Blujax bluetooth how to connect

Connect Bluetooth devices to the TV: It's that simple.

Would you prefer to enjoy your smartphone content such as films or games on the TV in large format? Bluetooth makes it possible. The established radio standard enables a wireless connection over a short distance - this clears the way for flexible and comfortable television and music enjoyment. Find out here how you can conveniently pair your smartphone or headphones with your TV.

This is behind the radio technology.

In most digital devices, such as smartphones, game consoles and fitness trackers, Bluetooth is now installed as standard and is one of the most important functions for a reason. The radio connection is only possible over a short distance (indoors usually up to 10m), but you can easily couple two or even more devices with each other.

For ideal connectivity, make sure that your mobile device uses a Bluetooth version that is as standard-compliant as possible. This way you can be sure that your smartphone is compatible with most other devices.

How to connect bluetooth devices to your TV.

So-called Bluetooth pairing is necessary to establish a successful connection. Setting this up is a breeze, however:

  1. Make sure that the Bluetooth function is activated on both devices. If not, you can conveniently select this in the settings. With smartphones, the setting option can already be found in the status bar.
  2. If you have activated Bluetooth, all connected devices will now be shown on the display or TV screen - select the one you want.

Many current Android smartphones already have a mode that can be used to establish a connection to a smart TV. Depending on the manufacturer, this setting is called “Screen Mirroring”, “Wireless Projection” or “Smart View”. Not only the screen content is projected, but also the audio content. So it's worth taking a look at the status bar.

It's all about quality.

Once your headphones or smartphone are connected to the TV, you will definitely want to experience the media you want in the best possible quality. You shouldn't make any compromises here, but rely on the tried and tested. The OLED-TV TX-65HZW2004 amazes not only with a razor-sharp image reproduction, but also with precise color accuracy and rich surround sound, thanks to the integrated Technics audio system 360 ° Soundscape Pro. Everything that you miss on the small smartphone display can be enjoyed in top quality thanks to wireless transfer. Try it!