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Whatsapp alternatives: How good are Signal, Threema, Telegram and other messenger apps?

Hanover. The messenger service Whatsapp, which belongs to Facebook, is changing its terms of use. For many, the messenger has become irreplaceable, they don't use any alternatives and can therefore only be reached via it. Nevertheless, there is a range of Whatsapp alternatives. We introduce five:

Whatsapp alternative: Signal

Whisper, the free messenger from Open Whisper Systems, is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. Encrypted sending of text messages, photos, videos and other files to individuals and groups is possible. Users can also be called via a data connection. The source code is visible.

Open Whisper Systems has entered into a number of collaborations with other services to improve their encryption technology. This has also included Whatsapp since April 2016.

Whatsapp alternative: Telegram

Messenger Telegram is available free of charge for iOS, Android and Windows as well as a computer and web version. Telegram can create groups of up to 100,000 members. However, the service is criticized by consumer advocates.