Black Ops 2 freezes when loading in multiplayer

08/24/2011, 18:54  
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PC freezes while playing Black Ops; o

So, whenever I play Black Ops at the moment (besides iTunes is running, because I like to listen to music while gaming), almost always at the same time, when I have played 1-2 rounds, the screen freezes and I only hear one unpleasant sound .. After that I can only start my laptop in safe mode and have to do system recovery, then everything works again .. But somehow iTunes, Antivir and Firefox no longer work, even if these were not the last installed programs. .
And when I start Black Ops again, it doesn't find any servers in the ranking list and doesn't show in brackets that there are any, only for my favorites, but the servers aren't shown either. wants to join a friend in the game, an error message appears. I will only see servers again when I have the game files checked in Steam. : /

I've only had the problem for a few days, before that everything went as normal as it should. I hope you understand what I wrote; D. I don't know what to do; o ..

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