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Compensation for loss of use after a traffic accident


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  1. Good day
    A few days ago I had an accident through no fault of my own with a Mini "John Cooper Works" built in 13 with 41,000 t kilometers and 211 works P.S. Insurance pays "only € 50" per day. Four months ago, however, a road user gave my partner a scratch in the passenger door while driving out of a parking space. In this case, the insurance paid 175 euros per day for the same vehicle with a five-day workshop.
    In this respect, I am of the opinion that the 50 euros per day of the current damage does not correspond to reality, because the difference to the first accident is only 2,000 kilometers more.
    Where please, is the "dog" buried here, and since the beginning of the first registration the vehicle has only served as an exhibit at trade fairs and has been driven 17,000 km
    With excellent Respect H.P.

    • Hello Horst,

      we cannot tell you how the insurance came up with these costs. If you ask your insurer, perhaps your insurer can explain why the reimbursement has been so different.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  2. Hello everybody,
    Thank you for the first information.
    A few days ago I had an accident on the autobahn through no fault of my own. My car (Mercedes A-Class first registration 2002) is now an economic total loss - according to the report, the replacement is estimated at 14 days. I didn't use a rental car. During this time, picking up my friend at the scene of the accident incurred travel costs (160 km) and occasionally I had to borrow friends' cars to keep appointments.
    What compensation for loss of use can I claim from the insurance company that caused the accident?

    Unfortunately, the replacement period is also very tight. We wanted to go on vacation in 3 weeks and now have to rent a car at least as far as the mobile home rental point. Is it possible to submit an invoice here, even if the two weeks of the replacement are already over?

    Thank you for your feedback!
    Best regards

    • Hello Yvonne Si,

      You should always agree something like this with the insurer concerned, as the handling and scope of the compensation payments can vary from place to place. An assessment from a distance is hardly possible.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  3. Hello,

    A few days ago I had an accident through no fault of my own, in which the question of guilt was clarified in the presence of a witness and recorded in writing in the accident report. My vehicle (exactly four months old at the time of the accident) was still roadworthy. The next day, I was at the dealership and asked for a cost estimate - at almost € 5,000, this is below the limit for a total economic loss.
    Tomorrow (three days after the accident) I have an appointment with a motor vehicle expert to draw up an expert opinion, since it can be assumed that my car has been depreciated.

    The vehicle is also used by my friends and relatives. An example of this would be that my brother regularly uses the vehicle for his commute or that my father borrows the car from me.
    The willingness of my relatives to use it can be proven with my vehicle insurance certificate, as all vehicle drivers over 21 years of age are also insured.
    Regardless of this, I also use the vehicle for shopping, visits to the authorities and especially for trips to the nearest consulate (approx. 70km away). Since the vehicle is still very young and I already have a mileage of> 8000km, my everyday use can also be shown here.

    My question would now be whether in this case I have a will to use on my part or my relatives in order to be able to claim compensation for loss of use.


    Lana F.

  4. Hello
    I had an accident through no fault of my own on 20 February 2020, my car is an economic total loss. According to the Dekragutachen, I have 10 days of replacement time.
    The opposing insurance company gave me a rental car for 3 days, can I request payment for the remaining 7 days?
    I will have my new vehicle from March 4th, 2020.

    With best regards

    • Hello Conny,

      please contact your lawyer for any questions about claims settlement. Legal advice is not possible in the context of this comment function.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  5. Hello, my friend fell for a lady.
    The car has run almost 4 years old 35,000 which accident level set range rover.
    I would be happy about an answer