Wholesale retail clothing Los Angeles


Our artisanal leather collection has everything from bags and clutches to scrunchies and elevated outfit basics that you will love and cherish for years to come. These products are all made by our expert sewers earning fair wages in South Central, Los Angeles and are designed to pass the test of time.



Our nylon bags are waterproof, durable and low maintenance. From novelty animal shapes and fanny packs to everyday gym bags, these styles are perfect for the pool or beach and beyond. Available in a variety of vibrant contrasting colors and neons.


We know the people who make our clothes

By paying a competitive wage and supporting policies that improve the working and living conditions of our employees and the workforce at large (such as a $ 15 living wage, comprehensive immigration and prison reform) we attract and retain the highest caliber of employees, bringing you quality you can trust.

Our City Inspires Us

Los Angeles boasts the largest concentrations of communities outside their home countries of many nations, such as Korea, Iran, Thailand, Mexico, and El Salvador. Los Angeles is home to people from more than 140 countries, speaking 224 different languages.


Cotton cleaning, Fabric finishing, T-Shirt cutting, Dov's college lecture, Interview with locals, and much more.

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