How To Make Fascinators With Sinamay Fabric

Make fascinator yourself - this is how it works

The Fascinator is a very unusual headdress that has its origin in the fashion of the 50s. Back then it was a small hat, now it is available in numerous variants, ranging from hats to feather ornaments. Thanks to the retro wave, you can buy it in many fashion stores. However, it is also quite easy to do it yourself.

What you need:

  • Headband
  • Hair comb
  • hair clipper
  • Decoration (feathers, pearls, rhinestones, hats)
  • Silver wire

How to make your own fascinator

Note that with a fascinator you will turn heads. You should wear it with a large robe, especially on festive occasions. The rest of the accessories have to take a back seat. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose different do-it-yourself bases. Hair bands, hair combs or hair clips serve as the basis. You will find all sorts of decorative materials in the craft shop and haberdashery department of department stores. Think about when you want to wear your fascinator. Your design should be accordingly.

  • You can decorate your base (preferably a hair comb) with a small veil of tulle. In addition, pearls can be attached to the tulle. The veil should reach up to the eyebrows, otherwise it is very annoying and looks exaggerated.
  • You can easily and cheaply convert your hair comb into a fascinator with twisted strands of silver wire. To do this, pull pearls and glass stones onto the silver wires and shape all ends into a "ball". From the center (ball) the individual strands go off in a circular, semicircular or flower-shaped manner. You stick this on your comb and cover the knot with additional pearls.
  • You can decorate a clasp with glittering rhinestone elements. Colorful silk ribbons are also conceivable. You can weave different, narrow ribbons into each other and glue them to the clasp. Or you can choose a beautiful silk scarf in a color and pattern of your choice and cover the clasp with it.
  • Pointed accentuation with feathers is recommended for hairbands. Peacock feathers or long tail feathers are particularly beautiful. There are many different colors and shapes here. A highlight is a large rhinestone on the quills. In this way you can cleverly conceal the glued areas.
  • Blossoms are ideal for all the basics for making your own fascinator. Whether artificial or real is up to you. A cleverly draped flower is very suitable for everyday use.
  • You can bring your fascinator closer to the original if you integrate a small hat, which you can find on the Internet among other things. Place it on the side of your comb or headband and decorate the whole thing with rhinestones, pearls and feathers.

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