Darksiders 2 how to equip skills

Darksiders 2: Jamaerah defeat the Tentakelheini very easily

Possessed weapons are the only weapons whose abilities you can put together yourself. They are stronger than Legendary Weapons and by one in the equipment menu orange border marked. There are both possessed scythes and possessed secondary weapons (hammers, axes, etc.).

If you have such a weapon, you can not only equip it in the armor menu, but also improve it. You do this by your sacrifices any equipment. Before you sacrifice a weapon, you can see on a bar how far your possessed weapon would level. Here you have to think about something. If the possessed weapon increases by a level, you have the possibility to add an ability to it (e.g. life on critical hit, etc.) - which abilities these are, however, is determined by the sacrificed objects. For example, if you sacrifice another scythe with +15 strength and a club with +26 fire damage, which increases the level of your possessed weapon, you can either +13 Fu damage, or +8 strength add (always half the values ​​of the sacrificed weapons). But you can Only add one effect per level. Overall, the weapon can increase by 5 levels, so it can also have 5 different effects. With each level the existing attributes increase by approx. 1-2 points, as well as the basic damage of the weapon. If you are aiming for a certain effect, it makes sense to sacrifice many weapons with this effect, since half the added values ​​of the sacrificed weapons can be added to the weapon you own.

Example: You want a possessed scythe with the property Shock damage produce. You have two options to increase the possessed weapon by a level:

  1. A scythe with +60 shock damage that lets your scythe rise by one level without further sacrifices.
  2. You also have 3 hammers with +40, +30 and +50 shock damage, but you have to sacrifice all 3 for a level up.

Still, the second option would be the better one, as you get more shock + damage. This is how it is calculated:

  1. Possibility: Only 60 shock damage: 2 = 30 shock damage for your possessed weapon.
  2. Possibility: 120 shock damage (40 + 30 + 50): 2 = 60 shock damage for your possessed weapon.

So it can make sense to invest a little more, at least if you don't have any acute money problems! There are basically 3 ways to get possessed weapons:

  1. You can find them in boxes (very rare)
  2. An opponent drops a (even rarer)
  3. You buy an "inherited box" from Vulgrim for a proud 50,000 gold pieces and 20 ferryman coins

However, there is a way to get there better. You have to 20 pages of the Book of the Dead and gave Vulgrim the first two chapters. For every 10th page (= 1 chapter) you will receive one from him Crypt key. In the second of these tombs (In the Realm of the Dead, Cave of the Set King) you will find the "Demon Heart Talisman". If you equip this you will find possessed weapons much more often. I recommend equipping the thing in front of every weapon rack until you have found one or two, but not permanently, you may still want to Sacrificial material Find.

Any level and type of equipment can be sacrificed for a possessed weapon. The only exceptions are Legendary items (golden or yellow border). Furthermore, you can sacrifice any kind of equipment, whether you sacrifice weapons, or gloves, or boots, or talismans does not matter. Just don't sacrifice too many different effects within a level up, otherwise the effects that you have given the least will not be displayed when you level up - stupid if the effect you were actually aiming for was there ...

However, there is also a possibility to equip your possessed weapon with particularly powerful effects, which can also be found on some legendary weapons (e.g. +% deprivation of life). These are arguably the most effective traits in the game. What is meant are the skills Deprivation of life and Anger withdrawal. This is an effect that gives you back a certain percentage of the damage you deal as life or anger. If you have a weapon that can do both, you can no longer be killed even in apocalyptic mode.

The trick is this: You go to Vulgrim and buy from him for 25,000 gold pieces Inherited artifact. Who has wondered what they are good for: only for sacrifice! You sacrifice this to a possessed weapon (often enough for a direct level up) and you get one of the skills. If you level your possessed weapon by all 5 levels, you have created one of the most powerful weapons you can ever own. If you do critical damage relatively safely (approx. 85%) and push it with your other equipment, skills and through the stones, you are virtually invincible. Incidentally, this is also how the trial by fire (even on Apocalyptic) extremely easy.

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