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Stogie T Biography, Real Name, Age, Career, Wife, Music, Net Worth

Stogie T Biography, Real Name, Age, Career, Wife, Music, Net Worth

Stogie T Biography

Formerly known as Tumi, Stogie T is one of the veteran South African rappers and is also a poet. To the younger generations, he is popular for his hit song ‘By any Means’ featuring Emtee and Yanga. Stogie T played a huge role in the development of South African hip hop as he is one of the first South African hip hop artists. He also contributed to the development of SA hip hop through holding rap battles and cyphers. Let's take a trip into The Stogie T Biography and learn more about the big man.


Stogie T’s Profile Summary

Real name     :  Boitumelo molecules

Stage name Stogie T (formerly Tumi / MC Fatboy)

Gender: : Times

Date of birth : August 16, 1981

Place of birth : Tanzania

Age: 39 years

Nationality: South African

Tribe: Xhosa

Occupation: Rapper, poet

Record label: Motif Records

Years active : 2000 - to date



Where is Stogie T originally from?

Boitumelo was born in Tanzania on the 16th of August 1981 when his parents were in exile. Although, he was born in a foreign country, his parents were purely South African and had been exiled due to the apartheid system they opposed. He was later repatriated to South African after its independence in 1999 and settled in Soweto.


When did Stogie T begin to rap?

Tumi started raping at a young age and in 2001 he joined a nine member crew called P.E.R.M and recorded few songs. In 2004, he co-founded a group called Tumi and the Volume. The group was made up of Tiago and Paulo from 340ml a Mozambican group, as well as Dave and Kyla. He was the lead vocalist, and they produced several albums together till it was disbanded in 2012. However, throughout these years, Tumi also pursued a solo career on the side and released 3 albums and two EPs. Moreover, in 2001 he published a book, a collection of poems, entitled “The Black Inside Out”. During this period, Tumi and the Volume’s music was marketed in Australia, Germany, South Africa and several foreign countries. They had tremendous success overseas more than at home.

Watch: Tumi & The Volume Live in Paris



Stogie T Music

After disbanding Tumi and the volume, Boitumelo went solo full time and began organizing rap battles and underground cyphers with upcoming rappers. Interestingly, this is the period when he gained popularity among the new generation and earned respect for dope raps and sick bars. In 2016, he relaunched himself as Stogie T and released a self titled album. The features on the album were DJ Khalid standard, they included Da Les, Nadia Nakai, Emtee and Yanga. The best song off the album was ‘By any means’ featuring Emtee and Yanga. Furthermore, in 2018 Stogie T released Honey and Pain which is his latest offering. This man has really come a long way indeed.

Watch: Stogie T - By any means Feat Emtee & Yanga


Stogie T Albums


  • Artistic Representation of Truth 2001 under P.E.R.M
  • The Tao of Tumi (2001) as Tumi
  • A Dream Led to This (EP 2002) as Tumi
  • At The Bassline (2004) under Tumi & The Volume
  • Tumi and the Volume (2006)) under Tumi & The Volume
  • Ke Sho Case Showcase (EP 2006) as Tumi
  • Music from my good eye (LP 2007) as Tumi
  • Whole Worlds (LP 2010) as Tumi
  • Pick A Dream (2010) as Tumi & The Volume
  • Stogie T (2016)
  • Honey and Pain (2018)
  • The Empire of Sheeps (2020)



Stogie T Milestones

  • Tumi was also involved in the Dead Prez show around late in 2000.
  • He also took part in the Black August tour to South Africa in 2001.
  • In 2001, he published a book, a collection of poems, entitled “The Black Inside Out”.
  • He released a track titled “POWA” in 2012, which was about the condemnation of women abuse.
  • In 2015, he was a judge on the Vuzu Amp reality competition show The Hustle, returning for the second season in 2017.
  • The album "Music from my good eye" was later listed as one of the greatest South African albums of all time.
  • In his bookStealing Empire: P2P, Intellectual Property and Hip-hop Subversion(2008), Professor Adam Haupt of the University of Cape Town analyzed the lyrics Molecules wrote for the Tumi and the Volume song “76”.
  • Stogie T featured on Ghanaian rapper M.anifest’s albumNowhere cool.



Stogie T on Sway In The morning & Roc Nation visit

In 2019 Stogie T traveled to New York and went on the best hip hop show ever, Sway In The Morning. After chatting with sway about his rap influence in South Africa, he went on to spit some dazzling bars which caused mayhem on all hip hop platforms. Ultimately, Stogie T was invited to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation for a possible contract negotiation. Since then, nothing has materialized yet but hopefully the big man will get to join Jay Cole and Rihanna.



Who is Stogie T’s wife?

Stogie T is married to Babongileolekane, and they have been together for nearly 15 years. Unlike most celebrities, this couple has stood the taste of time and endured the hardships of marriage. They have 3 kids together and the oldest is a girl aged 13 years old. Stogie T confesses his love for his wife every year on her birthday in March.


What is Stogie T’s Net worth

Stogie has a Net Worth of R2 Million. Over the years he has pocketed huge stacks of cash but has also lost so much. Even when bankruptcy was imminent he is still hanging in there.


How does Stogie T make money?

Stogie T makes money through being paid for live shows, features, endorsements, music streams and downloads. Moreover, he garners money from YouTube views and several brand campaigns.


Stogie T Biography, Real Name, Age, Career, Wife, Music, Net Worth

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