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With new measurement techniques, Facebook (http://facebook.com) determines which advertisements lead to a purchase on which device. This means that the social network service provider is able to find out on which device users become aware of an advertisement and on which device they are actually active. Faceboo k manages for the first time to track the purchase decision process of users across all devices.


Until now, advertisers have only been able to see whether desktop advertisements lead to desktop purchases. However, they were unable to determine the effects of online switching across devices. If someone became aware of an advertisement via smartphone or tablet and then made the purchase on the PC, this could not be recorded. However, Facebook's new measurement technology only makes sense for providers who place special Facebook trackers on their websites and in mobile apps.


Without the exchange of personal data and information between the user and the provider, these trackers register every movement made by the user on the provider's website or apps. If a user sets foot on the provider's website, these trackers can find out whether they saw an ad on Facebook that attracted them to this page. The only thing that Facebook's cross-device measurement technology is not yet able to determine is whether an online purchase via PC or mobile phone was based on an offline stimulus such as a shop consultation or a phone call.


Facebook advises that smartphone ads have a huge impact on consumers. Through numerous campaigns, the social network service provider has found that 32 percent of users who were interested in a mobile Facebook ad visited the provider's website via computer within 28 days and made a purchase. In addition, 62 percent of Facebook's advertising revenue can be traced back to smartphone ads.

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