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Berlinale 2021 - The Films

The program for the 71st Berlinale and the Week of Criticism at a glance, including trailers and reviews.


Xavier Beauvois - Drift Away [Trailer]
Daniel Brühl - Next door [Trailer]
Bence Fliegauf - Forest - I See You Everywhere [Trailer] [Criticism]
Dominik Graf - Fabian or going to the dogs [Trailer] [Criticism]
Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige - Memory box [Trailer] [Criticism]
Ryusuke Hamaguchi - Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy [Trailer] [Criticism]
Radu Jew - Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn [Trailer] [Criticism]
Hong Sangsoo - Introduction [Trailer] [Criticism]
Alexander Koberidze - What do we see when we look to the sky? [Trailer] [Criticism]
Dénes Nagy - Natural light [Trailer] [Criticism]
Alonso Ruizpalacios - A cop movie
Behtash Sanaeeha, Maryam Moghaddam - Ballad of a White Cow [Trailer] [Criticism]
Maria Schrader - I am your human [Trailer] [Criticism]
Celine Sciamma - Petite Maman [Criticism]
Maria Speth - Mr. Bachmann and his class [Trailer][Criticism]


Marc Bauder - Who we were [Trailer]
Cheang Soi - limbo [Trailer]
Tim Fehlbaum - Tides [Trailer] [Criticism]
Azarel Jacobs - French exit [Trailer]
Dan Lindsay, T.J. Martin - Tina [Trailer]
Kevin MacDonald - The Mauritanian [Trailer]
Pietro Marcello - For Lucio [Trailer]
Natalie Morales - Language Lessons [Trailer]
Aliaksei Paluyan - courage [Trailer]
Lina Roessler - Best Sellers
Christian Schwochow - Je suis Karl [Trailer]


Samaher Alqai - As I want
Denis Côté - Social hygiene [Trailer]
Jim Cummings, PJ McCabe - The beta test [Trailer]
Alice Diop - We [Trailer] [Criticism]
Andreas Fontana - Azor [Trailer] [Criticism]
Le Bao - button [Trailer] [Criticism]
Jacqueline Lentzou - Moon, 66 Questions [Trailer] [Criticism]
Dasha Nekrasova - The Scary of Sixty-First
Julian Radlmaier - Bloodsuckers [Trailer] [Criticism]
Fern Silva - Rock bottom riser [Trailer]
Bardia Yadegai, Ehsan Mirhosseini - District Terminal [Trailer]
Ramon & Silvan Zürcher - The girl and the spider [Trailer] [Criticism]


Ayten Amin - Souad [Trailer]
Hadas Ben Aroya - All eyes off me [Trailer] [Criticism]
George Peter Barbari - Death of a Virgin, and the Sin of Not Living [Trailer] [Criticism]
Anne Zohra Berrached - The world will be different [Trailer]
Luiz Bolognesi - The Last Forest [Trailer]
Prano Bailey Bond - Censor
Carlos Alfonso Corral - Dirty Feathers [Trailer] [Criticism]
Danis Goulet - Night Raiders [Trailer]
Yujiro Harumoto - A balance [Trailer]
Ferit Karahan - Brother's Keeper [Trailer]
Henrika Kull - luck
Angelo Madsen Minax - North by Current [Trailer] [Criticism]
Damien Odoul - Theo and the Metamorphosis [Trailer]
Eliane Raheb - Miguel's War [Trailer]
Louda Ben Salah-Cazanas - The World After Us [Trailer]
Tony Stone - Ted K [Trailer][Criticism]
Milica Tomovic - Celts [Trailer]
Monika Treut - Genderation [Trailer]
Ronny Trocker - The human factor [Trailer]


Epharaim Asili - The inheritance [Trailer]
Uldus Bakhtiozina - Tzarevna scaling [Trailer]
Manque La Banca - ski
Ignacio Ceroi - What Will Summer Bring
Christophe Cognet - From Where They Stood [Trailer] [Criticism]
Fabrizio Ferraro - The Luminous View [Trailer]
Alvaro Guerra - Ancient Soul [Trailer]
Salomé Jashi - Tamign the Garden [Trailer] [Criticism]
Vincent Meessen - Just a movement [Trailer]
Avi Mograbi - The First 54 Years - Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation [Trailer]
Susana Nobre - Jack's Ride [Trailer]
Moumouni Sanou - Night nursery [Trailer]
Anocha Suwichakornpong - Come here [Trailer]
Rhayne Vermette - Ste. Anne [Trailer]
Chris Wright, Stefan Kolbe - Presumption [Trailer] [Criticism]
Sabrina Zhao - The Good Woman of Sichuan [Trailer]
Zhu Shengze - A River Runs, Turns, Erases, Replaces [Trailer][Criticism]

Forum Expanded

Ayreen Anastas, Rene Gabr - Black Bach Artsakh
Haig Aivazian - All Of You Stars Are But Dust On My Shoes
Cynthia Beatt - Being angry is also evidence of feeling
Welket Bungué - Mudança
Thirza Cuthand - Medicine and Magic
Kevin Jerome Everson - May June July
Paula Gaitán - Se hace camino al andar
Matthias De Groof - Under the White Mask: The Film That Haesaerts
Sohrab Hura - The Coast
Prapat Jiwarangsan - Play
Petna Katondolo - Kapita
Minjung Kim - The Red Filter is withdrawn
Jonna Kina - After Life followed by Red Impasto Jar
Angelika Levi - Ahorita frames
The Living and the Dead Ensemble - The Woke
Naeem Mohaiemen - Those Who Do Not Drown
Rosalind Morris - The Zama Zama Project
Grace Ndiritu - Black Beauty For a Shamanic Cinema
Pablo Alvarez Mesa - Bicentenario
PolakVanBekkum - Lost on Arrival
Kerstin Schroedinger - Songs of the Shirt
Maya Swiss - Voices and Shells
Moritz Siebert - Number paternity
Ana Vaz - 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird
Anton Vidokle - Autotrofia
Sharief Zohairy - Seven Years Around the Nile Delta


Amanda Adolfsson - Nelly Rapp - Monster Agent [Trailer]
Venice Atienza - Last days at the sea [Trailer]
Fred Bailif - The Fam [Trailer]
Betania Cappato - A school in Cerro Hueso [Criticism]
Tracey Deer - Beans [Trailer]
Igor Drljača - The White Fortress
Yngvild Sve Flikke - Ninja baby [Trailer]
Kateryna Gornostai - Stop Zemlia [Trailer]
Han Shuai - Summer shimmer [Trailer]
Barbara Kronenberg - Mission Ulja Funk [Trailer]
Kwon Min-pyo, Seo Hansol - Til the end of the world [Trailer]
Robin Petré - From the Wild Sea [Trailer] [Criticism]
Hamy Ramezan - First snow [Trailer]
Dash Shaw - Cryptozoo [Trailer]
Jéro Yun - Fighter [Trailer]

Perspective German cinema

Jide Tom Akinleminu - When a farm goes aflame [Trailer]
Jonas Bak - Wood and Water [Trailer]
Salar Ghazi - To keep moving [Trailer]
Mia Maariel Meyer - The seed [Trailer]
Yana Ugrekhelidze - Instructions for survival [Trailer]
David Vajda, Saša Vajda - Jesus Egon Christ [Trailer]


Diogo Costa Amarante - A present light
Edgar Jorge Baralt - Window
Ulu Brown - The glitter in the barbie blood
Meltse Van Coillie - Zonder sea
John Greyson - International Dawn Chorus Day
Gabriel Herrera - Motorcyclist’s Happiness Won’t Fit Into His Suit
Livia Huang - More happiness
Güzin Kar - Your street
Nicolas Keppens - Easter eggs
Olga Lucovnicova - My Uncle Tudor
Miranda Pennell - Strange Object
Truong Minh Quý - The Men Who Wait
Sasha Svirsky - Vadim on a walk
Ana Elena Tejera - A love song
Émilie Vandenameele - One Thousand and One Attempts to Be an Ocean
Conrad Veit, Charlotte Maria Kätzl - Blastogenesis X
Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca - One Hundred Steps
Zhang Dalei - Day is done

Berlinale Series

Amongst Men (Pablo Fendrik)
Me and the others
(David Schalko)
It's a sin
(Russell T. Davies)
The Last Days of Gilda
(Gustavo Pizzi)
Philly D.A.
(Ted Passon, Yoni Brook, Nicole Salazar)
Snow Angels
(Mette Heeno)

Retrospective: "No Angels - Mae West, Rosalind Russell & Carole Lombard"

David Burton - Lady by Choice (1934)
Gregory La Cava - My Man Godfrey (1936)
Edward F. Cline - My little chickadee (1940)
George Cukor - The Women (1939)
Irving Cummings - What a woman (1943)
Michael Curtiz - Four's a crowd (1938)
Alexander Hall - Goin 'to town (1935)
Alexander Hall - My sister Eileen (1942)
Alexander Hall - This Thing Called Love (1941)
Henry Hathaway - Go West Young Man (1936)
Howard Hawks - His Girl Friday (1940)
Howard Hawks - Twentieth Century (1934)
Alfred Hitchcock - Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941)
Mitchell Leisen - Hands across the table (1935)
Mitchell Leisen - Take a letter darling (1942)
Ernst Lubitsch - To be or not to be (1942)
Archie Mayo - Night after night (1932)
Leo McCarey - Belle of the Nineties (1934)
Wesley Ruggles - I'm no angel (1933)
Wesley Ruggles - No Man of Her Own (1932)
Wesley Ruggles - True Confession (1937)
William A. Seiter - Hired Wife (1940)
Lowell Sherman - She Done Him Wrong (1933)
A. Edward Sutherland - Every day's a holiday (1938)
Norman Taurog - Design for Scandal (1941)
Raoul Walsh - Klondike Annie (1936)
William A. Wellman - Nothing Sacred (1937)


Critique Week

Kamal Aljafari - To Unusual Summer [Trailer]
Isamil Bahri - foyer
Francina Carbonell - The Sky is Red
Camille de Chenay - A museum sleeps
Fairuz Ghammam - Oumoun
Olivier Godin - Dracula sex tape
Manoj Leonel Jahson, Shyam Sunder - Horse tail [Trailer]
Farida Pacha - Watch over me
Nicolás Pereda - fauna [Trailer]
Caroline Pitzen - Free time or the opposite of doing nothing
Mouaad El Salem - This Day Won't Last
Danech San - Sunrise in My Mind
Suneil Sanzgiri - Letters From Your Far-Off Country
Sion Sono - Red Post on Escher Street [Trailer]
Philip Warnell - Intimate Distances
Zacharias Zitouni - First in, first out

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