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Diana Wright born Diana Barry was the eldest daughter of George Barry and Mrs. Barry, the niece of Charles Murray, the great-niece of Josephine Barry, Atossa Coates and Sarah, the older sister of Minnie May Barry and the best friend of Anne Shirley.[1]

She was also the wife of Fred Wright and the mother of Fred Wright Jr., Anne Cordelia Wright and Jack Wright.

Biography Edit source]

Early years Edit source]

"But when Diana was born, a teacher with that name was teaching at the school, and they named the little one after her."
- Matthew Cuthbert to Anne Shirley about Diana's name origin (Source)

Diana was born in Avonlea in February 1865. When she was born, a teacher named Diana was teaching in Avonlea, which is why her parents called her Diana.[1] At school, she befriended Jane Andrews and Ruby Gillis. Gilbert Blythe always called them the "black jackdaw".[1]

Anne's first months in Avonlea Edit source]

In the summer of 1865 Diana visited her aunt in Carmody. When she returned to Avonlea, Marilla Cuthbert and Anne Shirley visited the Barrys. Anne and Diana hit it off immediately and became best friends. At Anne's suggestion, the two swore a sacred oath that they would always be true to each other.

Diana gave Anne a picture of a woman in a pale blue silk dress so that Anne could hang it in her room. She had got the picture once from a sewing machine salesman.

That evening, Matthew Cuthbert brought Anne caramels with him. Marilla was annoyed at first, but calmed down when Anne asked if she could give Diana half of the candy.

Shortly after Diana and Anne met, they built their Idlewild playhouse in William Bell's birch grove.

Diana told Anne about the picnic. At school they sat next to each other until Anne no longer wanted to go to school because Mr. Phillips had punished her as the only one for being late and sat her next to Gilbert Blythe, who once called her "carrot", which is why she hated him. From then on Diana sat next to Josie Pye. Diana then tried to act as a peacemaker between Anne and Gilbert, but Anne was determined to hate Gilbert for the rest of her life, which is why Diana's attempts fail.

In October, Anne invited her to tea because Marilla was going to a Relief Society meeting. She came in the early afternoon and the two of them talked and Diana then drank the currant juice as Marilla had suggested. She noticed that the currant juice tasted much better than Rachel Lynde's. After the third glass, she felt sick and went home before tea. It turned out that Anne had accidentally given her redcurrant wine, which caused Diana to get drunk. Her mother forbade her to talk to Anne again, so Anne went back to school to at least see Diana. At school, Anne and Diana wrote letters to each other swearing that they would be friends forever.

In January, the Prime Minister of Canada came to Prince Edward Island and almost everyone in Avonlea attended his rally, as did Diana's parents. That night her little sister Minnie May got croup and couldn't breathe. Diana quickly ran over to Green Gables and Anne walked her over to Orchard Slope. Once there, Anne infused Minnie May Ipecac and at three o'clock Matthew Cuthbert finally showed up with a doctor who explained to them that Minnie May was over the mountain. When her parents came home later, the doctor said that without Anne, Minnie May would be dead. Then her mother forgave Anne and let the two play together again. The next day, Anne and Diana asked Mr Phillips if they could sit next to each other again at school.

One evening in February Diana signaled Anne with a candle that she should come over immediately. When she came, Diana told her that it was her birthday tomorrow and invited her. They would then go to the debating club ball together and spend the night in the Barry's guest room. Marilla allowed her and they drove to the ball with Diana's cousins. At the ball, Anne pretended not to listen to Gilbert Blythe's poetry recitation. After the ball, Diana asked her how she could do that. They were home by eleven o'clock and ran into the guest room and jumped into bed. Suddenly something moved below them and cursed. Immediately they ran away and stopped at the stairs. Diana suggested that the person was her great-aunt Josephine Barry. The next morning, Anne disappeared immediately after breakfast to escape the thunderstorm. When Aunt Josephine got up, she said that she was going to leave tomorrow and not spend a penny on Diana because she wanted to pay for her piano lessons. Anne appeared that afternoon and apologized extensively, which is why Miss Barry forgave Diana and Anne. She stayed for more than a month and paid for her piano lessons.

At the end of June, Mr Phillips left Avonlea school and the pastor Mr Bell also left, so Avonlea got Mr Allan and his wife as new pastors. After the first service with the new pastor, the Cuthberts invited them to tea on Wednesday. Anne discussed everything with Diana and said that her shift cake is sure to be a success.

In August Diana invited a few girls from her class to live with her and they then tested each other's courage. First, Carrie Sloane determined that Ruby Gillis should climb the willow tree, which she did. Then Josie Pye decided that Jane Andrews should hop around the garden once, which she couldn't. Anne therefore decided that Josie should balance on the picket fence, which was child's play for Josie. Josie then decided that Anne should balance on the roof ridge. So Anne climbed to the ridge of the roof and took a few steps, but then fell down. Immediately all the girls ran to her and it turned out that she had broken her ankle. So she had to stay at home for seven weeks. Diana visited her daily and told her, among other things, about the new teacher Miss Stacy.[1]

As adolescents Edit source]

In November, Miss Stacy announced that she would have a Christmas lecture night with the students so they could buy a new flag for the school. Diana was supposed to sing a song there and show a living picture with Anne and Ruby. At Christmas, Diana came to the Cuthberts right after breakfast and gave Anne a present from Aunt Josephine that contained a pair of sandals.

In April, Anne accidentally dyed her hair green, so Marilla had to cut it off. Diana was the only one who found out about it, and being a loyal friend of Anne's, she didn't tell anyone.

That summer, Ruby, Anne, Jane and Diana wanted to reenact a scene from a poem by Tennyson and they put Anne in a boat to float on the lake. The others waited on the other bank and when the boat came through the bridge, it sank in the lake. They all cried out in horror and ran to Orchard Slope, where they left the weeping Ruby and ran to Green Gables, but found no one at either farm. So Jane and Diana returned to the lake and halfway across they met Anne, who told them that Gilbert had saved them.