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Considerando: translations in spanish and lyrics - Max Gazzè

We introduce you to the text and the translation of Considerando, a new song written by Max Gazzè from the album 'La matematica dei rami'was created.

The 8 songs that make up the album are the following:

These are some of the hits sung by. In brackets you will find the album name:
  • Autoanalisi
  • Un'altra adolescenza
  • Attraverso
  • Figlia
  • L'animale guida
  • Le casalinghe di Shanghai
  • Il vero amore
  • Del mondo

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Considerando Audio and video
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Considerando Lyrics
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The song "Considerando" was written by Daniele Coro, Diego Mancino e Federica Camba. Support the writers and labels behind its creation by buying it if you want.