camp of Miracle Films in Ghana, if the executive producer of the movie should remain silent on the issue, then Liwin will be hotter than a fish swimming in a hot pot of soup on fire.
It's all about a movie titled “Evangelist Lilwyn” where Kumawood actor Kojo Nkansah was playing the role of a no nonsense pastor who will never allow wrong doing pass him by. In one of his reproach as a form of teachings and preaching, Lilwyn is on record to have said that “any government who will go ahead to give a whole load of money to just one person to spend is a fool”. Say this in Ghana and it will be synonymous to talking ill about the ruling National Democratic Congress party where people have questioned a controversial judgment debt paid to business man Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome.
Therefore for Lilwyn to have jokingly said that, it means he has hit on their wounds and there is the need for them to also fight back. The case, since it came out, has put Kojo Nkansah in chronic fear knowing very well the effects of partisan politics in our country.
In a response on radio about the allegation, Lilwyn stated emphatically that it was not his decision to make that statement, but it was his producer and director Mr Samuel Nyamekye who pursued him to make such pronouncements. “I was hesitant from the beginning but pressure from my producer made me say those words” Lilwyn said on 205 Total entertainment: Channel R in Accra last Wednesday.

In our bid to put the matter to rest, Flex newspaper decided to contact Mr. Samuel Nyamekye for his part of the story. Even before we called him for his response, there were snippets of information around town which said that some pastors are not happy with the movie and some pronouncements made by the lead character Lilwyn as a preacher. They said there is no man of God who will act like Lilwyn acted in the movie, so he should come again.
“I am even more disappointed in Mr. Samuel Nyamekye because he is still in the Bible school ready to be titled as an apostle or evangelist, so how could he allow an actor to joke with the work of God” one anonymous pastor told Flex newspaper in a telephone chat.
Mr Nyamekye has therefore responded that he sees no need why somebody should assume a statement made in the movie is about a political party and their activities. Hear him as we spoke to him last Monday in our office.

“I wonder why some people have taken this issue so personal like that. It is a movie and I hope it remains a movie without any interference or whatsoever. Now am hearing some men of God are also angry at me for not portraying them right. Don`t we have men of God like that in our movies. To those I have offended in one way or the other, I want to say sorry to all of them and also want to use this opportunity to say that they should leave Lilwyn alone to mind his business because he was only acting and following the rules of his director. I am not sure he has done something wrong to deserve warning from political groups or whatsoever. Please we were only shooting a movie so nobody should be offended ”Mr Nyamekye told Flex newspaper on phone.

Information reaching Flex newspaper from the camp of Kaakyire Kwame Fosu known in showbiz as K.K Fosu indicates that he has taken over from the President of the Musicians Union of Ghana Bice ‘Obuor’ Osei Kuffuor as ambassador for road accident awareness.
K.K Fosu who has composed a song called “Bo Wo Ho Ban” for the project will be going out and about to educate and advise the populace on the carnage on our roads and how to reduce the incidence of road accidents. He is expected to organize a press conference sooner than later to unveil this project.
To his numerous fans, you can listen to his new album entitled 'Me Ho Asem' containing hit songs like 'Bo Me Ka,' 'All About You,' 'Odo Wo Nti' including his project song 'Bo Wo Ho Ban' ' {road accident campaign song} which will be released unto the market this week.

          Efya Gets Hurt; Sings Her Heart Out
Does a public figure have a private life? This is one question people keep on debating about each and every day. Some news about celebrities get into the public domain and people ask who, what, when and how it was able to get that far.
Both the print and electronic media sometimes write stories to spread rumors about celebrities in order to either sell their papers or generate view (traffic) respectively. Controversial issues about personalities are easily spread than the good ones. Gospel musician Sonnie Badu once said ‘it's surprising how bad news spreads faster than good ones’
Whilst some celebrities would like to be in the news always with controversies surrounding them, Afro-eclectic African soulstress, Jane Awindor with stage name Efya wants the contrary. Some months ago, she jumped on American star Chris Brown’s hit song ‘Don’t Judge Me’ to pour her heart out about the rumors Ghanaians have been speculating about her.
Listening to the song, no one needs a prophet or an angel from heaven to acknowledge that Efya sang this song out of emotions - revealing how she feels to Ghanaians about bad things they talk about her.
The sensational musician in the intro of the music asked her fans not to believe the rumors they hear because they [the rumors] are not true and the fact that she doesn't react to it doesn't make it is true. ‘You hearing rumors about me, and you can stomach their thought. I won’t deny what they are saying although what none is true. But everything I do, I do it for you, ’she sang.
The talented Ghanaian songstress went further to talk about how the press spread negative rumors about her including the spread of her photos on the internet just to sully her. It can be recalled that, there were lots of criticism about her dress and make-up to last year’s Radio Television Personality (RTP) Awards. She also revealed some of the questions the press asks her which she thinks will bring problems to her. She gave a typical example like ‘Who has she slept with? Is she allergic (to drugs)? Or maybe affected? The award winning artist who used the song to react to so many issues was amazed if publicists hate it when she makes it or love it if she loses her mind?
Efya in her conclusion asked her fans to forget about the past and focus on the things which will make her be the good personality she had always wanted to be. She further added that, she should be taken just as she is whether good or bad since she has no other image anywhere. She also promised to be the one her fans can trust.
Efya is not the only musician who has emotionally released a song of this nature. Sarkodie after the Joy FM Night with the stars event where he didn’t perform released ‘The Truth’ - a song which talks about his reasons for not performing at the event. ‘Da Ghana Bwouy’ D-Black also revealed ‘Off It’ to also buttress how people talk bad about him. Samini and Kesse have also made a refix of the same track by Chris Brown.

Sarcody and Mom
"It's because of my mom that I return from my trips" Sarkodie told Delay in an interview. Michael Owusu Addo, Ghana’s title holder of ‘Artists of the Year’ is one Artist who brags a lot about his mother.
In an interview with Delay, he stated that, if he will return from his gig trip outside Ghana, it is because of his mother. To him, he hardly spends time with his mom so he makes sure he spends quality time with her when the time comes.
Still lodging in his mother’s residence, Sarkodie told Delay until he finds a convincing reason; he will not leave his mother’s house in Tema Community 9. Asked what will be convincing enough to leave his mum, mummy’s boy Michael Owusu Addo (Sarkodie) swerved the question.
Early hours of Sunday, Sarkodie released a picture of himself and his mother on his verified Twitter page. In the picture, his mother was ‘swagged’ in his ‘Sark’ branded hat and both mother and son curdling the little and ring fingers with their thumbs leaving their index and middle fingers widely stretched popularly known as ‘deuces’.

Award winning Ghanaian artist, Samini, is set to launch his personalized mobile application service.
The award winning artist is taking advantage of the latest technology trend to take his art a step closer to music lovers.
Label executives have confirmed to eNewsGH that the mobile app will be launched in Accra on Thursday February 28. The application will be available on all Blackberry, Android and Iphone devices.
A good step that is sure to rake in some fan appeal for him, Samini's team are hopeful the service will be heavily subscribed.

Sarkodie’s new album drops in August this year. Titled Sarkology, the album will be the third installment from the BET Award winner.
Sarkology will come on the heels of Sarkodie’s joint album with Jayso, the TMG (The Mind Game) album.
Sarkology will be a collection of already-released and upcoming singles, including ‘Illuminati’ and ‘Gunshot’ featuring Davido. The album will feature some of Ghana and Nigeria’s A-List acts.
"Expect show stopping surprises!" organizers of the rlg sponsored Hope City Launch Celebration concert to be headlined by international 'A' list performer, Chris Brown on Tuesday March 5 at the Accra Sports Stadium in Accra, assure fans, and urge them not to miss out on what is expected to be a fantastic concert from the man popularly known as Chris Breezy.
Preparations are ahead to commence the construction of a mega stage at the Accra Sports Stadium in readiness for the concert, which is expected to feature local supporting acts including R2Bees, Samini, Efya, D-Black and Sherifa Gunu.
People, who are skeptical about attending such a huge outdoor concert at the stadium, fearing attacks by hoodlums, are being assured by the organizers to expect improved organizational technique and strategies which is aimed to give them a comfortable and secure ambiance to enjoy themselves. The producers of the show promise that every patron, whether they were in the popular stand or in the VIP area set on the grounds in front of the stage, gets a great experience. The show will be heavy on dancing and patrons are urged to come in comfortable shoes.
Proudly powered by Ghana’s No. 1 ICT company, rlg, the Hope City Launch Concert is in commemoration of the sod cutting for a new technology village - Hope City. It is produced by leading events management company, Charterhouse, with support from GhOne Entertainment TV and Empire Entertainment.
I would want to call this year's Ghana Music Awards R2Bees Honor Awards. ‘Walahi’ the duo has done incredibly amazing over the years.
Surprisingly R2Bees has not received Award from Charter House before ever since their inception into the musical stream. Though they have had several nominations, none of them went to Tema. Made up of Faisal Hakeem (Paedae da Pralem) and Rashid Mugeez, the name R2Bees stands unassailable whenever any Ghanaian is arguing the prowess of a duo from Ghana.
Bringing back the indigenous Ghanaian Musical Culture with ‘Odo’, R2Bees is credited with Cotemporary High Life badges. Honestly, I was not surprised when I saw their name in 9 categories and gracing it with the Artist of Year nomination. They really deserve more than 9, in my own humble opinion.
I'm challenging you to mention 5 hit songs in Ghana at the moment and if you do not mention ‘Odo’ and ‘Life (Walahi)’ then you are a tourist. Comfortably relaxing on 2 hits songs, the Tema based songsters have attracted the attention of Forbes List where the world's acclaimed magazine published that, R2Bees is one of the names to watch out for. It seems Forbes' prophecy is materializing.
In the publication Forbes published “Ghanaian mega-group R2Bees, made up of Faisal Hakeem (Paedae da Pralem) and Rashid Mugeez, is behind some of the biggest hits coming out of West Africa. The hip-hop / hiplife group’s highly anticipated single featuring London-born, Ghanaian artist, Tinchy Stryder is due out in 2013. "
Out of 9 nominations, I can confidently point out that, R2Bees will sweep 7 Awards including the Artist of the Year slot. I would doubt the credibility of Ghana Music Awards if the duo receives anything less than 7.
Indeed, R2Bees deserves a path on their hardworking backs for such spectacular works and they have really proven that their trap has caught Ghana Music ‘Bayla’.

 Another Four Months Before Vybz Kartel Goes To Court Again
It may be a new year, but the same problems are rearing their ugly heads in the ongoing murder trial of internationally-acclaimed deejay, Vybz Kartel.Kartel's trial in the murder case of Clive 'Lizard' Williams was scheduled to get underway at the Home Circuit Court in Kingston on Monday. However, the matter was postponed yet again after lawmakers determined there were insufficient jurors.
The prosecution and defense teams in Kartel's case expressed their disappointment with the development as they were ready to proceed.
Nevertheless, they will all reconvene on May 27, when the trial is expected to commence.
This is the second postponement of the matter since it was originally set to begin last November. However, the case was delayed until Jan. 21 as Kartel's lawyer, Valerie Neita-Robertson was working on a separate case.
Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, faces one count of murder in the case along with Shawn Campbell aka Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones, Andre St. John other Calvin 'Moonie' Haye. The latter of the accused is currently on bail.
Each of the men are accused of killing Williams during an incident at a Havendale residence in St. Andrew in August 2011.
Law enforcement officials later claimed they captured video and audio evidence linking each of the accused to the murder. Williams' body has not been found.
Songstress Jane Awindor, known affectionately as Efya, was embroiled in a showdown with some security personnel over their refusal to allow her go smoke with a couple of her friends at the well-attended 'Sarkodie Live In Concert' held last month at the Accra International Conference Center, Dome.

The artist was billed to perform her song ‘Devil in Me’ with Sarkodie on the night, and after her act, she together with five of her friends wanted a convenient place at the Dome to enjoy some bouts of smoking.

The artist who has been in the news over her smoking habits, was engaged in some exchange of words when she requested the security detail manning the premises to allow her to ostensibly go have some fresh air at the back of the Dome, which is a restricted area.

According to one of the top security personnel, their attention was drawn to a remote section of the Dome when an unscrupulous fellow cut a portion of the tent to enable him to enter the premises without a ticket.

Whiles they were handling the situation, Efya approached the area in the company of her friends, wanting to have access through the back of the tent to go do their own thing.

The security personnel explained to the chart-topping artist that the area was not safe and was a restricted area, advising her to go behind the backstage to do whatever she wanted to do with her friends.

The visibly agitated songstress told the personnel that she only wanted to have access to the restricted area to enjoy fresh air with her friends.

“She and her friends wanted to use the remote part of the Dome to go have fresh air and I explained to her that it was not allowed and if indeed, she needed a feel of fresh air, it was only convenient she used the area around the backstage to enjoy that privilege, "one senior security personnel explained.

The stance by the security team didn't go down well with Efya as she was heard ranting, "It's only for fresh air, you know, I just need fresh air."

"I didn't even know who she was until I refused her and somebody prompted me that she is Efya. I would have still refused her access if I knew who she is, I was just executing my assigned duties, ”the senior security agent stressed.

According to the other security personnel present at the venue, Efya actually went to some secluded area around the Dome to smoke what they said were packs of cigarettes with her legion of girlfriends.

In recent times, the artist has made headlines for her rumored intake of drugs such as cocaine, an assertion the artist has vehemently denied although she confidently revealed that she does smoke nothing but cigarettes.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Development Authority (MIDA), Martin Eson-Benjamin has admitted failure to properly site footbridges on the George Walker Bush Highway (N1 Highway).

He told Joy News on Tuesday that not enough was done by his outfit in terms of survey, leading to, in some cases, misplaced footbridges on the 14.1 km three-lane dual carriageway. The road has six footbridges, 13 bus bays and 23 minor junctions.

Barely a year after the inauguration of the highway in February 2012, numerous accidents have occurred on it, claiming over 70 lives - many were pedestrians crossing the road.

Many residents who felt the footbridges were inconveniently placed preferred using seconds to cross the highway to walking minutes to use the nearest football bridge, a decision which has claimed some lives.

An 11 year girl was killed on Monday instantly after she was knocked down by a speeding car when she was crossing the Lapaz section of the N1 Highway to school.

Martin Eson-Benjamin admitted: "I think that enough survey has been made now for everybody to know exactly which area needs a footbridge because when we were doing it initially we were not very, very sure where to put the footbridges."

City authorities say more bridges would be constructed to safeguard pedestrians. But MIDA would not play a part in the construction; Martin Eson-Benjamin explained that the project has been handed over to the Ghana Highway Authority.

Meanwhile, metal mesh is being constructed to divide the six lane road to make it difficult, if not impossible, for people to cross the highway.

Mayor of Accra, Alfred Vanderpuye told Joy News, “What I have noticed is that at certain points spaces have been left in between, and sometimes individual or collective of persons are attempted to go through that small space. So at our last meeting I have instructed that those small spaces must also be covered. "

He confirmed that they have earmarked about 10 footbridges to be constructed at various points.

Agya Koo Refunds GHȻ2,000 To Complainant

The popular Ghanaian actor and commedian, Kofi Adu, known in movie circles as Agya Koo has refunded GHȻ2,000 as part payment to Mr Stephen Kwarteng, who has accused him of fraud.

Agya Koo, who has been accused of defrauding Stephen Kwarteng under the pretext of obtaining him visa to travel abroad made the payment in court when the case was called Tuesday.

The case resumed on Tuesday to enable the prosecution to correct defects on the charge sheet.

However, the court could not immediately reconcile the balance of $ 1,000 to be paid to the complainant and gave lawyers of the accused person a month to reconcile the amount and then come back to the court.

The case was adjourned to January 31, 2013.

Though Kofi Adu was granted bail on Monday his charges were again read out to him. He pleaded not guilty.

His lead counsel, Mr Joseph Turkson, who pleaded for bail said there was a transaction between his client and the complainant and that if his client failed to fulfill his part of the contract the proper thing for him to do was to refund the money which they were ready to do.

Ms Naomi Nelson Kwofie, who represented Captain Nkrabeah Effah-Darteh (retd), Counsel for Kofi Adu, also pleaded with the court to grant him bail since her client had met the bail conditions.

Wearing a white T-shirt over black trousers, Kofi Adu looked calm in the dock.

He has been charged with three counts of attempt to commit crime, migrant smuggling and fraud.

The Prosecutor, DSP Mary L. Agbozo said on March 8, 2011 at Tabora in Accra and Kumasi in the Greater Accra Circuit and within the jurisdiction of the court, Kofi Adu attempted to unlawfully migrate Stephen Kwarteng by facilitating his departure to the USA by collecting GHȻ2,170 and $ 1,000 respectively from him.

The prosecution said the facts of the case were that, the complainant was a trader who has a sister living in the USA.

It said the complainant had the desire to visit the sister and discussed with a friend who led him to Kofi Adu at Alhaji Tabora, a suburb of Accra.

The accused person was said to have confirmed his ability to assist the complainant to travel to the USA and sited instances which the complainant believed.

The prosecutor said the accused person charged the complainant a fee of $ 10,000 covering visa, work permit and a return air ticket and asked the complainant to make advance payment of $ 850 as processing fee and also paid $ 1000 as part payment of fee charged.

The accused person then called the complainant to bring the money to him in Kumasi which he did.

Afterwards, the accused took the complainant together with ten other people to the US Embassy in Accra and assured him he would get the visa.

But while the complainant was waiting at the Embassy the accused sneaked out of the premises and rather called on telephone later on for them to meet him at Busy Internet near the Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

Upon meeting them he gave them excuses in relation to his inability to secure the visa.

After a series of excuses from the accused since 2011, the complaint got fed up and became apprehensive. The accused later told the complainant he would secure an Australian visa for him and demanded an additional GH1150 but failed to honor that one too.

The complainant severally demanded for a refund of his money but the accused offered excuses.

On January 8, 2013 however, a report was lodged with the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit at the CID Headquarters and the accused was invited through telephone but failed to turn up.

The police again called him on January 18, 2013 and he reported and was subsequently arrested on warrant, detained and charged with the offense after investigations.

R2Bees Land $ 300,000 Endorsement Deal With rLG

After Sarkodie’s brand ambassadorial deal with Samsung, he seems to have paved way for his Tema based brothers-R2Bees who are reported to have signed similar deal with the computer and phone giant company-rLG.

Though unconfirmed, GhanaCelebrities.Com is told that, R2Bees have secured $ 300,000 form the deal… In deed, their trap has indeed caught some big ‘Bayla’.

Meanwhile Peacefmonline.com gather that today January 22 is the birthday of lead singer of the group Mugees. Well happy birthday to Mugees and congratulations to the group of the moment.

R2Bees! ....... Refuse 2 Be Broke !!!

Sarkodie’s management team is keen on solidifying his credentials as an artist. Among the many things planned for him this year, is the launch of a new clothing line.
Sark Collections as it would be called will be launched this year, label sources have suggested.
First photos of some of the collections were released online on Tuesday by both artists, and some members of his team.
There are indications his team intend to commercialize it, as it is the case with other established music brands.
Sarkodie joins a tall list of Ghanaian acts to have either had their brand or stage name commercialized for the full monetary and image enhancement benefits thereof.
Take a look at one of the shirt and tell us if the Obidiponbidi is on point

Sultry Ghanaian actress has taken over her twitter handle again, and this time she is sending a clear message of her being a lonely maiden.
If you know the ‘controversial’ actress so well, then you will know that she doesn’t give a hoot at those who will bash her over her fun and life.
And in that vein, she has come out to debunk her state of relationship with the Kukere master-Iyanya. "I'm not in any relationship now ... Love is a beautiful thing ... humans make it ugly ... I still believe in love", she wrote.
Her response comes few days after news wires suggested she and Iyanya are back on track, after an earlier report of a strained affair.
But the big question is, who is pulling strings and who is playing pranks here?
For an actress cum producer who recently churned out one of the hottest movies in 2012 - Single and Married, which thus, rolled in accolades such as Best Film, Best Cinematography, and Best Director, at the just concluded 2012 Ghana Movie Awards, that's a question for another day.

Ghanaian Pop / R & B star, Jon Germain will on Thursday the 10th of January 2013 drop his newest single 'In Her Arms' from the album 'Enigma' on the 'Drive Time' on Joy 99.7 FM hosted by Bola Ray and an exclusive interview would be done on Saturday.
The song which talks about finding utmost love in his lover’s arms where comfort is keen, is Jon Germain’s newest single from his album ‘Enigma’.
The first single off ‘Enigma’ titled Tell Me ’was ranked 8th in the world by Atlantic Magazine which is a credible source of news and entertainment in the USA.
His debut album was also endorsed by Chris Martin the band leader of ColdPlay. Artists featuring on ‘Enigma’ are SupaFly, Charlie Corrie, Damien Alexander, Ouala, Lighter, award winning singer and songwriter Tania Tome of Mozambique and others.
Jon Germain so far has ‘This is who I am’ his maiden album to his credit. The 7-track album features J Town and Jayso and It has tracks like In my head (his first single), Can’t explain, Quiver, among others.
The world of music would be appalled by ‘Enigma’ because this album is a typical ‘sky rocketeer’ for Jon’s career as a musician due to very good production, songwriting and brilliant vocal performance.
Jon Germain is signed to the record label I-Contact and managed by NaturesClue Entertainment.

Bandana and IWAN kick start their music year with a lyrical beef.
If these two were in the same room someone would be taken to the morgue. But thank goodness for technology they share their grievances on songs and Facebook.
According to Bandana, IWAN was the aggressor who ignited the feud. “IWAN came back from London went on radio, poured a whole lot of insults on me. He said Rastafaria is older than my mother and father. They went to Volta region, told the fans to stop listening to any Shatta movement music because I preach violence. I went to Akuma village on the 29th of December, 2012 for a show and his MC said it open in the Mic and I quote: If you don’t like Shatta Movement say fire burn !!! ”
After this incident Bandana released a song directed at IWAN titled ‘A Letter To IWAN’. IWAN replied on his Facebook page that, “Blessed morning to the force. Give thanks for patience and humbleness. No Gideon Force member should take the diss to my Mum a joke? But we are civilized, so we take things orderly. 3days and I will end all the fuckery. Thanks for ur patience and nobody attack nobody. Leave it in my hands. I have taking all ur advices and I appreciate and will consider them. I love My Mummy and I will make her proud ”.
Bandana didn't seem bothered and told Ghana Music.com that “I am waiting for him to do what he wants to do in three days if suck your mother is a diss to his mum”.
Bandana also shed some light on that he thinks he is been influenced.
Gideon Force fans of IWAN are still waiting for IWAN to drop a retaliation joint.

President Mahama to host street carnival with Sarkodie, D-Black, Becca, R2Bees and others on Boxing Day
The Osu Oxford Street ton Boxing Day, December 26 come alive with a street party with President-elect, John Dramani Mahama. The free event is meant to thank the youths who supported the president’s during the December general elections.
It is dubbed the JM For The Youth Street Carnival, and the dress code for the occasion is white polo shirt and jeans. Several pro-Mahama groups such as Movement for Mahama (MFM), Youth for Mahama (YFM), Ladies for Mahama (LFM), Zongo for Mahama (ZFM), Vision for Mahama (VFM) and GH for Mahama (GHFM) will represent at the carnival which will start from 3pm till daybreak.
On the bill are Sarkodie, D-Black, EL, Becca, R2Bees, Eazzy, Kwaw Kese, Samini, D Cryme, Dr. Slim, Double, Guru, Michael Adangba and many more

Five months after winning the Best International Act award at the BET Awards, Ghanaian act Sarkodie has finally received the original plaque designed for the award.
Initially presented with a miniature plaque, authorities at the Black Entertainment Television have finally presented the “authentic” award plaque to Sarkodie.
Management of Sarkodie unveiled the plaque to a gathering of journalists in Accra on Wednesday December 19, during the launch of Sarkodie Live in Concert, which comes off on Christmas day.
Sarkodie, who was joint winner with Nigeria’s Wizkid, became the first Ghanaian artist to win the award.
In a related development, all is set for Sarkodie Live in Concert. The concert will also feature performances from Nigeria’s Ice Prince and Iyanya as well as Obrafour, Efya, Keche, Sherifa Gunu, and EL.
Last year's successful maiden edition, put Sarkodie on a whole new pedestal, as he was able to get thousands of music lovers to come out on Christmas day, packing the Dome of the AICC to the brim.
Sarkodie, who will be performing live with Kwame Yeboah’s Ohia B3y3 Ya Band, says he’s going to give his all on December 25.
“I'm ready for this event. We’ve been rehearsing for some time now and I believe we are going to put up a good show, ”he says.
“I've been a fan before and knows how it feels to attend a show and not get your money's worth, which is why we are putting in a lot of hard work to ensure that this concert lives up to expectation, so that every fan will live the Dome happy ”.
Sarkodie Live in Concert is powered by Duncwills Entertainment and Events Factory GH.

 Empire Entertainment has secured the signature of fast-rising rap star Ese Emokiniovo, also known as Swag Kid. The 11 year old is now going to be handled by Bola Ray and his charges at Empire.

A terse Blackberry update of Empire Entertainment CEO Bola Ray suggests, insisting that just as the label achieved enormous success with the likes of Double and Dr. Slim, Guru, and Ruff and Smooth among others, Swag Kid is also on his way to fame and glory.
The 11 year-old talented rapper, already has an appreciable following, and it is expected that Empire will do a good job of positioning him well for a successful career.
With a huge underground following, Swag Kid has enjoyed relative recognition over the past few months, after a video of him performing in an Accra-based recording studio, went viral.
Watch swag kid

 Ghanaian gay boys showing love in public (If only Atta was Alive hmmm)

waa look at their faces .. and why is it that most handsome young men tend to be Gay ??
is it some kind of virus or ???
Few days ago, Actor turned Director-Van Vicker premiered his lastest production ‘Joni Waka’ at the Silverbird cinema in Accra. In attendance were cast and crew members of the movie, Van Vicker’s wife-Adwoa Vicker, Nikki Samonas, Alex ‘Bomaye’ Biney and CK Akunnor. In ‘Joni Waka’, Van Vicker mixes the feel of local language comedy with some canons of good quality production, that sees him meeting with funny actor, Agya Koo. Joni (Van Vicker) goes a village after making a discovery about the village.
With some few dollar notes, an American swag and a hope to 'invest' in the village, he hatches up a plan to get what he wants but his unofficial guide Paa Nii (Agya Koo), “the village eye”, gets things complicated .
Meanwhile the innkeeper’s wife expresses her affection for Joni as do many of the village girls, who referred to him as the American man ’or‘ dollar man ’. But Joni seemed to only have his eyes on the princess of the village.


Barely one week after the kidnap of Prof. Kanene Okonjo, mother of Nigeria’s Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, another kidnap case is being reported in Imo State. Kidnappers in Owerri, the State capital, have reportedly abducted Nkiru Sylvanus, an actress and a special assistant on public relations to the Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha.

Sources at the Imo state government house told SaharaReporters that Ms. Sylvanus was in the company of three others when she was snatched and driven away around 8:30 PM on Saturday. She was reportedly abducted close to the famous Concord Hotel, Owerri.
It was learned that the abductors have established contact with her family and have demanded a ransom of N100 million for her release. However, other sources say the ransom was demanded from the state government.
The governor’s aide was reported to have been taping an episode of a public relation’s show, “Inside Imo” which was expected to air on national television, when she was taken away in Owerri.
The police and other security agencies in the state have begun a search for the lady.
We pray she is found and in good health and is reunited with her family soon.
He’s known for singing about ‘ladies in the club.’ But it looks like Trey Songz ’fondness for partying has got him into trouble.

The chart-topping R&B star, whose real name is Tremaine Neverson, was arrested for assault after he allegedly threw some money which caught a woman in the left eye causing ‘substantial pain’.
The incident happened on August 22nd at the club in Queens, New York, although the story is just now going public.
According to the New York Daily News, the singer was at the gentleman’s club hosting an album release party for his new CD Studio V.

‘Tremaine Neverson, did throw a sum of United States currency at the complainant and said sum of United States currency struck the complainant’s left eye causing substantial pain to her left eye,’ police officers wrote in the criminal complaint.
Songz was taken into custody a month later for misdemeanor assault.

Songz faced a judge in November regarding the matter and is scheduled to appear in court again in February. His album Studio V debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart when it was released in August, and has spawned a series of hits including Two Reasons in which he brags about partying with ladies in clubs.

Sensational pop singer Dencia will be touching down in Ghana this month, after several months of planning to visit Ghana.

The award-winning singer is well known for her beauty and singing prowess around the world. She has recorded a banging hot song with Ghana’s BET Award winner Sarkodie and she will be in town for the song’s release ahead of the Christmas festivities.
Current videos of her hit singles; ‘Beri Beri’ and ‘Supergirl’ are getting massive attention, with a lot of rotations on world acclaimed platforms including MTV.
The California based recording artist, Dencia was born to Cameroonian / Nigerian parents on March 26. She started indulging in her love for music and performing arts at the tender age of five.
Her African roots play a major role in her style of music. In her early years, she sang with her local church groups and schools but later went off the scene.
Determined and certain music was her passion, she stayed close to her love- music- by engaging herself in other fields in the entertainment industry like modeling, fashion, acting, and hosting music events.
She has featured in several music videos such as 50cent’s ‘Down On Me’, Chris Brown’s ‘Yeah 3’, as well as videos of artistes like Ludacris, Baby Bash and Lady Gaga. While doing this, she never stopped trying to reconnect with her music skills for the professional world.
In September 2008, Dencia took the ultimate decision to finally pursue her lifelong dream of being a musical sensation. Since then, she has recorded several songs, some of which include her first official hit single ‘Beri Beri’.
She has performed on big stages worldwide and graced some of the hottest red carpets such as the Grammy awards, Emmy's, Oscars, BET, VMAs etc. Recently, she performed at the pre BET award event in Los Angeles, hosted The Game's mix tape release party and has hosted parties worldwide.
Described as a fast rising singer, Dencia, who came into the limelight with her hit single ‘Beri Beri’, has officially dropped her second single titled ‘Supergirl’.
Supergirl, a charismatic pop love song, has Dencia showing a softer side of her where she defines herself as a diva who is simply looking for a man who will treat her right.
‘Beri Beri’ rocked airwaves upon its release and is still hot till date and from the sound of ‘Supergirl’, Dencia is improving in her talent and also showing that she won’t be stopping anytime soon.
Tonto took to twitter and this is what she had to say;
Hunz lemme B, I’m happy n I earned dat Right * Sincere Apology 2d Hurtin Party, People change n So doez Feelin ** Movin On iz a great Virtue dat takez U 2ur PROMIZE LAND ** # POKO #
What Had Ensued Earlier ...
From every indication, it appears the much talked about romance between Kukere master, Iyanya and Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, has hit the rocks.

The pair began dating in July this year and were spotted together at several functions.
In his second hit single, ‘Your waist’, the maiden winner of Project Fame West Africa, repeatedly sang how much he adored the actress ’body.
According to the actress, the reason why the relationship has ended, was because Iyanya, was allegedly seeing another actress, Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh.
The fear of potentially ruthless gangsters is the beginning of security consciousness for Miami rap star, Rick Ross after he canceled two concerts in North Carolina this weekend, as police stated security would be beefed up over gang threats against the rapper.
Rick Ross canceled concerts in Greensboro and Charlotte, although the exact reason has not been confirmed but it was gathered that local police were on high alert, over numerous threats against Rick Ross in recent weeks, by various factions of The Gangster Disciples.
The GD’s are upset over the fact that Rick Ross allegedly reneged on some sort of agreement and over the usage of the gang’s six-point star on the cover of his mixtape "The Black Bar Mitzvah."
The concerts in North Carolina were also supposed to feature Maybach Music Group artists Meek Mill, Wale and others.
Live Nation Entertainment, which promoted the concerts, said refunds would be available beginning today (December 7).

It seems American R&B heartthrob, Chris Brown has Africa on his mind this December. After announcing his December 14th concert in South Africa earlier in the year, and also the news of his performance at the 2012 Kora Awards in Abidjan later in December, Chris Brown can also be expected in Lagos, Nigeria on December 22. Breezy will be in Lagos for a pre-Christmas show live at Eko Hotel Hall in Victoria Island, Lagos.

  Jay-Z turned 43 yesterday and Beyonce went out and purchased her husband the most expensive Hublot watch ever made. It's called the "Big Bang". The watch is diamond-encrusted and costs $ 5 million.