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Sex education worksheets and other educational materials

Sex education is a task for schools and families. The aim is to give children and adolescents according to their age answers to their questions about love, friendship, puberty, childbirth and much more.

Children and adolescents should find an appropriate language for physical and sexual processes in order to be able to talk about them and to be able to classify their experiences. Ideally, schools and parental homes work together.

Parents should be informed about sex education in schools and be involved. You can find tips and material here.

Content of the dossiers:

Suggestions for teaching - materials and information

Educational lesson - materials for sex education in grades 4 to 7

The aim of the "education hour" project of the company Johnson & Johnson GmbH is to impart solid basic knowledge about the natural processes of physical development and thus to contribute to positive body acceptance. Young people need to be aware of the changes their bodies go through during puberty. The [...]

Sexualities, genders and identities - teaching materials from bpb

With a volume from the series "Topics and Materials", the Federal Agency for Civic Education offers information for teachers in schools and youth work outside of school on topics such as homosexuality or gender identity. The publication highlights different aspects of the topic in eight modules, which are also used individually in the classroom.

Ready for Red - the interactive learning platform on menstruation, cycle & Co.

The digital learning platform READY FOR RED provides girls and boys between the ages of 10 and 16 with all the important facts about menstruation, cycle and menstrual hygiene. In four levels and more than 70 interactive games, videos and exercises, young people learn everything they need to know about these important topics. The platform is aimed specifically at girls and boys, as breaking a taboo only [...]

Sex education, contraception and family planning - information from the Federal Center for Health Education

Brochures and materials on the topics of sexuality, love, pregnancy and childbirth are available for download or can be ordered from the Federal Center for Health Education.

Responsibility for sex education on the Hamburg education server

Compilation of link lists according to thematic priorities, based on the framework plan for sex education of the Free and Hnasium City of Hamburg - with a separate section for primary school students.

Document from: Hamburger Bildungsserver


This website of the Federal Center for Health Education is made for young people who want to know more about the topics of love, partnership, sexuality and contraception. There is a love dictionary, answers to many questions, expert chats and addresses of advice centers. Brochures and materials can be ordered or downloaded as PDF.

Online exercises: fit for puberty?

On the topics of puberty and sexuality, fertilization of the female egg, artificial insemination, HIV and AIDS and pregnancy, you will find different exercise formats (quizzes, multiple choice questions, etc.) for repeating the learning content.

Hormonal control of menstruation - interactive online course

This learning unit from the self-study program: Development to Adult, Reproduction is an interactive online course for students in grades 9/10 with fill-in-the-blank and quiz for learning control as well as a slide show on the menstrual cycle.

Primary and Secondary Sex Characteristics - online interactive course

This learning unit from the self-study program: Development to Adult, Reproduction is an interactive online course for students in grades 9/10 with fill in the blanks and a quiz for learning control.

Handout "Human Rights in Sex Education"

A handout for human rights-based sex education with young people. With three practical examples. "Now more than ever" shows a new path for sex education: Three practical examples make it clear how sexual rights can be conveyed in group work with young people aged 15 and over. The content and methods of the [...]

“Love, Sex and Tenderness” - themed booklet for young people and adults who are inexperienced in reading + a handout for teachers

As part of the joint project “Working on Opportunities”, the Federal Association for Literacy and Basic Education e. V. prepared a booklet for schoolchildren and course participants and a teacher's handout on the subject of "Love, Sex and Tenderness". The brochures are suitable for schools (especially vocational, secondary and [...]

Brochure "Let's Talk About Sex - Adolescents and Reproductive Health in Developing Countries"

Young people in developing countries face major health risks. These include, for example, sexual violence and exploitation, early pregnancies and HIV infections. The brochure not only addresses health problems, but also makes it clear what needs to be done to help young people in developing countries.

Lexicon of Sexuality

The lexicon provides information on contraception, pregnancy and childbirth, paternity tests and the most important topics related to sexuality. General social, legal, historical and socio-medical aspects have been taken into account.

FUMA Digital - learning platform on gender and diversity

At fumadigital.de you will find an extensive media library and numerous digital offers on the topic of gender and diversity.

Rainbow portal - knowledge network and information pool on same-sex lifestyles and gender diversity

On the portal of the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people, their relatives and specialists, can find information, contact points, materials and training.

Document from: Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth

Media tips for the classroom

Media tip: The female cycle

The female cycle is determined by a large number of hormones. After the onset of the first menstruation, women are sexually mature and able to reproduce. The didactic DVD gives an overview of the female sexual organs. The process of the female cycle, which is controlled by hormones, with its characteristic phases is carefully examined. In addition, contraception through the pill and mini pill is discussed.

Media tip: methods of contraception

The production 'Methods of Contraception' uses clear animations to explain what happens in the human body during ejaculation, ovulation and fertilization. The Pearl Index is also explained as a 'pregnancy risk' or a measure of the reliability of a contraceptive method. Then various contraceptives, their use and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed. In this context, inter alia. discussed the contraceptive condom, diaphragm, copper coil, pill, vaginal ring and sterilization.

Advice offers

Information page "Pregnant under 20"

"Pregnant under 20" is an offer from the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA). The site presents advice and support services that help young people to make a decision in the event of pregnancy. Regardless of whether you - want to carry the pregnancy to term, - are thinking about an abortion - or the child is in [...]

Online advice Sexundso

"Sexundso" is an online counseling service for young people from PRO FAMILIA (Lower Saxony State Association). An advisory team will answer individual questions on the subjects of love, sexuality, relationships and contraception. In addition to links to sex education, the site offers information about the "first time", about being in love, about homosexuality and about pregnancy.

pro familia German Society for Family Planning, Sex Education and Sexual Counseling e.V. Federal Association

pro familia is active in the field of family planning, sex education and sex counseling. The tasks of pro familia include, in particular, advice on conception regulation, partnership and sexual advice, sex education, advice on pregnancy. In addition, pro familia also offers medical services such as sterilization and [...]

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