What is given form from syrup

Syrup, sugar syrup, corn syrup, candy syrup, fruit syrup, fruit syrup, caftan, malt syrup

Encyclopedia of food additives

Food additives. For everyone who wants to know more about additives. Comprehensive, over 600-page guide and reference work with over 2,800 key words, E numbers, names and synonyms of the food additives as well as the translation of the respective additives into English, French, Italian and Spanish. This lexicon provides the most important information on the currently relevant additives and goes into the classification into the functional classes, production, use, legal restrictions, maximum quantities and conditions of use as well as health aspects. The lexicon is supplemented with extras on nano-foods, plasticizers and with lists of additives for which: the use of genetic engineering is possible in production, are permitted in organic foods and can be of animal origin.