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Bone Hilda - the ultimate home help

Cleaning, cooking, looking after children and pets, repairing, fighting fires and driving away burglars - Bone Hilda is the perfect housekeeper from The Sims 3 Supernatural

Game:The Sims 3 Supernatural

You can find Bone Hilda's quarters in the purchase catalog under Entertainment> Miscellaneous for 3,999 Simoleon.

Bone Hilda takes care of the whole household

Bone Hilda is an NPC that cannot be controlled by you Functions of a housemaid or Butlers (The Sims 3 Late Night) takes over. Buying Bone Hilda is not cheap, but it does not cause any follow-up costs! Once your Sim has bought their quarters, they can now save the daily wages for a housemaid!

Bone Hilda takes care of the household around the clock: She cleans, cooks and looks after babies, toddlers and animals. She repairs broken objects and cleans beehives. It also extinguishes fires on its own and beats burglars. If there is more work to be done in a large family than Bone Hilda can handle, you can buy a second one.

However, a cleaning skeleton is not for everyone: Cowardly Sims run away from her and suffer an anxiety attack with -25 on mood for 3 hours. If your Sim expects cowardly guests, you can Bone Hilda with the Option Bone Hilda dismissed send them back to their quarters.

If, on the other hand, you want the caring skeleton to take care of the household immediately, you can Bone Hilde by left-clicking on her quarters at any time of the day awaken. The only thing that Bone Hilda does not help with washing is! If you have The Sims 3 dream careers or a wild student life, your Sims still have to collect and wash the dirty laundry themselves.

Your Sim can talk to Bone Hilda and so can you Social need cover. The only thing you can't play with is Bone Hilda: She can't be included in the household with either game options or cheats, and she doesn't appear among your Sim's acquaintances in the Relationships tab.

Personality of Bone Hilda

Like Sims, Bone Hilda has 5 traits and an additional hidden trait.

Bone Hilda's features are taken from TheSimsWiki - Bonehilda. This is where you can find all the traits and hidden traits in The Sims 3.

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