What does a cvv2 cvc2 error mean

Card verification number CVV2 and CVC2

The card verification number CVV2 / CVC2 is an additional security feature on credit cards. The abbreviation CVC stands for Card Validation Code and the number 2 indicates the standard currently in use. Other names for this are Card Verification Value (CVV), Card Security Code (CSC) or Card Verification Number (KPN).

Important when shopping online

This is to prevent stolen or falsified credit card data from being used for shopping. The card verification number CVV2 / CVC2 can be used to clearly determine whether a physical card is available in addition to the credit card details entered. This is particularly important when shopping and paying on the Internet, as there is no need to present a physical credit card. The card verification number CVV2 / CVC2 consists of a three or four digit sequence and is printed on the front or back depending on the card used. This code must be entered in addition to the credit card number, expiry date and the personal details of the cardholder for every payment transaction carried out on the Internet. If the number does not match, the payment cannot be made.

Use of the card verification number CVV2 / CVC2

The card verification number is used for credit cards from MasterCard, Visa and American Express. At American Express it is called Card Identification #. In contrast to Visa and MasterCard, American Express uses a four-digit number that is printed on the front of the card. With Visa and MasterCard, however, the number is on the back.

Security of the card verification number CVV2 / CVC2

For security reasons, the card verification number is printed on the card and not embossed. As a result, it cannot be read by machines. The number can only be verified by the issuing institute, as there is no mathematical relationship to the credit card number. The predecessor format CVC1 is located on the magnetic stripe and can therefore only be used for checking a card that is actually physically present. The guidelines of the credit card companies stipulate that the card security number may neither be saved nor processed.

However, there is also criticism of the card security number. In particular, it is criticized that it is too easy for fraudsters to determine the verification number associated with a credit card number. This is because many online shops do not limit the maximum number of incorrect entries. This means that you can try to enter the card verification number correctly as often as you like, which means that with a three-digit number there is a high chance of finding the correct number. For this reason, more extensive security features such as 3-D Secure have now been developed. With these, the credit card holder has to register once and can set a freely selectable password. This is then also entered for every online payment and checked via a separate connection to the issuing bank.