How to make axonometric drawing in rhinoceros

How to draw a rhino step by step (+ coloring)

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A rhinoceros is an African animal, and in size it is only an elephant. It is very strong and two horns on its head keep predators from it.

If you and the child have already painted the African savannah, we suggest showing a rhinoceros so you can paint it on the African landscape.

Auxiliary figures

Draw an auxiliary figure - an average oval that resembles the body of the animal.

Draw a circle on the right side of the oval. Its upper part should go beyond the outline of the oval.

The outline of the head is also shown in the form of an oval and connects to the trunk with a curved line.


Adjust the outline of the neck and make it more massive.

Make the outline of the head more rounded and erase part of the oval line.

The first pair of legs

Start by correcting the shape of the trunk and giving it the correct shape. Start painting a pair of legs that are in front.

The legs of the rhinoceros are uneven and short, slightly expanding from below. This is for his safety. This shape of the limb will not help you fall.


Make the outline of the head with wavy lines.


The feet are divided into several thumbs. Draw them in the form of semicircles.

The second pair of legs

Since the second pair of legs are further away, draw them in a smaller size.

The legs should be on the same line. Don't forget the little details.


Draw a large curved horn at the top. Adjust the outline of the head.

Delete unnecessary parts and carefully follow the instructions.

Add another horn near the first horn from the top, but smaller.

Ears and eyes

Now draw short ears pointing upwards. Draw an eye near the second horn.


Draw a short tail on the back.

Little details

Add small lines that make the drawing more realistic.

Collage with rhino drawing stages

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