300 g of rice corresponds to the number of cups

Calories from 100 g of cooked rice

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Not all rice is created equal

Rice is an excellent everyday companion for a balanced diet. A diet with rice is also ideal for getting rid of winter fat.

We always state the calories of raw rice for all of our rice products. Why actually?

Per se it is difficult to give an exact specification for THE rice, because not all rice is the same! There are more than 100,000 types of rice worldwide, even with us you will find over 20 different types of rice. These differ not only in taste, but also in their properties. That is why we speak of average values ​​in this article.

Calories from cooked and uncooked rice - it's weight that counts

Why does cooked rice have fewer calories?

100 g uncooked rice has an average of 350 kcal. 100 g of cooked rice only has an average of 120 kcal. How come

As it cooks, the rice absorbs the water. The volume and weight of the rice increase - but the calories remain the same, since water is known to have no calories.

Cooked rice weighs more

100 g of uncooked rice can quickly become 200-300 g of cooked rice. So the weight can double or even triple. So if you use 100 g of cooked rice for your dish, this serving has significantly fewer grains of rice and more water than the same amount of rice in its raw state - and therefore also fewer calories.

Rice is ideal for a balanced diet

So the calories are not removed from the rice by magic. Rice keeps you full longer than bread, contains a lot of fiber and nutrients and thus qualifies for a healthy and balanced diet.

Nutritional information of the rice varieties

You can find the exact nutritional information for the various types of rice in our nutritional table: