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Find Nether fortresses - that's how it works in Minecraft

To find a fortress in Minecraft's Nether, you first need to build a portal through which you can get into the Nether. The fortresses there can usually be found very quickly.

Build a portal to get into the Nether

  1. For the portal through which you get into the Nether, you need 10 blocks of obsidian. Obsidian is created when water flows on lava.
  2. If you now have these blocks, you can build a portal by arranging the blocks on the edge in the form of four by five in the construction menu and placing two fires on the bottom row of blocks.
  3. You can now set up the portal, which has now been created, and go through it into the Nether, where some fortresses can now be found.

Find fortresses very quickly

  1. Now that you are in the Nether, you can immediately start looking for the fortresses. In order to find these, it is helpful to have a look around first.
  2. Usually a fortress appears within a very short time. For example, if you come across a buried fortress, it is sufficient to punch a hole in the wall to then get into the fortress.
  3. If you don't find a fortress in the Nether in a hurry, you can create so-called "Enderugen" with the help of fire rods and Ender beads.
  4. You can throw them in a certain direction, which makes your search easier, as you can see what is in the distance through the trajectory.
  5. It is advisable to decide on a direction and then throw the ender eyes there. As soon as the angle changes, there is a fortress very close by.
  6. Once you have reached this, enter the ender eyes in the portal in order to be able to enter the fortress. To find them again as quickly as possible, you should memorize the coordinates or set a spawn point.

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