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Monster high student
Birthday:[1]October 1st
Killer Style:My friends tell me that I have a shadowy figure. Maybe that's because I'm so fond of shadows. In any case, I love dark blue and dark purple, especially when they mix, like veils that stretch across the water.
Murderous quirk:I'm terribly shy. Most of the time I sleep or hide under beds. It's incredibly difficult to make new friends. Well, this is what a day in the life of a bogeyman looks like.
Domestic animal:A dust bunny named Dustin. The wind blew him around one day, so I saved him and adopted him.
Favorite hobby:I love to capture the normal people's nightmares so that only the beautiful dreams get through to them. You can't help but agree with me that this is a hell of a good thing.
Absolute no-go:When other monsters don't understand why I want to help the normal people, and when the normal people don't understand that I don't want to scare them. It is really monstrously difficult to get dreams into suspicious heads. Oh, and vacuum cleaner.
Favorite subject:I like psychology because the things I learn help me get through the night.
Corrosive school subject:Linguistics. Standing in front of a gang of monsters is really tough on me, but when I'm not talking how should I

any monster then know what i'm saying?

Favourite colour:Blurple is blue mixed with purple. This is something completely different from Purblue.
Favorite Food:Nightmares, of course!
ABMF:Howleen Wolf, Spectra Vondergeist and Gigi Grant
Diaries:One available

Twyla is the boogeyman's daughter. She is very shy and is often misunderstood. She hides under normal people's beds to capture her nightmares instead of letting them arise like her father does.

Personality [edit | Edit source]

If you had to describe Twyla with just one word, the word would be "shy". She likes to sit in the corners, surrounded by shadows, where she becomes completely invisible. Shadows also allow her to move quickly from one place to another. In intimidating situations, she uses this gift to escape quickly. Nevertheless, she also likes to have people around her to laugh with. Their standards of wellbeing are simply higher than the average person's. In her "13 Wishes" diary, she describes herself three times as "bad" and "terrible". It is unclear what makes them think so.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

Twyla has blue-gray skin and silver hands. Silver colored patterns that look like smoke go from her ankle to the middle of her leg. Twyla has green hair with strands of blue and purple that goes down to her hips. Her eyes are pink and light green in the dark. Her clothes make her look like a little lady. The colors of her clothes are pastel green, dark blue and black. The themes built into her killer style are dust, locks, keys, and dream catchers.

Family Edit source]

Twyla's father is the boogeyman. Nothing is known about her mother so far.

Friends [edit | Edit source]

Her best friends are Howleen Wolf and Spectra Vondergeist. Howleen was the first to find her "Off-Guard" because Twyla thought she was invisible in the shadows. But because Howleen is a werewolf, she smelled them. Twyla chose not to just disappear quickly, and that's how they ended up becoming best friends.

Twyla also got closer to the other werewolves: Clawdeen, Clawd, and Clawdia. Even if the Wolfs have a completely different relation to the spotlight, Twyla feels welcome with them.

Although her profile says that she is friends with Spectra, it is not clear why and how this came about. A presupposed basis for their friendship could be that both of them live rather withdrawn. Twyla may find a kindred spirit in Spectra.

Pet [edit | Edit source]

Twyla has a pet rabbit. One day when the wind blew him over to her, she saved him and took him in. He doesn't go out very often due to his susceptibility to air currents. He always gives Twyla a warm welcome when she comes home from school.

Romance Edit source]

Twyla has the same taste for boys as Howleen but is not interested in anyone right now.

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