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Jennifer Siemann chats from the sewing box and reveals some details about the shooting of the ARD telenovela "Storm of Love". Not just an ideal world.

Cologne / Munich - The talented actress Jennifer Siemann played the role of Lucy Ehrlinger in "Sturm der Liebe". As a cheerful and personable chambermaid, Lucy won the hearts of SdL fans. Over seasons, TV viewers followed the romantic relationships of Lucy, who recently left the Fürstenhof. However, the ARD filming was not always easy for the actress Siemann: Now the Fürstenhof star unpacked and revealed some secrets about the filming of the popular telenovela.

Title:storm of Love
First broadcast:September 26, 2005
Year (s):since 2005
Manufacturing company:Bavaria Fiction
Production:Bea Schmidt; Julia Bachmann
Theme song:Stay

Sturm der Liebe (ARD): Actress Jennifer Siemann chats on Instagram about the shooting on the Fürstenhof set

For the popular character Lucy, the journey on the ARD telenovela “Storm of Love” is over for the time being. Because recently the sister of darling Romy said goodbye and left the telenovela. SdL legend Hildegard also turns her back on the Fürstenhof and embarks on a journey. But just because the actress Jennifer Siemann has ended her time at the Fürstenhof does not mean that the fans have to do without the popular actress.

On her Instagram profile, the Lucy actress regularly gives insights into her life and even chats from the sewing box every now and then. Whether the "Sturm der Liebe" star jokes about upcoming cosmetic surgery or reveals one or the other detail from the ARD filming - with Jennifer Siemann it is always exciting.

Sturm der Liebe (ARD): Telenovela actress unpacks - the hut scene was so uncomfortable

With a glass of white wine in hand, the former “Storm of Love” actress took almost 50 minutes to answer frequently asked questions about her telenovela-off on Instagram or just to chat. Above all, her Instagram fans wanted to know why the Cologne woman left the Fürstenhof series. “I can say that the production department and I unfortunately did not come to an agreement.” Although there would have been an offer, the ideas on both sides would have diverged.

The farewell would have been uncomfortable, but it would not have really hurt the actress Siemann. Many of her close colleagues would also have left the telenovela before, such as dream woman actress Léa Wegmann. However, Siemann would still have a lot of contact with the former Franzi actress, and now the two ex-SdL stars are even closer to one another than in the Fürstenhof times. But as Siemann now revealed on Instagram, an unpleasant "storm of love" scene was particularly stuck in her mind.

Storm of love: ARD actress reveals unpleasant scene between Lucy and Bela

A real challenge was an intimate "Storm of Love" scene between Lucy Ehrlinger and Bela Moser. The two Fürstenhof figures had their first time in a small wooden hut. The production workers were mostly male, and playing the scene in barely clad in front of men was particularly challenging. Basically, the shooting was very exhausting, after all, you would be on the set all day, says Siemann.

The shooting of “Sturm der Liebe” for the ARD actress has been over for almost three months, and Lucy's farewell scene has already been broadcast. Will the SdL actress return to the telenovela again? After all, in the Fürstenhof series, it is not uncommon for characters to come back. Siemann excludes a return for the time being. Because her role as the chambermaid Lucy would have played through almost all emotions and stories in the two years "Storm of Love". Only an illness and a wedding would have been missing. One thing Jennifer will miss, however: her fellow actors and the nature in Bavaria, where the telenovela is filmed.

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