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How to get married in Surani "Skyrim" or wedding game

Many players wonder how to get married in Surani "Skyrim". Now let's try to understand this and look at everything that a wedding is in the game. It's always interesting to know why in the game invented by a certain plot . Let's get started soon.


Well, before you ponder the question of how to marry Surani in 'Skyrim' it is to discuss with you that all signs are after the wedding. Maybe it's useless and is there just for fun?

And here and there. After playing the ceremony, the couple will be able to decide where to live. If your character has a trait you move into your house. Is the house and wife / husband? Also a great option After the wedding ceremony, to get access to your other half's belongings, have children, and deliver around the house.

Another nice bonus - is the creation of income. Your husband / wife can open a shop, then you will get a certain amount of gold. In addition, women will be happy to indulge the player's home cooking. Now let's see how to get in Surani marry "Skyrim".

Special quest

But before it is necessary to discuss the rules of the celebration. Because without the correct sequence of actions, you will not be able to commit ideas. The first thing you need - the availability of funds. The wedding ceremony is 200 septinov More precisely, this is the amount you have to pay for the amulet of the mara. This article is - a necessary thing to offer. Something like a wedding ring in the real world.

Talk Maramalom and then buy an amulet. Now we have to find a candidate for the woman. Show your favor and ask, do it. However, to do this you need to complete an assignment. Something like a feat. So before you marry Surani in "Skyrim", carefully examine it. After all, the princess of vampires will be able to invent challenging tests.

If the problem doesn't scare you, then you can continue. Once you get a "yes" answer to the question, go to the temple at Marmalu to organize the wedding ceremony. Wait a while and come for the celebration at the appointed time Time. During the ceremony, you will be able to cancel all of his words that the proposal was a mistake. In response, you just stepped out of the church, and the other half will no longer speak to the character. More specifically , it begins to chase him. The situation can later be corrected, talking to an abandoned bride, and then to the priest. Now let's talk in detail with you about how to get married in Surani "Skyrim".


If you have a complement in which the game is connected with vampires instead of on an additional chain that you can enjoy, you will get to know a pretty nice girl from an old family. More precisely, the princess of all "denizens of the night." "It's about Surani.

Fragile but bellicose and brave, she will accompany you on history for a long time. Of course, many players are starting to think about how to marry Surani in "Skyrim". No mods, unfortunately this is not possible. This is a small one Mistake Creator. Treasure Princess will accompany you into battle, but to become a lover - no. Then come to the help of the special supplement.


If you still haven't the thought of leaving marriage to a princess of vampires, download and install the “Skyrim” mod “Marry Surani.” After that, the player will have a chance that wasn't there before.

However, you need to advertise the girl. Only after that (if someone remembers the beauty of the raw character in the first session) go and buy an amulet of Mara, so speak to Marmalom.Next - all within the framework of the scheme.

Find Surani and then talk to her. It will give you some job after his performance. She notices the amulet. Find out about her feelings for you, and then start the ceremony. That's all. Now you can be happy - you the one Marry princess of vampires.