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Miriam Saalfeld

“She was an extraordinary person. Unpretentious, intelligent, self-confident ... "
- Barbara von Heidenberg about Miriam (Source)

Miriam Saalfeld, born von Heidenberg, was the protagonist of the second season.

Miriam was the daughter of Wolfgang von Heidenberg and Caroline von Heidenberg and the stepdaughter of Barbara von Heidenberg. She was the mother of Valentina Saalfeld.

She was the first wife of Robert Saalfeld and lived with him in Paris. In episode 1117 Miriam died giving birth to Valentina.

“The natural, open Miriam loves plants more than anything. For example, the pretty botany student is passionate about growing orchids. She fell in love with Robert at first sight, but her stepmother Barbara always makes sure that Miriam does not bind herself to any man ... "
- older short description of Miriam, from the previous role profile on the Sturm der Liebe website (Source)

The love story of Miriam and Robert Saalfeld is summarized in the special "The most beautiful moments: Miriam and Robert", which is available in the special DVD box 1-4.

In the background novel "Dangerous Truth" by Valerie Schönfeld, she is the main character.

Inez Bjørg David played Miriam Saalfeld. She made her first appearance in episode 189, her last in episode 742.

Originally Kiki Maeder played the role, but since she gave up her role early for unknown reasons, all scenes with Inez Bjørg David were shot again. So Kiki Maeder was never seen as Miriam on television.





  • Benjamin Sachtleben †, step-great-grandfather
    • Wolfgang von Heidenberg †, father
    • Caroline von Heidenberg †, mother
    • Werner Saalfeld, father-in-law
    • Charlotte Saalfeld, mother-in-law
      • Laura Saalfeld, sister-in-law
      • Alexander Saalfeld, brother-in-law
      • Moritz van Norden, brother-in-law
      • Theresa Burger, sister-in-law
      • Konstantin Riedmüller, brother-in-law
      • Marlene Riedmüller, sister-in-law
      • Sandra Zastrow, sister-in-law
      • Lukas Zastrow, brother-in-law
      • William Newcombe, brother-in-law
      • Rebecca Newcombe, sister-in-law
    • Barbara von Heidenberg †, stepmother
    • Götz Zastrow †, stepfather
    • Patrizia Dietrich †, step-aunt
    • Alfredo Morales-Diaz, stepfather

Love affairs





season 1

In episode 189 Miriam meets Robert. Robert has trouble with Werner and Barbara, argues with Hildegard, finds no support from Alexander, is angry with Laura, and he finds it unbearable that everyone is constantly in love. Until it catches him himself: He meets a beautiful rider in the forest and is completely enchanted by her. Unfortunately, he doesn't know her name or phone number.

In episode 190, Miriam comes to the Fürstenhof for the first time. Robert confesses to Tanja that he met a wonderful woman. Desperate, he looks for the stranger and finds out in a nearby riding stables that her horse is standing there. Robert hangs a note with his phone number on her horse box, and his dream woman actually calls. But when Robert wants to meet her, she blocks. Through Tanja, Robert finally learns that the unknown beautiful Barbara's daughter must be Miriam and that she is expected at the Fürstenhof on the same day. When the car arrives with Miriam, Robert is shocked: She is in a wheelchair.

But after some confusion, the two become a couple. The ongoing tension between Robert and Barbara von Heidenberg, who on the one hand is Miriam's stepmother, on the other hand, is the new wife at Werner's side, cannot change that.

One day, John Wolf, a photographer, checks into the hotel and tells Robert that his mother Charlotte may have survived the plane crash. Robert leaves everything and flies to Africa to look for Charlotte. He should be right: he bursts into Werner and Barbara's wedding with Charlotte.

season 2

At Laura and Alexander's wedding, Miriam caught the bridal bouquet. Robert soon afterwards proposes to her, which she happily accepts.

Charlotte establishes contact between Miriam and the doctor and hypnosis specialist Anette Padberg. Lo and behold: Miriam, who is apparently paraplegic, can suddenly walk under hypnosis. Soon after, Barbara skillfully destroys the relationship of trust between the patient and the doctor. But Miriam doesn't give up, she wants to be able to dance with Robert at her wedding.

Robert has a hard time watching their efforts. Felix Tarrasch, the restaurant manager and Miriam's youth crush, are happy to support them. The two get closer, which creates additional tension between Robert and Miriam and ultimately leads to the separation.

Miriam has a completely different problem: She is only her father's heir if she is married by her 25th birthday - otherwise the entire inheritance goes to Barbara. So it happens that shortly before their 25th birthday, she and Felix want to get married in a very small ceremony in Johann's barn. But Mayor Schwarzenbeck, lubricated by Barbara, refuses to perform the wedding.

The two then disappear for a day and return as husband and wife from a spontaneous trip to Copenhagen. Not entirely without triumph, Miriam presented her stepmother Barbara with the marriage certificate - issued on the day before her 25th birthday.

In episode 369, Miriam and Felix catch up on their wedding celebration. To show that she is fully behind Felix, Miriam would like to organize a subsequent wedding celebration and asks Viktoria for her help. The celebration will be a great success. Felix realizes, moved, how much Miriam stands by him in front of the world. Johann and Elisabeth are happy to finally see their Felix dance with his bride.

But this marriage is not a lucky star and Miriam cannot talk herself out of her feelings for Robert. So after a few months Miriam and Felix split up.

After Werner found out that Barbara was behind Felix's kidnapping, a confrontation between the two ensues on the Sprießlerberg in episode 475. There Barbara Werner also confesses to the murder of Miriam's father, Wolfgang von Heidenberg. However, when Werner does not agree to cover her, Barbara tries to kill him. When Miriam and Robert arrive, there is a scramble in which Barbara tries to kill all three, but then crashes herself. Since the torrent is flooding at this time and Barbara falls into it, Barbara survived the fall.

In episode 520, Miriam and Robert symbolically marry and they leave the royal court. Miriam and Robert's big day is approaching and everyone is excited about them. Shortly before the celebration, however, Robert has to find out from Leonie that Gregor might lose his practice. So Robert and Miriam decide to help them: Robert gives Leonie ten percent of his shares in the Fürstenhof. After a wonderful party, Robert and Miriam leave to start a new life in Paris.

Season 4

From episode 739 to episode 742, Miriam comes back to the Fürstenhof. Miriam is in Munich to present a new perfume and to finalize the divorce. Felix cannot prevent Miriam from meeting Sylvia and is very worried. Just as he is looking for Miriam, he meets Rosalie, but rejects her in his hurry. Rosalie then fears that she will only be second choice for Felix. When Felix introduces the two women to each other, Rosalie reacts enormously to the bite of a mare, which Emma also gets to feel. Then Rosalie jealously puts Felix under pressure. Werner is moved by Sylvia's confession of love and the two keep getting closer to each other. Meanwhile, after a conversation with Sylvia Miriam's distrust diminishes, but something about this woman irritates her. Viktoria tries to calm Miriam down, but she doesn't succeed - Miriam suddenly knows what it is: Barbara used to have blond hair too. Neither Felix and Viktoria nor Werner find Miriam support in her new suspicions against Sylvia. Then she forges a plan: her gray horse Othello never let Barbara get up. If he doesn't let Sylvia get up either, it must be the same woman. But the horse does not throw Sylvia off. Miriam's doubts are overcome and she leaves calmly. Meanwhile, Sylvia would like to see a picture of the young Barbara and Werner shows her a newspaper clipping on which Barbara's maiden name can be read: Sachtleben.

Season 5

In episode 1001, at the end of his visit to the Fürstenhof's anniversary, Robert proudly announces Miriam's pregnancy.

In episode 1099, Robert comes back to the royal court to testify in Barbara's trial. Due to her pregnancy, Miriam remains in Paris and gives her testimony in writing. But the evidence is not enough to convict Barbara for her murder attempts on the Sprießlerberg.

In episode 1117, Miriam and Roberts baby are diagnosed with tachycardia and the two have to fear for the life of their daughter. Robert is going back to Paris as soon as possible. There the telephone connection to the Fürstenhof breaks off for a short time. When Robert calls Charlotte again, he has terrible news: Miriam died giving birth to little Valentina.

Season 6

In episode 1118 Miriam is buried after a leap in time of a week: Robert has returned to the "Fürstenhof" with the coffin with Miriam with him. It is the day of her funeral, everyone is preparing for the funeral service in the cemetery. Werner gives a moving funeral speech at the grave, at the end of which the coffin is lowered into the open grave. Everyone gives their condolences and makes their way to the funeral service in the Saalfeld wing. But Robert cannot tear himself away from Miriam, he stays at her grave. There Eva finds him, who visits her parents' grave in the cemetery. And it is Eva who tells Robert his and Miriam's great love story in many flashbacks. Although Eva also suffered great losses with Markus and her parents, her words do not comfort Robert. He just can't believe that his beloved Miriam is dead. When he comes home that evening, where Charlotte, who has meanwhile returned from Paris with the baby, welcomes him, he shocks Werner and Charlotte with a surprising statement.

Season 14

Episode 2948 is the anniversary of Miriam's death. Robert and Eva had to find out shortly before that Valentina had leukemia. The two decide to wait until after Valentina's birthday to tell her the truth. On the anniversary of Miriam's death, Valentina and Robert visit Miriam's grave and promise each other that they will always be there for each other.

After Valentina also found out about her serious illness, she went to Miriam's grave again in episode 2951 and burst into tears there. When she asks Miriam for a sign, a white feather suddenly comes flying in.

background knowledge

  • Miriam and Robert's song was "Your Song" by Elton John.
  • Miriam and Felix's song was "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Tori Amos.
  • She was born on February 22, 1982 and died on May 30, 2010.
  • She was only 28 years old.
  • Miriam is the only protagonist who died a serial death.
  • The symbol of love for Miriam and Robert was a rosemary bush.
  • Miriam's favorite flowers were cornflowers.
  • She wrote a dissertation on medicinal plants.