How to sober up quickly after cocaine

What is the likelihood of becoming addicted after drinking cocaine once?

The same thing would happen as in the US back then. And why is it so difficult for politicians to take such a step while still cursing other psychoactive substances.

And do not come to me now with alcohol is tradition and such. Sure it is, but grass is just as much a culture and cocaine was also used by the Incas. Some drugs like MDMA weren't banned until 1970. Whatever I find exciting when it comes to cannabis legalization, how the CDU always makes arguments that cannabis is dangerous and that you can get psychosis or become dependent as a result. But I've never seen a CDU politician who gave such a lecture. "Yes, so alcohol is really very dangerous, it can drive you to ruin, destroy your liver, you become aggressive and in the worst case you become an alcoholic and end up on the street because of alcohol" Why is that

Do not get me wrong. I am in no way for a ban on alcohol and nicotine (I am a smoker myself) but either prohibit or allow all drugs. In addition, most illegal drugs are less dangerous than alcohol (e.g. weed, MDMA, coke, pep, LSD,)

But alcohol should not be regulated (it must not be in the supermarket), just as other drugs should be legalized