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Night of the Living Dead

For a similarly named zombies map, see Kino der Toten.
For the Cyborg Rising variant in Call of Duty: Online, see Outpost (Cyborg Rising).

Night of the Living Dead

  • World at War
  • Black Ops
  • Black Ops III


Abandoned Airfield, German-Occupied Europe


June 4th, 1945
(Original timeline)


Survive for as long as possible against limitless waves of the undead.
"You drove them deep into the heart of the Reich. You thought they were dead. You were wrong."
- Level description / mission briefing

Night of the Living Dead (German for Night of the Undead), also known as Night in the Rezurrection poster, the first Zombies map is featured in Call of Duty: World at War and the Nazi Zombies game mode. It was later remastered and released as a part of the Hardened and Prestige Editions of Call of Duty Black Ops, as well as being available in the Rezurrection map pack. Another remastered version of the map was released in the Zombies Chronicles map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Nacht was set to feature in the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile, as during the pre-alpha the map was featured but was cut from final release. It subsequently returned during the test server launch of the "Season 3 - Disavowed" updates on the iOS, Android and Gaerna Platform, where it remained until the removal of the mode.

Alongside being its own map, the structure of the building that the map is played in also has appearances in other Zombies maps. The structure of the building in Night of the Undead appears in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II map Green Run in the cornfields. A displaced Night of the Undead floating in space appears as a playable area in the Black Ops III map Revelations along with other maps previously featured in the Treyarch Zombies saga.

Night of the Undead is reintroduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Waras part of the map The machine.


Night of the Undead is located in an abandoned airfield where up to four players must defend themselves against an infinite number of waves of the undead for as long as possible.

In World at War, the players are unknown soldiers, while in Black Ops other Black Ops III they are the Ultimis crew, who were first seen in the World at War version of Shi No Numa.


Due to Night of the Undead being the first zombies map, it is relatively simple in comparison to most of its successor maps. It had only two utilities, as well as fewer wall weapon locations than later maps. However, these have all been important contributions to later maps. A more exclusive feature are Explosive Barrels, which can be found outside the map, and will explode after being shot.


Night of the Undead features a large variety of weapons. Like the other World at War Maps, wall weapons are also available in the Mystery Box. There are a total of eight weapons that can be bought off of the wall. In addition to many weapons featured, Night of the Undead includes the Ray Gun, the first in a series of Wonder Weapons.


Night of the Undead only features two utilities - the Mystery Box and the Sniper Cabinet.

The Mystery Box can be found in the Help Room. At a cost of 950 points, the player can spin the box to get a random weapon. The player could get anything from a wall weapon, to a submachine gun, to a shotgun, to a ray gun. If the player doesn't take the weapon in time, it will disappear after which the box's lid will close, allowing it to be used again (for a cost of 950 points per use). Players often intentionally let some weapons disappear while looking for a more useful (or suitable) weapon.

The Sniper Cabinet can be found upstairs, in the area of ​​the Help Room. It costs 1500 (World at War other Black Ops), 2000 (iOS) or 5000 (Black Ops III) points, and when used, will give the player a scopedKar98k (World at War other Black Ops), to M2 flamethrower (iOS) or a Locus (Black Ops III). Unlike the Mystery Box, the player will automatically take the weapon, so it is advised to have the player's least wanted weapon out when they choose to use it.

Power ups

Main article: Power-Ups (Zombies)

Night of the Undead also debuted Power-Ups - drops from killed zombies that aid players when picked up. There are four power-ups that debuted in Night of the Undead. They are Max Ammo, Double Points, Insta-Kill, and the Nuke. Max Ammo replenishes all of the players' reserve ammunition; Double Points gives twice the points given (i.e., 10 points for barrier without, 20 for barriers with); Insta-Kill allows players to kill zombies with one bullet or knife; the Nuke kills all zombies on the map, and awards 400 points to all players, except on the World at War version of the map. On Call of Duty: World at War, Double Points and Insta-Kill will display a 30 second timer on the HUD telling the player how long they have until the effects of the Power-Up end and the Nuke does not give any points.

In addition to these four power-ups, Call of Duty Black Ops Also features the Carpenter power-up, which rebuilds all of the barriers on the map and awards players with 200 points. Unlike World at War, no timer is displayed for Double Points and Insta-Kill.

In addition to these five power ups, Call of Duty: Black Ops III Also features the Death Machine power-up, which grants the player who picked it up a 30-second minigun with infinite ammo.


Night of the Undead has only three rooms: the starting room, the Help room and the upper floor which is divided into two rooms but still one room. The cost to remove the rubble from the entrances and gain access to these rooms is 1000 points per room.

Starting room

The Starting Room has five windows where the zombies can breach through and that are initially boarded up. The zombies will approach the "entrances" and start breaking down the barriers, requiring the player to repair them. It is the largest and the most open room on the map. From this room, the player can either go through a door right of where the player spawns, with the word "Help" written on it (the letter P is unfinished so it reads "Hell"), or clear the sofa barricade on the stairs to go upstairs. There are two "off-wall weapons" in this room.

Weapons Available:

  • Kar98k - 200 points (World at War other Black Ops)
  • M1A1 carbine - 600 points (World at War other Black Ops)
  • J358 - 500 points (mobile only)
  • RUS-74U - 500 points (mobile only)

Perk-a-Colas Available:

  • Mule Kick - 4000 points (Black Ops other Black Ops III only)
  • Juggernog - 2500 points (mobile only)

Help room

The Help Room has two windows and a wall that leads into a dead-end cave that can be barricaded. It is slightly smaller than the Starting Room, and has a radio which plays music when knifed or shot. The Mystery Box is located here along with two other weapons. The only path leading away from this room (aside from the "Help" door) is the debris blocking the path to the upstairs room.

Weapons Available:

Upstairs Room

The Upstairs Room has four windows and a slight elevation advantage. It is the same size as the Help room, but includes more rubble and debris surrounding the located area, so it is harder to maneuver around this room. This room includes four weapons and the Sniper Cabinet.

Weapons Available:

Sniper Cabinet Weapons:


Off-Wall Weapons (World At War / Black Ops)