What is 30 degree roof pitch

Calculate roof pitch

Here you can calculate the slope of your roof

The ideal inclination of your photovoltaic system to the sun is 32 °.
Any deviation from this will reduce your income - if only by a small amount. To calculate your solar yield precisely, you should therefore first use the Calculate roof pitch.

With our little tool you can do this quickly and easily.

Simply measure with any measuring tool - folding rule, ruler or tape measure - from the lower edge of the roof any distance horizontally inwards.
From the measured point, measure vertically up to the edge of the roof.

You can enter the values ​​found in our calculator here.
That's it!

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The calculation method "by hand" can be found below.

For further calculation of your photovoltaic system, you can enter the value here:

For individual calculation

Calculate the roof pitch in a multi-step process

Our calculator saves you a multi-step calculation process.

If you own your Calculate roof pitch you have a number of steps ahead of you. The two measured distances produce a right angle where they meet. Together with the line of the solar roof, the result is a right-angled triangle. You can use this to calculate the roof pitch.