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Not much has gone wrong considering the mileage of this car.

1.) Blower resistor @ 185,000. - Replaced for $ 85.00 total.

2.) Windshield washer darts replaced @ 185,000.

3.) Rear axle components @ 180,000. Needed a couple of misc. parts for under $ 150.00.

Besides those very minor repairs, I have gotten a tune up, timing belt, tires, and brake shoes / pads.

General Comments:

This car has been absolutely fantastic for me. With 192,500 miles right now, it still runs and drives fantastic, and has essentially no major repairs required.

Fuel mileage ranges from about 26-30 MPG, driving rather quick. This impressive fuel mileage certainly pays off with fuel prices so high!

The car handles very well, and takes turns better than most cars in it's class and year. The 4 cylinder engine has plenty of power for it's purpose, and is a smooth machine. The transmission shifts great, with no slipping, and no hesitation up hills.

I plan on keeping this car until it dies, and judging by how well it has held up for me to date, I think I will have it for quite some time.

I'd recommend this type of car to anyone looking for a great value, with enough handling, and enough savings for just about any person!