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Superfood Bacon - How Healthy Is Bacon?

There is hardly any other food that is debated as much as bacon: for some, it embodies everything that is wrong and unhealthy about meat consumption. For the others - including probably many Paleolans - is Bacon is a culinary delight and an indispensable part of the menu.

But where is the truth now? With the one, with the other, or as so often in the middle? In this article we clarify the most important questions about bacon once and for all, dispel common prejudices and tell you how we ourselves prefer to enjoy our bacon.

Delicious breakfast bacon: healthy or do you prefer to stay away from bacon?

Is Bacon Unhealthy? The most common concerns

Bacon consists of anything that supposedly kills us: Red meat, animal fat and salt. And then it is not only smoked, but also often fried at high temperatures before eating. No wonder some people start screaming in panic: Cholesterol! Heart attack! Risk of cancer!

But We don't make it that easy for ourselves. Because time and again, supposed nutritional wisdom has proven to be wrong on closer inspection. And so some Scare tactics are completely unfounded (e.g. with butter and eggs). So let's take a look at what is true about the fear of bacon, point by point.

Fat - Unhealthy or Healthy?

Fat as a macronutrient in general and especially animal fat in particular are by no means unhealthy, but rather one for our body important source of energy with many health-promoting properties - We have known that for a long time in Paleo circles. And nutritional science has now also understood it. It's a shame that the myth of unhealthy animal fat still holds true, but hopefully only a matter of time.

Naturally there are also differences in fat. Bacon is mostly made from pork. And compared to, for example, coconut fat or butter, this fat has a higher proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is also relatively low in omega-3 fatty acids. But since bacon is not the main staple of our food supply, that is not a major problem in an overall balanced diet.

Salt - how much is healthy?

The same applies to the salt content of bacon - it's all a matter of dose. Yes, bacon contains a lot of salt compared to other foods on the paleo plate. And yes, too much salt is unhealthy.

But: The salt warning associated with bacon relates to the typical diet in industrialized countries - and it contains much worse salt bombs, which we as Paleolans have completely eliminated: ready-made meals, fast food and lemonades, to name just three.

The The total amount of salt that we consume at Paleo is therefore significantly lower than with other forms of nutrition. Therefore it is not a problem that bacon contains more of it. And if you want to be on the safe side, just leave out extra salt when cooking with bacon.

Nitrates and Nitrites in Bacon - Are They Dangerous?

Similar to fat, nitrates (which are converted into nitrite by our body) have long been considered carcinogenic. They are contained in the curing salt that is used in the production of bacon. But the The study that originally established this connection has since been refuted. On the contrary: more recent studies even suggest that nitrites can be beneficial to health and are good for the immune and cardiovascular system, among other things.

It is also noteworthy in this context that most vegetables contain just as many nitrates as bacon and even our saliva (which converts nitrate to nitrite) contains more of them than any food.

Indeed Only the nitrosamines are problematicthat can arise in our digestive system from the nitrites. Antioxidants can help here - that is, if you go with the bacon muchvegetables or one huge colorful salad you are on the safe side.

Bacon - Smoking & Roasting

Smoking is part of the manufacturing process for bacon. Again, there were always health concerns. There is a connection between smoking and carcinogenic substances. However, recent studies show that the The amounts of smoke that we ingest through food are so small that there is no real risk of cancer.

The same applies to the preparation as always to meat, but also to other foods: If you roast your bacon at high temperatures until it charred, it is no longer healthy.

Therefore ours Paleo360 special tip: bacon from the oven! Preheat the oven to 190 degrees and lay out the strips of bacon on baking paper. This makes them evenly crispy and, depending on your taste, you can get them out of the oven after a few minutes with the perfect degree of browning and crispness.

Which bacon is the best?

When buying, we recommend that you As with meat in general, it is important to ensure that it is of high quality. That means, do not buy the bacon from the refrigerated shelf at the supermarket. This is not only poor in meat quality, but is often made with sugar or various additives and preservatives.

Instead, we recommend, as always, organic meat from species-appropriate husbandry (keyword: happy pigs), ideally homemade by the butcher you trust. Or of course, for the true hunters & gatherers: why not experiment and make your own bacon?

Conclusion: it's not that wild!

We see: All the hype surrounding the dangers surrounding our beloved bacon is essentially exaggerated. There are a few things to be careful about with bacon, but they also apply to any other food: How much do we eat of it? What is the quality of the product? And how do we prepare it?

As long as you don't make bacon the main staple of your diet, pay attention to good quality and appropriate preparation as part of an overall healthy paleo diet, there is nothing to worry about.

Our recipe recommendations with bacon

And to celebrate that, we have finally picked out our favorite recipes for you - for a (of course not very serious) complete bacon menu:

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