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Injustice 2: How to Get Vixen

How to get vixen in injustice 2

Vixen is a seriously evil warrior. She uses a relic known as the Tantu Totem to communicate with and use their skills with all animals that have ever lived on the planet. This enables her to be strong, agile, cunning, and more as she harnesses the forces of nature, which are her beasts, to tear opponents apart. While she doesn't have her own slot on the roster, you can unlock Vixen in Injustice 2 as an alternate skin for Cheetah. This will completely change their appearance, but keep in mind that it won't change their abilities. She will have the same movements and stats as Cheetah while playing.

To unlock Vixen in Injustice 2, go to the Character Customization menu (which is located in the main menu) and select Cheetah. Select a loadout and scroll down to access the shaders. You'll see one with an icon that represents Vixen. You have to pay 6,000 Source Crystals to unlock it right away, or you can just keep opening Mother Boxes and completing challenges in the hopes that you'll unlock it naturally. While mother boxes are completely random, you have a better chance of unlocking character-specific gear by using it more often.

Once you have access to the skin, just load it out and you're done. Now go kick the ass as Vixen.

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