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How can I help a friend who is depressed?

Offer your company

Offer to do something fun for your friend to do together. Don't get discouraged if he doesn't react the way you hope it will. Sometimes someone is cheered up just by being invited or by realizing that you want to spend time with them.

Alyssa F., 16, Washington

Encourage your friend

When I'm with a friend who is depressed, I don't take their problem lightly. Instead, I help him so that his troubles do not weigh him down. I try to encourage him and I am very loving. With me he can also unload his frustration.

Angbo K., 18, Ivory Coast

Don't let yourself be dragged down

The best way to help someone - and yourself - is to be sincere. Say what makes you happy yourself. If you are currently in a phase where you are not that happy either, let your friend know that you are there for them, but take care of yourself. It's important that you are fine with yourself and that you don't let yourself be pulled down.

Kira W., 16, Kansas

Think of something positive

If you are with a friend who appears depressed, you can still show a positive outlook on life by thinking of something positive that you recently experienced or may experience soon. Just think of something you like, like a fun experience.

Luke P., 14, New Mexico

Remind your friend of the good

When I have a friend who is depressed, I try to talk to them about something that interests them. It reminds him of good things that he has already experienced today or at some point before. Sometimes I try to make him laugh or compliment him to make him feel better. Sometimes I also ask him to do something important so that he can see that he is needed.

Carson D., 15, Texas

Editor's Note: The suggestions listed here are helpful, but will not help immediately or cure someone of depression in all circumstances. In more severe cases, therapy may be necessary.

“So what is the best reaction when you or someone close to you has a mental or emotional disorder? Above all, one must never lose faith in our Heavenly Father, who loves us more than we can grasp. ...

Whatever else you can give or not - you can definitely pray and show undisputed love. "

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, “Like a Broken Vessel,” Liahona, November 2013, page 41f.

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