How to write a cash check

Order check guide: redeem, transfer, endorsement, validity

A check can be used to instruct the bank to pay out the amount entered on the document. Who the check sum can be paid to and how the payout should be made depends on the type of check in question. The order check is a special type of check. This paper is aimed to a specific recipient and can only be sent as order paper by endorsement transferred to the person named in writing.

An order check is used in Germany, especially in the area of Mailing. The purpose of sending this special check is to ensure that only the recipient honors the check and that it is not redeemed by an unauthorized person.



The note "to order" is characteristic of an order check. A stripe on the right side of the document is often part of an order check, but not a mandatory requirement. Even foreign checks, where the red border is mostly missing, are usually treated like order checks by banks. The endorsement is on the back. Through this, the rights and thus the money can be transferred by the endorser to the endorser. The endorser is the original owner and thus the check issuerwho passes the property on to the endorser as the new owner through the check.

Full and blank endorsement

With an endorsement, there is basically the option of choosing a full or blank endorsement.

The Full endorsement is a transfer note in which a person or institution is named as the recipient, for example with "to order Mr. X". This means that a check with full endorsement is an order check.

At a Blank endorsement however, the name is missing, which means that every owner is entitled to use it Bearer check to redeem.

Redeem order checks: signature and legitimation

Whoever receives the order check can redeem it as an endorser. This can be done by presenting the check to the bank by the authorized person. For this it is necessary to identify yourself and to sign on the back of the order check. This makes it possible to see who issued the check and who cashed it.

Transfer order check

However, an order check can not only get from the issuer to the recipient, but the holder can also pass the check on. This is possible by endorsing. To do this, the recipient must sign the order check, whereby he assumes liability for the redemption. With a further endorsement, for example with the transfer note “to order Mrs. Y”, the order check can be transferred and redeemed by the next endorser. This means that an order check can be transferred. This not only gives recipients the option of using such a check as a means of payment, but also allows another person to be commissioned to cash the check.

Various endorsements on the back of the order check can create a long chain of endorsements. The chain must always be checked by the receiving bank. However, this is not always possible without any doubt, because if the name of the recipient is not given by an endorsement, then there is only a signature, which is not checked for authenticity. If an order check is issued for security reasons, the recipient should always be named.

Payouts for set-off or in cash

An order check can be made out as a cashier's check or crossed check. If it is a crossed check, which is marked with the note “only for settlement”, then it can only be redeemed via a current account. A payout is then of course possible.

Cashier's check

In the case of a cashier's check, the payment can be made immediately to the holder. The legitimation at the bank counter and the recipient's signature on the back of the check are important security criteria when cashing. However, one can Cash payment only at the bank referred to respectively. For this reason, the recipient cannot simply cash the check at his house bank for cash payments, but has to go to the bank that issued the check. However, it is not necessary to go to the issuing branch for this purpose; it is sufficient to contact one of the branches of the respective credit institution. That is why it is As a rule, it is not possible to have foreign checks paid out in cash.

Deadline, validity

In order to be able to redeem an order check, however, the recipient does not have an unlimited amount of time, the validity is limited in time. A submission deadline of eight days must be observed for domestic checks. If checks were made in another European country or in one of the Mediterranean countries, the deadline is 20 days. For all other countries an extended period of 70 days applies.