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Distorted present

Distorted present

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Distorted present is the eighth episode of the eighth season of Supernatural.


Castiel tells the brothers that he now wants to become a hunter too. Sam and Dean are not exactly happy about the idea. However, you agree to help the angel investigate a case where the victim's heart literally jumped out of the chest. The three discover that this is just one of a whole series of strange murders in which the causes of death appear to have come straight out of a cartoon.


In a park a man named Gery is waiting for a woman named Olivia. Suddenly Gery's heart starts beating wildly and he gets chest pain. When he opens his jacket, the heart is pulsing out of his body. The two are horrified. A few heartbeats later, the heart explodes and soaks Olivia with blood.

The brothers and Castiel are at a gas station. Sam is on the phone with Kevin's mother, but quickly passes her on to Dean, who then simply hangs up. Garth has housed mother and son on his houseboat, but Kevin is not making good progress with translating the stone tablet, as he now only has half of it. Dean asks Castiel if he heard anything about Kevin and the stone tablets from the angels. But Cass says that he is no longer in contact with the sky and does not want to have anything to do with it. But he still has to help people and now he also wants to become a hunter. The brothers are surprised but agree to investigate.

In Oklahoma City, the first route leads them to the morgue. Cass can immediately say that he cannot detect sulfur or EMF on the corpse. The man was healthy except for a slight bladder infection. Sam understands from the file that Olivia reported the incident. The brothers conclude from their testimony that Gery had an affair with her. Your guess is that Gery's wife bewitched him.

Sam has a flashback of his time with Amelia. They moved in together and Amelia took her father out to dinner. When her father Stan comes, he lets Sam lie on the left and greets the dog. After Amelia has introduced him to Sam, he is rather reserved and critical of him.

They go to Gery's wife to question her. Castiel is quite fooling around because he apparently copied the interrogation methods from television. When Dean wants to apologize for Cass, the doorbell rings. Olivia has come to get Gery's wife to eat. It turns out that Gery and his wife were in an open marriage. So she is eliminated as a perpetrator.

A man wants to commit suicide and jumps off a skyscraper. He stays in the air for a while. He thinks it's a miracle, but when he looks down, gravity wins. So he ends up in the morgue. Both cases remind Dean of cartoons. Since Castiel doesn't know what cartoons are, educational television is needed first. They return to the motel to do some research while Cass watches cartoons. The Winchesters don't know what they're up against and want to break up for the day. Suddenly Castiel says that he found out over the police radio that a bank had been robbed. The guard reported the attack, but was then struck dead by an anvil. A policewoman tells them about the bank robber who is called the black hole by the press because black circles were always found on the walls at crime scenes. Sam accompanies the policewoman to the station because he wants to look at the case files of the other robberies. Castiel and Dean stay at the crime scene. Dean instructs the angel to lift the anvil aside. A cross appears. As in the cartoons, the anvil fell on the marked spot. Dean makes the connection between the black circle on the wall and the other cases. In cartoons you can walk through recorded circles or doors. However, Dean has no idea how that works.

Dean and Cass drive back to the motel, where Cass reads John's diary. After some re-drilling by Dean, Castiel finally confesses his fear of being no longer wanted in heaven because of his past deeds. Before Dean can respond, Sam comes back. He found out that several break-ins in the area were linked to a woman named Sheila Tate. Something like a cartoon was happening around the break-in scene at the same time, such as a boy being hit by a ball and hearing birds chirping. So it seems like Gery and the suicide were just collateral damage, while the burglar took advantage of the cartoon laws to his advantage. The three drive to the retirement home to interview Sheila Tate. However, due to her age, she is mentally no longer completely with herself and takes Cass for her husband Charles. In the meantime Sam looks around. He has another flashback. Dinner with Amelia and her dad didn't go as Sam expected. Sam doesn't seem to be good enough for his daughter Stan and he's pretty hard on the Winchester. He finally tells Sam that the two of them are only clinging to each other because they are running away from their past.

Dean comes to his brother and takes him out of his memories. Sam says he didn't find anything unusual. Then he takes a look at a photo wall and recognizes one of the seniors. Fred Jones was a contact for John. Fred has telekinetic skills and could be involved in her case. The brothers and the angel visit him in his room, where he is watching cartoons. He is not approachable. Dean wants to find out if Fred has anything to do with the cases. To do this, he hits his head with a book and hears birds chirping. Sam says that Fred not only masters telekinesis, but is also able to change reality. Castiel asks if they should kill him when Dr. Mahoney, the manager of the retirement home, walks into the room. He promptly puts the three of them outside the door. Dean gives the angel the job of keeping an eye on Fred.

It's Sheila Tate's birthday. All seniors are gathered in the common room. There is cake. Fred zaps through the channels and gets stuck on a cartoon that features an exploding candle. When a nurse lights the candle on the birthday cake, it flies into the air and spreads the cake all over the room. Castiel notifies the brothers. While he clears up Dean, Sam discovers that Fred has disappeared. The nurse is about to bring Sheila to her room when she tells Castiel, her supposed husband, that the nurse has her bracelet on. The nurse says she got it from her boyfriend. When the hunters appear in his apartment a short time later, they find some stolen goods and the friend of the nurse, who also works in the home, lying on the floor, shot. Castiel heals him so he can tell them what happened. Dr. Mahoney uses Fred for the break-ins and the caretaker helped him get Fred to the crime scenes as cartoon magic only works within a small radius of Fred. But when the brothers showed up with their F.B.I. identities, Mahoney panicked. He wanted to kill Fred so that in a clear moment he wouldn't give anything away. But first he wanted to raid one last bank. Because the nurse didn't want Mahoney to kill Fred, the doctor shot him.

On the way to the bank, Sam has another flashback. While he was doing the dishes in the kitchen, he overheard a conversation between Stan and Amelia in the next room. Stan doesn't know if it would be good for his daughter to be with Sam at the moment, because they are both so broken and would only flee into a dream world. Amelia says they work so well precisely because they are both in the same situation. Stan joins Sam and the two of them talk to each other. Sam tells him about Dean and Amelia's dad seems to understand him a little better.

When they arrive at the bank, the three split up. Sam and Castiel are supposed to find Fred, while Dean follows Mahoney through the cartoon hole into the bank. Sam and Cass find Fred in Mahoney's car not far from the bank. He watches cartoons, but is not responsive. Castiel then transports them into his consciousness, in the hope that they can contact him there. While Dean struggles with the pros and cons of the cartoon world and Mahoney, Sam tries to explain to Fred what Mahoney is doing to him and that he has to end it. Fred says he took refuge in this cartoon world because it always made him feel happy and safe. Sam says that Fred could not hide in this dream world because reality would always catch up with him. With that he gets through to Fred. Cass brings them to the bank and they can come to the aid of Dean, who is threatened with a gun by Mahoney. Fred steps in and says Mahoney would never hurt anyone again. Using his telekinesis, he aimed Mahoney's gun at the doctor and shot him.

Fred is afraid that something like this could happen again. Castiel says that he can help him. A little later they are back in the retirement home. Fred stepped away again. Cass says that Fred would hear the ode to joy and be happy. Suddenly Cass is in heaven with Naomi. He says that he also wants to make good to heaven everything he has done wrong, but the other angel tells him that he can only go back to heaven if she allows it. In the meantime, he can do whatever he wants. Then he is back on earth. He says he'll stay with Fred for a while longer so he can make sure he's okay. According to Cass himself, what happens after that does not know, but he would have understood that he could no longer run away.

Sam has another flashback. Stan tells stories from Amelia's childhood. Suddenly she gets a call. Her husband Don is still alive. Dean tears his brother out of his thoughts and the two set off. Castiel sits down next to Fred and also listens to the ode to joy.

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  • Ode to Joy Symphony No. 9 by Ludwig van Beethoven

International titles

  • English: Hunteri Heroici (Hunteri Heroici)
  • Spanish: Cazadorus Heroicus (Hunteri Heroici)
  • French: Quoi de neuf docteur? (How is doctor?)
  • Italian: Situazioni molto ... animate (Very animated situations)
  • Portuguese: Caçadores Heróicos (Hunteri Heroici)
  • Hungarian: Animániákus (Animations)
  • Finnish: Metsästäjän alku (Beginning of the hunter)


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