Sterling silver tarnishes when wet

Except for the adjustment, this is the easiest step.

First roughen the strips with 60 grit sandpaper so that the glue adheres.

Then coat the strips with Pattex and place the panel on when it is wet. Complain with heavy things.

Let the whole thing dry for at least 3 hours because of the wet glue. Polyamide is not glue friendly. If you use wooden runners, it is easier to glue.

After it is dry, I carefully push the sled all the way back and forth. Just to see if it runs smoothly. I notice that he is pinching a bit at the very front. But so light that I can touch it up with a file after screwing it.

Now I mark the drill holes from above and drill completely through the plate and runner with a 2.5 mm drill. The sledge is still in the slots on the table. This avoids movement of the runner.

The plate itself is now drilled open with a 4 mm drill and countersunk to the size of the screw head.

Screw the plate to the runners and push the slide back and forth again to make sure nothing has changed.

I then glued and screwed the back of the head wood to the edge of the plate. The angle is not so important here.

Now I can saw the slide about two thirds in length.

The front head wood consists of 2 panels and is glued together beforehand. After gluing, the head wood is cut again cleanly in order to remove any misalignment during gluing. Otherwise it might not be in the corner.

Now I clamp the coping wood on the plate with clamps and screw it tight on one side with a screw. The other side remains attached with the clamp.

Finally I rubbed the underside of the slide with silver slide to make it run easier.