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Days Gone is an action adventure game with zombies aged 18 and over. Days Gone is an action-adventure developed by the American developer SIE Bend Studio exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The game was first presented at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 in Los Angeles and was released worldwide on April 26, 2019. The publisher is Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The protagonist of the game is the bounty hunter Deacon St. John (spoken by Adam Nümm in the German version), one of the last people to survive after a global pandemic. The player controls St. John in the open world game and navigates him through the neglected western United States, which is marked by volcanic activity.

The player controls the protagonist Deacon St. John from a third-person perspective and deals with infected people, looters, wild animals and members of rival factions on his journey through the country. The fight against enemies takes place, among other things, with striking weapons, for example baseball bats, but they wear out and break over time. Firearms such as pistols or machine guns, which can be upgraded with improvements in the course of the game, are more effective. Weapons and useful items can be activated at any time, even during battles, by pressing a button using a selection wheel displayed on the screen. It is also possible, provided the player has collected enough materials in the area, to craft items in this menu and to supply the character with Molotov cocktails or healing potions.

Days Gone is an open world game that offers numerous alternatives to direct combat against opponents. A stealth approach can be used, for example an enemy camp can be silently infiltrated by cultists and the protective wall destroyed using explosives, so that the freakers in the area pounce on the opponents. In addition to human opponents and the infected, the animal world of North America in particular represents a constant danger in which the player is repeatedly confronted with wolves and bears as well as infected ravens, the so-called screamers.

Various all-terrain vehicles can be used for exploration. The Deacon motorcycle is of particular importance as it is the preferred means of transport through the mostly impassable terrain. If the vehicle suffers damage, replacement parts are required for repair, which the player can collect in the area or buy in workshops. Furthermore, fuel is a valuable resource that must be fought over with other survivors. The player can customize the two-wheeler and make it more efficient by means of different paintwork and the addition of improvements, such as a larger tank or a nitro boost.

The action of the game begins two years after a global pandemic that wiped out almost all life worldwide and turned millions of people into so-called 'freakers'. These Freakers are dumb, savage creatures who are more animals than humans, but who evolve quickly and are anything but sluggish.

Days Gone's protagonist is Deacon St. John, a former 'outlaw' biker who lost his partner Sarah shortly after their wedding in the outbreak of the pandemic. Embittered by the loss of his love, he fights his way as a bounty hunter through a post-apocalyptic game world, the so-called Farewell Wilderness, the landscape of which is modeled on the American state of Oregon.

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