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Abdul Hadi Sadoun (Iraq / Spain) is a writer, researcher and hispanist who lives in Madrid. Bachelor of Hispanic Studies at the University of Baghdad. PhD in Philosophy and Literature at the Autonoma University of Madrid. Author of a lengthy list of books, both in Arabic and Spanish. Among his many publications in Spanish it can be highlighted the following ones: Writing in cuneiform (Caracas, 2006), Familiar plagiarism (Tenerife, 2008), Bird in the mouth and other poems (Habana, 2009), Always, always (Zaragoza, 2010), Fields of the stranger (Granada, 2011) and Memories of an Iraqi dog (Barcelona, ​​2016). He has recently published “They are not verses what I write” (Short anthology of Darmi, the Iraq’s women popular songs (ed. Olifante 2018). Abdul Hadi’s poetic work has been appreciated by many cultural entities.

Aftab Husain (Pakistan / Austria) is a poet, translator and literary critic from Pakistan. He studied literature at the Punjab University of Lahore and received his doctorate from the University of Vienna. He writes in Urdu and in the Indian national language Hindi. His poems have been translated into numerous languages. After his escape from Pakistan, Husain received a scholarship from the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Austrian Federal Chancellery and was supervised by the International PEN as part of the “Writers in Exile” project. His poetry and literary reviews have been published in all major literary magazines in India and Pakistan. He is currently teaching at the University of Vienna.

Afeif Ismail (Sudan / Australia) is a poet, theater writer, and human rights activist. He was born in Al Hasahisa Sudan and has been based in Western Australia since 2003. He has received numerous awards for his creative work inside and outside Australia and regularly takes part in international conferences on children's and youth theater as a representative of his second home country, Australia. Many of his books have been published in Arabic and English, as well as various translations of the Spanish-German-Swedish language.

Ajmer Rode (India / Canada)was born in Rode of Punjab, India. Rode has published several books of poetry, prose, drama, and translation in Punjabi and English. He is the author of two books of poetry in English, Poems at My Doorstep (Caitlin Press, 1985) and Blue meditations (Third Eye Publications, 1985). Rode’s honors include the Best Oversees Punjabi Author award from the Punjab Languages ​​Department. He also served on the National Council of the Writers Union of Canada, chairing its Racial Minority Writers Committee. He lives in Vancouver.

Ali Al Hasan (Syria / Austria) is a Syrian writer. He was born on April 22nd. 1972 / Syria, studied journalism at the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities; University of Damascus (BA 1995). As a critic and journalist, from 1999 published numerous articles in various print media in the field of literature, art, society and social issues, as well as interviews with important contemporary authors from the Arab world. As a media expert: leading position for public relations, press and consultancy.

Alireza Abiz (Iran / UK)is an Iranian poet, literary critic and translator based in London. He studied English Literature in Mashhad and Tehran universities and received his PhD in Creative Writing -Poetry from Newcastle University, UK. Abiz has written extensively on Persian contemporary literature and culture. His scholarly book Censorship of Literature in Post-Revolutionary Iran: Politics and Culture since 1979 ’is forthcoming by Bloomsbury. He has so far published five collections of poetry in Persian; 'Stop! We must get off ’,‘ Spaghetti with Mexican sauce ’,‘ I can hear a tree from my desk ’“ 13/1 Koohsangi Street ”and‘ Black Line- London Underground ’. The latest collection published in 2017 was awarded the most prestigious independent poetry award in Iran, the Shamlou Award. Abiz is also an award-winning translator and has translated some leading English language poets including Basil Bunting, Derek Walcott, Jack Kerouac and C.K. Williams into Persian. He is a board member in Poetry Translation Center and the chief judge in Sarah Maguire Poetry in Translation Prize.

Alex Plescan (Romania / Australia) is a Romanian writer who lives in New Zealand. Born in 1967, he made his debut in literary magazines in 1981. Alex published prose, poetry, essay and critique and one of his plays was staged in Bucharest for three years. He is a co-founder of the Literary Club, a new aesthetical movement launch in Romania in the early 90s. Alex writes in Romanian and English. His latest book is SANDU - short stories, published by Tracus Arte in 2016.

Amira Omer Bakhiet (Sudan / UK) She is a poet and journalist, has published many poems and literary works in a number of Sudanese and Arab newspapers and online. Participation in many readings and literary events. She is a member of the British Association of Journalists. She has two unprinted volumes of poetry (not yet published). She lives and works in Cardiff, UK.

Ana Bilić (Croatia / Austria) is an Austrian writer, filmmaker, playwright and linguist of Croatian origin.

Andreas Dorschel (Germany / UK) was born in 1962 in Wiesbaden (Germany). In 1997 he moved to Britain, residing, until 2002, in Norwich (County Norfolk) where he taught as a Lecturer at the University of East Anglia. Since then he has lived in Austria. Dorschel's writing conjoins literature and philosophy. In 2014, he was awarded the Caroline Schlegel Award. - Recent publications include: ‘A Corinthian letter to Paulus believed to be lost’, Mercury LXVII (2013), no. 12, pp. 1125–1134; 'I'm so free. A conversation ’, grazkunst 01.2016, pp. 15–16; ‘The origin of prejudice. Speech to the Zauberberg ’, Variations XXIV (2016), pp. 191–202; ‘Arkona. Conversation about mythology ’, Athenaeum XXVI (2016), pp. 161–174; ‘Phantom body of abstraction’, Zeno XXXVII (2017), pp. 151–166; ‘Unstar. From the papers left by Franz Liszt, in music, sense and nonsense. Festschrift on the occasion of the homage to Alfred Brendel (Berlin: Konzerthaus Berlin, 2017), pp. 54–59 and ‘Venere d’Urbino. Florentine conversation about beauty ’in Anna Maniura / Matthias Deußer (eds.), New Literature 2017/2018 (Frankfurt / M. - London - New York, NY: Frankfurter Verlagsgruppe, 2017), pp. 253-269.

Andreas Sucharski (Austria / Poland) was born in 1983 as a child of Polish migrants in Vienna and grew up there. In 2009 he completed his studies as a translator and has since worked as a language trainer for German and English. He is still an active member of the Literary Translation Working Group in the Polish course of the Center for Translation Studies (formerly the Institute for Translation and Interpreting) at the University of Vienna, where he prefers to translate poems from Polish into German, but also prose texts. He also writes poems himself in German, English and Polish (with the occasional sprinkling of Italian and Latin).

Anne Casey (Ireland / Australia) Originally from the west of Ireland and living in Sydney Australia, Anne Casey is an award-winning, poet / writer and author of two collections published by Salmon Poetry - where the lost things go (2017) and out of emptied cups (2019). A journalist, magazine editor, legal author and media communications director for 30 years, her work is widely published internationally, ranking in leading national daily newspaper, The Irish Times' Most Read. Anne has won / shortlisted for poetry prizes in Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia, and serves on numerous literary advisory boards.

Anna Mwangi (Hungary / Austria) is an Austrian author with Hungarian roots. For her novel "The Children of Comrade Rakosi" she received the literary prize from Exil Verlag. She publishes numerous short stories and newspaper articles in Austria and Hungary. She lives in Vienna.

Anisoara Laura Mustetiu (Romania / Australia) is a Romanian poet living in Australia. Born 1971 in Romania, she studied Journalism in Germany and Creative writing and Business communication at the Griffith University in Australia. Her poems were published in 2018 and 2019 in various Romanian cultural magazines, such as Confluente literare, Logos si Agape, Armonii culturale, Climate literare, Asi romani and more. She is also writing essays, one of these dedicated to her father, was published in 2019 in the Romanian Anthology of Essays “Taina scrisului.”

AntonyThekkek (India / USA), is an actor and writer of Indian origine based in USA. He is also known as Thampy Antony, is an Indian-American film actor, writer, activist and producer. As a writer he has published books in Malayalam and English. His latest books are 'Lady biker' and 'Vasco da Gama'.

Anton Marku (Kosovo / Austria) was born in 1971 in Kosovo, where he studied literature. He then completed a law degree at the University of Pristina and then completed a master's degree at the University of Vienna. Has lived and worked in Austria for eleven years. He mainly writes poetry, but also short stories that have been published in various literary magazines and anthologies. So far he has published ten volumes of poetry. Some of his works have also been translated into English, German, Romanian, Croatian, Russian and Arabic. He is a member of the Austrian PEN Club, the Austrian Writers' Association and IG authors.

Arshad Latif (Pakistan / UK) a famous name in Pakistani diaspora poetry. He writes in Urdu - the national language of Pakistan - both nazm (poems) and ghazal with equal fluency and expertise. First collection of his poetry: Chasma e Khwab Se (From the Dream’s Fountain) was published about two decades ago. Now-a-days he is working on his second book. Arshad Latif edits the literary supplement of an Urdu daily published from London.

Ashwani Kumar (India) is a writer and professor at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai). His major anthologies include My Grandfather's Imaginary Typewriter and Banaras and the Other. He is one of the editors-in-chief of the Global Civil Society at the London School of Economics and co-founder of the Indian Novels Collective, which promotes the translation of novels into Indian language. He writes a regular book column for the Financial Express.

Aurelia Merz (Austria) writes short stories and poems, she lives and works in Vienna.

Axel Azergui (Morocco / France) is a Berber writer, poet and a career journalist who lives in northern France where he continues to cover issues of migration, indigenous peoples, and arts. Azergui is from a south-eastern Moroccan Amazigh desert town, Tinejdad, where he completed his early education. He received a degree in law from the University of Meknes. Besides numerous poetry project and short stories, Azergui published four novels in Tamazight: Aghrum n yihaqqaren (Bread of Crows) Rabat, 2006 which he received the Qadi Kaddour Award for creative writing from David Hart Foundation based in Spain, Ighed n Tlelli (The ashes of freedom), Paris 2012, Imeggura g Imazighen (The last of the freemen), Lille, 2014, and Imecca n tirrgin (The ember eaters), Lille, 2017. Azergui, translated two of his own novels Tamazight into French Bread of crows and The ashes of freedom in 2013. He founded IDLES, a literary magazine that specializes in prose in Tamazight.

Aslan Elmursaev (Chechnya / Austria) is 40 years old. He studied economics in Chechnya. He has lived in Austria since 2004. In addition to his literary activities, he works as a social worker. He lives and works in Vienna.

Benjamin Skomorac (Bosnia and Herzegovina) was born in Serbia. I finished elementary school as well as Technical High School in Zenica with great success, with a number of honors after graduation, after that I enrolled in the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zenica, Department of B / h / s Language and Literature. In addition to studying language and literature, I also write short forms of texts, prose and poems. I currently live in Zenica (BiH), a professor of Bosnian language and literature. So far my poems have been published in the collections of Trinity from Gradište (Croatia), Sindjelic's Cagar fire (Serbia), Pannonian seagull (Serbia), Carpe Diem (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Drina literary meetings (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and many others.

Besim Xhelili (Albania / Austria) born 1977 in Tetova / MKD, has lived in Vienna since 1998. Studied geography in Tetova / MKD and Vienna; Chairman of the Association of Albanian Writers and Artists in Austria ›Aleksandër Moisiu‹. He has so far published five volumes of poetry and one novel in Albanian.

Boško Tomašević (Bulgaria / Austria) born 1947, lives as a freelance writer in Vienna. Intensive teaching activity as a university lecturer and numerous publications on poetry, prose and literary theory. Member of the French and Austrian P.E.N as well as Société des Gens de Lettres de France. The cornerstones of his poetic work are the Eleatic metaphysical reflection, the postmodernist intertextual conversation with the European tradition of poets.

Bojana Radovanović (Serbia / Austria) is a writer and translator. She works on her doctrate in hinstory in univeristy of Vienna. She is a teacher of French, English and latin. Her Poetry and short stories has publishes in serbia in various antholigy and magazines. Presently she works on her poetry book. She translated two books into serbian language. She lives and works in Vienna.

Brigitte Rapp (Austria) Managing Director of IG Translators, grew up as a Croat in Burgenland. Studied at the Institute for Translator and Interpreter Training at the University of Vienna (English, Russian); Freelance translator (non-fiction books, especially psychoanalysis, pedagogy, biographies; youth literature); Translator for the German edition of Prawda, employee and since 1992 managing director of the translation community.

Carlos Vitale (Argentina / Spain) has a degree in Spanish Literature and Italian Literature. His books of poetry include Unidad de lugar, Descortesía del suicida, Cuaderno de l'Escala / Quadern de l'Escala, Fuera de casa, El poeta más crítico y otros poetas italianos and Duermevela. He has also translated many Italian and Catalan poets into Spanish. He has participated in festivals, readings and poetry events in Argentina, Spain, Venezuela, Armenia, etc. In 2015 he won the “VI Premio José Luis Giménez-Frontín” prize for his contribution to bringing together diverse cultures. He lives in Barcelona.

Carol Yalcinkaya-Ferris (USA / Turkey) is now a retired English-language instructor who spent many years teaching at colleges in the USA and at many universities in Istanbul (Bosporus University, Koç University, Okan- and Piri Reis University). She lives and writes in Istanbul and San Diego.

Chandra Singh Gurung (Baharain / Nepal) is a Bahrain based Nepali poet, who writes in his native language Nepali. His first collection of poems was published in 2007, and his works have appeared in many print and online magazines worldwide.He had also organized many literary events in Nepal, including the event of Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh in 2016. Fayad was later sentenced to death for apostasy by the government of Saudi Arabia. He was accused of promoting atheism in his work. Handra Gurung’s poetry depicts the politico-socio-economic conditions of his place.

Cheran Rudhramoorthy (Sri Lanka / Canada) Dr. R. Cheran is Tamil Canadian academic, poet, playwright and journalist. He is a professor at the University of Windsor in Canada. He has authored over fifteen books in Tamil, and his work has been translated into twenty languages. Several volumes of his work have been published in English translation of Burning (Arc Publications, UK). He has performed his poetry at various International Writers ’festivals in the United Kingdom, Singapore, the US, Indonesia, India, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, Ramallah, West Bank, Dubai and Mexico. His plays in English language have been produced and performed in Toronto, Canada, New York, Chicago and New Jersey in the US. Singapore’s modern dance group Chowk has produced and performed a dance play based on his poems titled “The Second Sunrise”.

Corneliu Balan (Romania / Canada) was born in Bucharest in 1972 and he emigrated to Canada in 1997. He has three novels to his credit: Escroc SRL (2014, ed. Humanitas), Liftul (2019, ed. Humanitas) and the last one, partly based on his military service experience, Ultima Armată, to be published soon. He has over two hundred short stories, editorials, translations (from English), book and movie reviews, in a literary Romanian online journal (liternautica.com).

Dalila Hiaoui (Morocco / Italy)is a poet-author, professor of the arab language and culture, and she works for the United Nations in Rome.Since 2013, she organizes and runs the bilingual literary salon, “J’nanArgana” (paradisef Argan) in Italy and other countries, and she’s the secretary assistant of the Arab world in the WORLD POETRY MOVEMENT. She has had 38 books published as author and co-author (poems, stories, and a theatrical “pièce”, and a three volume manual in Arabic with the International University Uninettuno). Her poems in Arabic, her mother tongue, have been translated in Italian, English, Classical Chinese (Mandarin), Albanian, Serb, Bangal, Spanish, Nepali, Berber and a few texts are translated into French.

Deepa Parvathy Sankar (India / Maldives)