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How to Use Brawl Stars and How It Works

The user interface of Brawl Stars is really intuitive, but less used gaming users may need additional explanation. First of all, you should know that you will first appear in a training arena where you have to learn the basic controls. It's explained well in the game, but just in case you don't realize it: the move button is on the left side of the screen and the shoot button is on the right.

Move and shoot buttons

You will also see a yellow button that keeps charging when you shoot and hit targets, this is the button for your character's special ability:

Special shot button

When you get to the main screen, you'll find all of this information:

Brawl Stars main screen

We'll first see what each thing means, starting with the top left corner. On the one hand we have the profile button, which we can use to get the information about our progress in Brawl Stars:

Player profile

Immediately after that is the Trophy Road button, which marks the progress in the game and unlocks certain rewards as we advance:

Trophy Road of the Brawl Stars

In the middle we find the brawler. When we click on it, we get to the character selection screen:

Character selection screen

To the left of the brawler we find two buttons, one with a cross and one with a magnifying glass. The cross allows us to create team codes, share our team code or communicate with our friends in an online chat:

Team creation screen

The magnifying glass is used to find players who want to team up with us and take part in one of the game's events:

Search screen

Immediately after the brawler, we have the Star Points display. Start Points are used to purchase exclusive items from the game shop. They are earned by winning tournament events once a character reaches level 10, and then every five levels after that, once that threshold is exceeded:

Scoreboard for Star Points

Next we find the coins. With them we pay money in the game to level up our brawler:

Scoreboard for coins

Then we find the gems. Gems are used to purchase brawl boxes (either regular, large, or mega boxes), character customization items, and other items from the in-game shop. Gems are slowly earned by completing Brawl Stars' Daily Goals, buying them with real money, or purchasing the Brawl Pass:

Coin for precious stones

Next to it is the friends button, which has exactly the same function as the cross button next to the brawler:

Online game button

Right after that we find the Brawl Stars menu button, through which we can access the game settings, the results of our recent matches (known as the Battle Log), the local and global player leaderboards, private messages and a few other things:

Brawl Stars menu

Below the menu button we find the Friends buttonwith which we can accept invitations from friends of other players, invite friends or connect our social networks to find them:

Friends screen

To Friends we have that Club buttonwhich allows us to see and join Brawl Stars clans:

Clan screen

Next we find that Chat buttonthat we can't use until we've created a team to play with:

Chat button

On the far left of the screen we have the button Shop. This gives us access to the in-game store where we can buy power points to further develop our brawlers, levels of customization for the characters and more:

Brawl Stars Shop

We have that right under the shop Brawlers buttonwhich brings us exactly to the same place as clicking on the central character:

Brawler button

Next we'll see that News button, which will allow us to get information on the latest changes Supercell will be making to the game:

Brawl Stars News

At the bottom of the screen, in the left corner, we find that Brawl Pass Button. Clicking on it will take you to the daily rewards you will receive for participating in matches, as well as activating the Brawl Pass and its exclusive rewards:

Brawl Pass and Free Pass Rewards

To the right of the Brawl Pass we find the button with which we can choose which type of match we want to play:

Event selection screen

Finally, in the lower right corner of the screen, we find the Play buttonwith which we can call up the game we have chosen:

Button to enter a game

As you can see, the Brawl Stars user interface isn't difficult to find your way around.