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There are no central allocation of account data for all fashion wholesalers by fashion123.

Every fashion wholesaler works independently with its website and is responsible for it. The fashion wholesaler is responsible for checking access authorization and issuing access data.

You can reach the websites of the individual fashion wholesalers by: clicking on a logo within a "tab" or by searching or by selecting a category or by clicking on an advertisement.

The virtual fashion center is a B2B meeting point for fashion retailers and textiles wholesalers. It enables the fashion retailer to find new fashion wholesalers in the fields of: textiles, clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.

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Austria Textil- und Modegroßhandels-Center Gesellschaft mbH Moosfeldstrasse 1 5101 Bergheim bei Salzburg Commercial register number: 73812y UID: ATU14328002 Head office and registry court Salzburg Tel .: + 43 / (0) 662 / 4687-0 Fax: + 43 / (0) 662/4687 - 77 IDSN: + 43 / (0) 662/453309 http://www.mgcsalzburg.at/


http://www.fashion123.de/ is a location-independent, free and non-tied fashion wholesale platform.

Here you will find fashion wholesalers in the areas of textiles, clothing, accessories, shoes and bags.

Every European fashion wholesaler can rent a website (customer information portal) and present goods at http://www.fashion123.de/.

Please use the respective imprint to find out whether the retailer is based in a fashion center with a real showroom or operates at a different location.

Publishers / institutions - sources of information / partners


International Natural Textile Fair Natural Textile Fair MUVEO GmbH Stresemannallee 35 - 37 60596 Frankfurt am Main Tel .: +49 (0) 69-63 00 92 0 Fax: +49 (0) 69-63 00 92 29 Contact person: Alexander Hitzel


Dessous - Messe Wallau MUVEO GmbH Stresemannallee 35 - 37 60596 Frankfurt am Main Tel .: +49 (0) 69-63 00 92 55 Fax: +49 (0) 69-63 00 92 29 Contact person: Axel Fehse


Children's order and fashion fair MUVEO GmbH Stresemannallee 35 - 37 60596 Frankfurt am Main Tel .: +49 (0) 69-63 00 92 55 Fax: +49 (0) 69-63 00 92 29 Contact person: Axel Fehse


Dr. Rainer Gebhardt Transfer Center Textile Technology Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut eV (STFI) PO Box 13 25 D-09072 Chemnitz Phone: 0371 5274-185 Fax: 0371 5274-153 Email: [email protected] Rainer Merkel Association of the Northeast German Textile and Clothing Industry eV (vti) Annaberger Straße 240 D-09125 Chemnitz Phone: 0371 5347 252 Fax: 0371 5347 245 e-mail: [email protected]


TM - The independent fashion trend magazine for fashion retailers and industry




Model lexicon of TWnetwork.de


Federal Association of Textile Retailers


Obersteiner & Kern GmbH. Automation and data technology. Herzog-Otto-Str. 44. D-83308 Trostberg HRB 8318, Traunstein District Court. Managing Director: Josef Obersteiner, Albert Kern VAT ID No .: DE213300566

Cell phone: 0049 (0) 172-6354510. Tel .: 0049 (0) 2150 / 6099-800. Fax: 0049 (0) 2150-207304 E-Mail: [email protected] Internet: www.fashion123.de Imprint & Terms and Conditions


Call me! I am happy to answer your questions.

We invest so that you can be successful! The virtual fashion center is in the top position in search engines.

We secure the competitive advantage for our tenants through target group-oriented advertising on the Internet. A correspondingly high advertising budget that is made available by us brings visitors to the virtual fashion center to acquire new customers.

Anyone who already operates or has operated a website on the Internet knows how difficult it is to be found! We manage to constantly increase the number of visitors.


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Dipl.Ing. Andreas Müller Mobile: 0049 (0) 172-6354510 Telephone: 0049 (0) 2150 / 6099-800 Fax: 0049 (0) 2150-207304 Email: [email protected]

our team:


Dipl.Ing. Andreas Müller Head: Sales


Dipl.-Sozialpäd. Liane Pamer Head: Business Development


Dipl. Jur. Beate Kückel Head: Legal department


Josef Obersteiner Head: Technology Hosting


Thomas Winklhofer Head: Accounting


Frank-Martin Binder Head: Press / PR


Albert Kern Head: Programming


The future is co-determined by the medium of the Internet.

Do you have success through a website with the fashion123 system.

..... more than a shop system ......... the tool to work on your success .............

Use your existing Internet address and fashion123's online shop system. Both go together.

rented website (online shop) + free advertising space = fashion123 concept

What can our system do?

- e-commerce solution for B2B providers, fashion designers, textile trade agencies, manufacturers

Fashion wholesalers, accessories / leather wholesalers, importers ... etc

Examples partly with video + sound, please click - nice that you found us

Description of services:

Website with CMS system (online shop with content maintenance system)

(All services marked with optional switchable are free - i.e. part of the package.)

Price per month for this package € 19.80 plus 19% VAT. Order form customer information portal (contract binding 12 months)

Access to administration / general


(An existing website can still be used - it is simply integrated by linking)

No installation required on your computer

You do not need to install it on another computer

Updates of your rented ASP software - free of charge (carried out by us)

For security reasons, administrative access is via a separate Internet address

Access data are case sensitive (upper and lower case is considered)

Access via any computer with Internet access - worldwide - management via Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher

Modes of operation

Online shop fully protected = pictures and prices visible to interested parties after logging in

Online shop partially protected = pictures visible - prices for interested parties only after logging in

Online shop without LOGIN = prices and pictures are always visible to everyone

Image portal / website with text / product images = shop function switched off

Design / creation

Home / (Welcome page) (Video1 with sound)

further free info pages can be freely designed with the WYSIWYG web editor + text archive

Texts, images, Windows Media files, Flash Media files can be integrated

Editable header (texts, images)

Contact form (optionally switchable)

The content of the contact form displayed for the interested party can be changed

Forgot password (sent to the customer, (optionally switchable)

Full text search (optionally switchable)

External links to the pages are possible

An existing website can therefore continue to be used.

Display of a different view after the customer's LOGIN

Design tuning (background colors, table colors, font colors) can be changed

WYSIWYG web editor from CutSoft with SPAM PROTECTION generation for email addresses

(Representation of entities in the source code)

Presentation / products / articles

200 MB storage space for text / image information

any number of articles

Scalable preview images are created automatically (main images),

dynamic image engine, images can be enlarged by visitors

Any number of additional images / detail images can be uploaded

Sort picture order,

Item data possible for each picture - data transfer from the main picture

Any size, color name, LOT - sales adjustable (optional)

Rotate pictures

The image size can be adjusted in the system

Unlimited number of product categories,

Category tree 1 main category to 4 subcategories or, categories can be sorted

Flat category (optionally switchable)

SLIDESHOW of the products (video with sound)

Catalog creation of the product images (pdf) for printing (NEW)

no further costs

Communication / database

"Workflow" contact form -> Inbox -> User administration

Contacts printable (pdf)

Inbox - inquiries via the> contact form can be processed -

Assignment of access data and sending by email

Newsletter - sending tool (serial mail) with personal salutation, access data (video with sound)

Deactivation option by the recipient

E-mail signature can be changed (is automatically attached to every outgoing e-mail)

PDF creation / dispatch - order process

User data collection

Data collection via inbox (contact form)

Import / export function of customer data in * .xls format

manual data acquisition via user administration

Visit control (when did a registered user log in)

Address qualification

Portal modules - can be activated if required (optional but free of charge)

Access statistics - number of visitors / visitor interest

Image transfer - product information transfer to other fashion123 portals (images, prices, descriptions

Print images (page-by-page printing of product information) -

Text archive - date-controlled information system (with separate author access)

Guestbook - (Entries can be deleted by the administrator) (separate admin access possible)

Tool (internal sorting - renaming tools)

Shop area

SHOP function (optionally switchable) without shop = picture portal

Country code / country management, sales tax rate - switchable

automatic gross / net price price calculation / input tax deduction abroad

LOT sales or individual parts sales possible

Your orders incoming orders / orders

Information from: internally via administration, by email (PDF attachment),

by fax (optionally switchable) (video with sound)

Any order notes

Search engine optimization incl. (SEO), we will find you.

Price per month for this package € 19.80 plus 19% VAT. Customer information portal order form

(Binding contract 12 months)

As of December 23rd, 2008 without guarantee -

Simple, fair pricing

e-commerce solution for wholesalers

+ You only pay 19.80 euros (plus VAT) per month

+ The contract period is 12 months from the invoice date. If the contract is not terminated no later than 3 weeks before the end of the contract, it will be extended by a further 12 months.

+ The customer information portal contains 200 MB WebSpace (with an average image size of 100KB, this corresponds to 2,000 images).

+ To the order form (your website for wholesalers with a shop function)

+ So that you can use the portal well right from the start, we recommend training on site or by telephone. We offer the training including the creation of the homepage for 150, - Euro + VAT. In order to be able to fall back on what you have learned at any time, our online training center with video and sound is available to you.

Who can rent a showroom in the virtual fashion center? - Order form for ordering a website with a content management system (ecommerce including shop)

Showrooms can be rented from wholesalers who belong to the branch: "wholesale textiles". All subgroups of textile wholesalers are included here, such as the following sectors: wholesale clothing, wholesale clothing, wholesale evening dresses, wholesale children's fashion, wholesale shoes and accessories wholesale. All industries in the area of ​​"fashion wholesale" are of course included.

Which target group are we promoting for our fashion center: reachable at: www.fashion123.de?

The target group are textile retailers, shoe retailers, bag retailers and accessories retailers (i.e. all retailers belonging to the fashion industry) who are looking for new wholesalers in the specialist areas: wholesale of clothing, bags, shoes, accessories and lingerie.

Who can advertise in our fashion wholesale portal?

If there is added value for textile retailers or textile wholesalers, an advertisement can be placed. An advertisement can also be placed by customers who do not belong to the textile wholesaling business, but who offer products or services that can be of use to the textile wholesaling business.

Advertisements can be refused by fashion123.

A fashion forum has been set up! available at http://www.modeforum.isthier.de/

With the fashion forum, another opportunity was created for textile wholesalers to become fashion wholesalers. and retailers can communicate with each other. Of course, retail agencies from the fashion sector are also addressed. Entries from wholesalers of all textiles are already available. Take part in our fashion forum.

The story of the origins of the customer information portals (independent websites that you can maintain yourself) to the virtual fashion center.

Who does not know the problem with the sample packages! - Ultimately, only the parcel deliverers could be happy. The textile wholesaler tried to put together selection packages over the phone (description of the cut and color over the phone).

With the often smart and elaborate cuts of the garments, this was no longer possible anyway. The textile retail industry more or less received a surprise package. The large parcels were often sent back to the textile wholesaler with a low yield (low hit rate).

The first version of the customer information portal for the textile wholesale trade was a simple, protected Internet image portal. The textile wholesaler was thus able to upload images to a protected website for the first time.

If the retailer had received access authorization from the textile wholesaler, he could log into the picture portal and view the pictures. The textile wholesaler was now able to upload new images at any time and to inform the textile retailer about them. The retailer could now view and select the images. The textile wholesaler was able to put together a sample package with a much higher hit rate.

The image portal alone was a major step forward for the textile wholesaling industry. Time and money could be saved. In the second version, a shop was integrated into the image portal. This enabled the fashion retailer to place an order at the textile wholesaler's online shop.

In this way, a source of error was expanded (telephone agreements were no longer necessary). In the next version, the shop was expanded to include the fax option. The textile wholesalers now also receive online orders from retailers by fax (optional). The customer administration has also been expanded to include export and import functions.

The fashion wholesaler was now able to import existing customer bases into the portal. Next came the online evaluation. The fashion wholesaler was informed at what time its homepage was visited by how many users. He has precise information about how many images and categories were clicked on. Monthly graphs and many other statistical evaluations were integrated.

As a highlight of the further version of this programming, a complete workflow is now included.

The textile retailer uses a contact form to request a login from the textile wholesaler. The fashion wholesaler sends the retailer the access data directly from his e-commerce solution. The address can be transferred directly to the customer administration from the request (the lead). With the newsletter function, information emails can easily be sent to all customers.

The virtual fashion center was created with the customer information portal.

The virtual fashion center (http://www.fashion123.de/) consists of the showrooms (independent websites) and the display bars. At first only textiles were offered for resellers. Shoe wholesalers, jewelry wholesalers, accessories wholesalers and bags wholesalers are currently also offering their products.

Finally, a brief summary of the advantages of fashion wholesalers who have a showroom in a virtual fashion center:

Wholesalers for textiles open up a virtual marketplace for their customers, regardless of the time and place. Wholesalers can save themselves the time-consuming color and cut description over the phone. Instead, you offer your customers an exact visual representation of your offer. In this way you increase the accuracy of your selection packages; you save your customers high postage costs; you avoid returns and complex, time-consuming packing and unpacking of the goods; you save time, money and personnel; they minimize your parts wear and tear.

At this point we would also like to point out the advantages for the textile retailer: The range of fashion wholesalers is available around the clock; the range of textiles wholesalers is always up to date; Your customers get a very precise visual idea of ​​your offer; the hit rate of buyers increases because a visual preselection can take place; the physical distance of the customers no longer plays a role; One-man / woman shops, which otherwise only have the opportunity to shop on Sunday shopping, can now find out more and order at any time. In the next step we are planning a virtual fashion fair. Various events await you there with the following topics: trade fair for clothing, trade fair for children's fashion, trade fair for all kinds of textiles - so everything will again revolve around the specialist area: clothing wholesale. Jewelry wholesalers, shoe wholesalers, bag wholesalers and accessories wholesalers are of course available with the same exhibition size.

our goal

It is our aim to bring textile retail and textile wholesale closer together.

Our B2B fashion wholesale platform shows through the large participation of textile wholesalers that the Internet is ideally suited for connecting specialist industries with one another.

The great opportunity over the existing infrastructure of the Internet creates excellent conditions for this. The internet is here! - The trade is networked!

With our fashion wholesale platform, we particularly want to strengthen the fashion / textiles retailers that are geographically further away from the textiles wholesalers. Many companies in the fashion / textile industry often do not have the opportunity to simply visit the wholesaler so quickly to sort out new goods, because they are 500 km or even further away.

Textile wholesaling can generate additional sales outside of its region. The Internet offers the best opportunities to offer your goods to distant retailers. As a result, retailers would be able to supplement or even expand their range of goods at any time of the day after a sale.

The retailer can present new goods to his customers more quickly and at short notice. Another point, even one of the most important, is the cost savings for the textile retailer (especially the many one-man / one-woman shops) by ordering via the Internet. The Internet Order does not incur any costs for representation, travel to and from the organization. With our B2B fashion wholesale platform and our efforts to get the best places on the common search engines (which we have already achieved), we can make a major contribution to networking specialist retailers in the fashion industry via the Internet.

Your fashion123 team

Tenant list: overview of all fashion wholesalers in one list

This specialist trade portal only lists fashion wholesalers who offer products in the following areas: textiles, clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for the retail trade.

123Fashiontrade GmbH - children's fashion, pajamas and nightwear - Haus Milano

A&N Fashion - DOB - women's clothing
A.GV Wholesale - DOB
Abbino Fashion GmbH - Fashion from France and Italy - Munich
ACCO Textilvertriebs GmbH - belts, belt fasteners, bags
Acconda Fashion GmbH DOB large sizes - layered look
Acire - Young Fashion - shirts, blouses, tops, dresses, pants
Agency Gatta Negro - tights, lingerie, womenswear - Fashion Gallery Berlin
Agency Heart and Mind - Lifestyle - fashion - accessories
Agency Veto - DOB (young fashion)
Ahri Fashon e.K. - women's clothing
Akas Italian fashion - womenswear, evening dresses, beach wear
AKH Fashion - Large size fashion in a layered look from Gr. 38 to 56 women’s immediate goods
Ala Fashion fashion womenswear, accessories, leather wear; Young Fashion - Neuss
AM Fashion - Dob; Young Fashion - Berlin
Amanat GmbH - BOHO STYLE tunics, dresses
ANIA COLLECTION GmbH - (young fashion) - blouses, pants, jackets, dresses, sweaters, shirts
Arya Shoes - shoe wholesale
A-Star - women's clothing
Atelier E&M 88 (Twister) Ready-to-Wear DOB, large sizes
Ayara - women's fashion

B.LILA Import Export GmbH (shoe wholesale)
Bageee GmbH - Bags
Bai Hua Handels GmbH - womenswear, accessories
Bajwa Mode GmbH - accessories
Bakis Textil - womenswear, menswear, lingerie, underwear - Neuss Haus Milano
Baykon GmbH - Shirts, Pants, Jogging Pants, Bow Ties, Ties, Cardigans, Jackets, Wetsen, (trendsetter of the KICKDOWN brand)
Beauty Dream - DOB, beauty accessories
Believe Mode GmbH - women's clothing, young fashion, big size - blouses, tunics, tops, dresses, knitwear
Belinda Mode - Women's Clothing- Fashion from France & Italy -Berlin
Best-Line Wholesale Barbara Reibel (accessories - belts, chains, caps, scarves, ...)
Bhatti Mode GmbH - Young fashion, DOB - Blouses, pants, jackets, jeans, dresses, sweaters etc.
BINDER de LUXE (men's fashion shirts, men's shirts, sporty and elegant)
Black Buck leather goods: leather belts, leather bags, leather purses
Body Touch GmbH - DOB (Folia, Carling), accessories - Hamburg
Bon Sens GmbH - womenswear, accessories, young fashion - Neuss
Boutique Mare-Womens Wear; Accessories; Young Fashion-Rostock
Brar Fashion - DOB - House Milano
Brüggemann KG - Clubwear
Butt Fashion - DOB; Accessories; Children & teens; Young Fashion - Leipzig

C & H Fashion GmbH - Lingerie women and men
C.L.Trading GmbH - Bags
C.U Papaya GmbH - children's and youth fashion - pants, dresses, vests, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, coats, jogging suits
C + M Premium - womenswear, accessories, bags, jeans fashion
Carisma Young Fashion GmbH - DOB, HOB, Young Fashion
Catchme UG - DOB - Dreieich
Celebrity Fashion UG - HAKA; Accessories; Shoes; Beach wear; leather wear; Young Fashion - Neuss
Cesca Bags Trading GmbH - womenswear, menswear, lingerie, accessories, beach wear, shoes, children & teens, young fashion, country house fashion, leather wear - Neuss
Chalona GmbH - ladies wear, accessories, large sizes - jackets, dresses, pants, blouses, vests, shoes, coats, tunics, skirts, sweaters
Cherry´s GmbH - women's clothing Pronto Moda
Chic Mode - Stainless Steel Fashion Jewelry Accessories & More
classics and more1 GmbH - DOB - Hamburg
Clementina Fashion GmbH -DOB; Large sizes; Young Fashion - Neuss
CM CatWalk Mode GmbH - women's fashion
Cobra GmbH - Exclusive (women's clothing large sizes)
Concpt GmbH - women's fashion
Cox Fashion GmbH - scarves, accessories
Cyberwear - men's fashion

D.L.Y. Import Export GmbH - shoes, accessories
d´bell agency - DOB - Fashion Gallery Berlin
D4F Dream 4 Fashion GmbH (accessories made of stainless steel, leather, chains, costume jewelry) - House of Milano
DA CAPO Textilhandel GmbH - international fashion - jeanswear, tops, shirts, pullovers etc.
Dafafu-Mode Mimmis Bags (Wholesale)
Decay Modevertrieb GmbH - Textiles Wholesale T-Shirts Jeans
Defanzy GmbH - DEFANZY BRANDS - Streetwear, Young Fashion, Casualwear - Berlin
Dega Handels GmbH - womenswear, menswear accessories, lingerie, young fashion - Neuss
Deimos Lederwaren GmbH - bags Sparwell, Bellicci
DELIVA Textilvertrieb - Schkeuditz (DOB - high quality materials in unusual cuts) - Schkeuditz
DESIGN MASTERS GmbH - womenswear, menswear, shoes, young fashion, large sizes - food
Devrakh Ledermoden GmbH - purses, bags
di Stefano - Finest Jeans & Accessories
Diana Pronto Moda - Women's Fashion
Dong Fang - DOB - blouses, pants, jackets, dresses, shirts, sweatshirts, tops, scarves
Dong Feng - accessories for women
DUVAR Fashion GmbH - (longsleaves, sweat shirts, pants)
DW-Empire - women's + children's fashion, accessories, bags, scarves

Effeny GmbH - DOB, Young Fashion - Sweaters, pants, blouses, dresses etc.
elbflorenz - DOB, accessories - Hamburg
ELINORO - women's accessories, fashion accessories - Schkeuditz
Emily GmbH - women's jeans pants
Enjoy-Chadha GmbH - tunics & blouses, pants, dresses, knitwear, jackets
Entree Berlin - women's clothing
Euro-China Huang Textil GmbH - DOB
E-Vitale Shoes - BIONDINI Wholesale Wholesale - high quality Italian shoes factory direct
Exclusive fashion F&F - DOB; HAKA - Dreieich

F Fashion GmbH - women's fashion
F.Runway UG (limited liability)
Faboci Ug - Men's clothing, Young Fashion - Neuss
Fabric Fashion - women's clothing -young fashion
FaFa Im- & Export - accessories for women and men; Young fashion - Dreieich
Fang Yang GmbH - women's clothing, large sizes
Fang Yuan Import & Export GmbH - women's outerwear
Fashion Group Prato Srl - wholesaler of women's clothing
Fashion Top GmbH - cosmetic tools, nail products, hair accessories, fashion accessories
Fashion-ing - scarves and accessories, costume jewelry - Haus Milano
Fashion League - (women's and men's clothing, young fashion, leather wear) - Berlin
Feilai GmbH - womenswear, accessories, young fashion
Free Brands - Men's Fashion
Free Miss - women's clothing - at HDM Frankfurt
Fritsch Fashion GmbH - DOB
Funny girl fashion - womenswear + accessories made of natural materials - Berlin

Gino Fashion UG - DOB - Dreieich
Gioia Jeans Import Export GmbH - womenswear, belts, accessories
Giulia Moda Italiana - women's fashion
Glamexx GmbH - DOB, HOB, accessories, shoes, large sizes, young fashion
Glamor Collection - women's clothing
Glmmoda GmbH - DOB, accessories - Neuss
Go Fashion GmbH - womenswear, menswear, accessories, shoes, young fashion, beach wear, country house fashion - Neuss
Grace z.GmbH (bags, accessories)
Guang Dong Im- & Export - Taschengrosshandel- Dreieich

Happy Kids GmbH - Children's clothing - Haus Milano
HARPA Lifestyle GmbH - jeanswear, shirts, accessories, bags
Heinen - Marco Venezia Taschen - Warenhandelsgesellschaft mbH
Helena Showroom GmbH - women's clothing
Helle Tessile GmbH - women's fashion (jackets, sweaters, skirts, pants, shirts, coats, dresses, jeanswear, etc.), swimwear
Hessen Shoes GmbH - shoes; womenswear; Accessories - Dreieich
Hillburry - leather fashion, country house fashion, large sizes, women's and men's accessories, shoes
HK Fashion - DOB; Big sizes - Dreieich
Hotrends GmbH - Gigi evening wear Hasan Duymaz
Howa GbR - zarmexx
Huada Import-Export GmbH -DOB, bags, shoes, accessories

ibex fashion - underwear lingerie
Impress (Young Fashon - young women)
Infinity - DOB, accessories, young fashion - blouses, pants, jackets, dresses, leggings, overalls, ponchos etc.
Innocent - womenswear & accessories
Italiatex GmbH - 5 people womenswear, young fashion, large sizes - blouses, pants, dresses, shirts, tops

JACKY & JUSTIN GMBH - women's accessories, leather goods
Jana Prunner - (exclusive women's fashion)
Jassy Moden - (XS-XXXL / Size 34-54) women's outerwear
Jessy Fashion - DOB Wholesale - Wolka Kosowska - Poland
JiaJin GmbH - wallets, women's bags, backpacks, sports bags for women and men
Jin Tu Im-Export GmbH - DOB
JK Mode UG
John Mclane - young fashion
July - Fashion - Men's clothing, shoes, children & teens, baby clothing - Neuss
Juniper d.o.o.
Just Lili GmbH - handbags

K&M Jeans GmbH - women & men fashion
KaiXuan Mode GmbH - DOB, Young Fashion - Hamburg
KAJOTEX Textilhandels GmbH (Future) - knitwear
Kanaan Moden GmbH - fashion jewelry wholesale, accessories
Kayla GmbH - shoe wholesale
Kekoo by O´Kek GmbH layered look
KEV & F GmbH (Vivi Dessous) - leggings, stockings, underwear for women and men
Khan Mode GmbH - Les Freres, Binich Young Fashion - shirts, tunics, jackets, blouses, vests, trousers
Khan Mode GmbH La Bass (LA BASS MODE - EXCLUSIVE LAYER LOOK - women's fashion) - tunics, shirts, jackets, dresses, pants etc.
Khattar UG - DOB
KIDS WORLD Handels GmbH (children's fashion and children's shoes)
Kijto Handels GmbH - DOB, HOB, leather jackets, bags, jewelry
Ki-Ko GbR - HOB, mannequins - Megamanjeans & more - Haus Milano
King Dragon Trade Development GmbH - Lucky Shoes
Klamottenhippie - DOB, HOB, shoes, young fashion
KM Handels GmbH - women's clothing with the latest fashion trends from Italy and France
König Taschen wholesale - bags, evening bags, shoes
Kosmo Lupo GmbH - Kosmo Lupo Jeans, Shirts, Young Fashion
K-Square Creation UG - women's outerwear DOB