What beach in Florida has black sand?

Our top 10: The most beautiful beaches in Tenerife

The Canaries are known as the "Islands of Eternal Spring". All year round it is pleasantTemperatures and the sun can often be seen. So also in Tenerife. If you add the 40 beaches, you have all the ingredients you need for a successful beach holiday. A special feature of the island: there are not only white sandy beaches, but also dark lava sand! We introduce you to the most popular beaches on the island.

1. The Playa del Duque beach is especially ideal for families

Families with children get their money's worth at Playa del Duque. The beach is located on the Costa Adeje, one of the sunniest and least rainy regions of the island. The beach has fine, gray sand and calm waves. Children can let off steam and play in the water on the almost 700 meter long beach.

The beach is guarded by lifeguards and is considered to be one of the cleanest beaches on the island. For this reason, Playa del Duque has already received the coveted award of the blue flag and can rank among the best beaches in the world. An extensive leisure program is provided. This includes sailing and surfing as well as diving.

2. Black sand beach at Playa de la Arena

Playa de la Arena in Puerto Santiago has also received the blue flag several times. Since 1989 it has been able to convince the awarding committee again and again every year thanks to the good water quality and cleanliness. The black lavas

and, also called Arenas Negras, is also said to be extremely healthy. Information boards on the beach explain what positive effects the sand can have and how best to use it.

Especially in the evening there is a very special atmosphere on the beach that you absolutely have to experience.

3. Playa del Médano is very popular with water sports enthusiasts

A beautiful beach for water sports enthusiasts is Playa del Médano in the Granadilla de Abona region. Surfers in particular get their money's worth on the island's natural sandy beach. A constant wind offers ideal conditions for kiters and windsurfers. With a length of 3 km, Playa del Médano is also one of the longest sandy beaches on the island of Tenerife and offers enough space for those looking for relaxation.

Since the waves usually hit the shore flat here, too, it is ideal for children. The nature around the beach is particularly beautiful: the surrounding rocks shine in red tones, the sea in deep blue.

4. Red sand beach at Playa de la Tejita

Not far from Playa del Médano is another beach pearl on the island of Tenerife: Playa de la Tejita. This sandy beach was also created naturally and, thanks to the shallow water, offers very good bathing conditions. You will also find the typical lava sand on this beach, but here it is much lighter and redder than in other places on the island. The natural beach is also a little more leisurely than at Playa del Médano.

If you're looking for relaxation and want to switch off, you've come to the right place. Even on weekends the beach is not overcrowded and everyone can find a quiet spot.

5. Light sand wherever you look: Playa las Teresitas

One beach in Tenerife shines in particular - Playa Las Teresitas. Although it was artificially piled up, it still feels like a holiday. You can bury your feet in real Sahara sand and enjoy the palm trees around you. The beach adapts ideally to the surroundings and exudes a little Caribbean flair.

Families also like to come to the beach for a swim. A breakwater was built off the coast so that only small waves can reach the beach. So you can splash around with the little ones without any problems.

6. One of the most popular beaches is Playa Jardin

Probably the most popular beach in the north is Playa Jardin, in Puerto de la Cruz. The beach consists of black volcanic sand and is framed by rocks with many wild cacti and tall palm trees. Especially in the evenings, this beautiful backdrop is worth a visit. At sunset, the black volcanic sand shines particularly intensely, an unforgettable sight.

Playa Jardin is particularly suitable for families. There is also a small playground on the beach.

7. The leisure pool at Playa Martiánez is right next to the beach

At Puerto de la Cruz there is another, very beautiful beach - Playa Martiánez. Like Playa Jardin, it is made of black sand. The crescent-shaped natural beach is smaller than Playa Jardin, but also a little quieter. A special highlight is the Lago de Martiánez swimming pool, which is located right next to the beach. The bath was built in the late 1960s. The curved pools are filled with turquoise blue sea water.

This leisure pool is an ideal excursion destination, especially for families with children. The children have enough opportunities to play and the parents can sit back and relax.

8. Ideal for those seeking peace and quiet: Bollullo

If you're looking for peace and quiet, Playa Bollullo is the right place for you. The dark sandy beach is one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the north of the island and is pleasantly empty, especially during the week. Since the beach is only 4 km from the town of Puerto da la Cruz, it can also be easily reached on foot on a one-hour hike through banana plantations and along the coast.

Playa Bollullo is framed by a cliff. You have a great view of the beach and the sea from the typical Spanish restaurant, which towers about 100 meters above the beach.

9. Dark lava sand at Playa de los Roques

At Playa de los Roques there is also enough space for a relaxing day on the beach. The dark lava sand and the pebbles are pleasantly warm and everyone can find a shady spot under the palm trees. The beach is located in a nature reserve where many hiking trails have been created. So you can combine a visit to the beach with a short hike along the coast and immerse yourself in the fascinating nature of Tenerife.

Playa de los Roques is also known for its spectacular views. When the weather is clear you can even see the island of La Gomera in the distance.

10. Surfing will love Playa del Socorro

It's a little busier at Playa del Socorro near Los Realejos. The sandy beach is not only the destination of bathers, but surfers will also find a suitable spot here. When you go into the water, however, you should definitely pay attention to the current, as it can sometimes be quite strong. Those who don't want to plunge into the waves can relax and enjoy the day on the warm lava sand or go for a walk on the promenade.